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No.Song-Artist-Peak Month
  2-GREEN,GREEN GRASS OF HOME-TOM JONES-January                                    874
  3-THIS IS MY SONG-PETULA CLARK-June                                              842
  4-GEORGY GIRL-SEEKERS-March                                                      820
  5-SNOOPY VS. BLOODY RED BARON-ROYAL GUARDSMEN-March                              810
  6-I'M A BELIEVER/(I'M NOT YOUR)STEPPPIN' STONE-MONKEES-February                  756
  7-STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER/PENNY LANE-BEATLES-April                             704
  8-SOMETHIN' STUPID-Frank & Nancy Sinatra-May                                     704
 10-A WHITER SHADE OF PALE-Procol Harum-July                                       682
 11-Up Up And Away-Fifth Dimension-September                                       666
 12-Itchycoo Park-Small Faces-October                                              638
 13-Massachusetts(The Lights Went Out)-Bee Gees-November                           626
 14-All You Need Is Love/Baby You're A Rich Man-Beatles-August                     600
 15-Ooh La La/Ain't Nobody Home-Normie Rowe-January                                594 
 16-The Two Of Us-Jackie Trent & Tony Hatch-December                               568
 17-Ruby Tuesday/Let's Spend The Night Together-Rolling Stones-March               568
 18-It Must Be Him-Vikki Carr-October                                              558
 19-Puppet On A String-Sandie Shaw-June                                            540
 20-Release Me-Engelbert Humperdinck-April                                         528
 21-The Letter-Box Tops-November                                                   496
 22-Dedicated To The One I Love-Mamas & Papas-April                                486
 23-Snoopy's Christmas-Royal Guardsmen-December                                    484
 24-When I Was Young-Eric Burdon & The Animals-June                                484
 25-Don't Sleep In The Subway-Petula Clark-September                               462
 26-Theme From "A New Love" (I Saw You Only Once)-Davy Jones-August                456
 27-Theme From The Monkees-Monkees-September                                       452
 28-Gimme Little Sign-Brenton Wood-December                                        440
 29-Groovin'-Young Rascals-July                                                    416
 30-A Little Bit Me,A Little Bit You-Monkees-May                                   404
 31-Pamela,Pamela-Wayne Fontana-March                                              404
 32-Dream Girl-Davy Jones-October                                                  388
 33-In The Chapel In The Moonlight-Dean Martin-September                           384
 34-Alternate Title(Randy Scouse Git)-The Monkees-December                         378
 35-Happy Jack-The Who-February                                                    378
 36-Gimme Some Lovin'-Spencer Davis Group-March                                    366
 37-It's Not Easy-Normie Rowe-January                                              360
 38-Silence Is Golden-Tremeloes-July                                               346
 39-Waterloo Sunset-The Kinks-July                                                 340
 40-Words Of Love/Dancing In The Streets-Mamas & Papas-February                    340
 41-Mary,Mary-Normie Rowe-January                                                  326
 42-Kiss Me Now/When Will I Be Loved-Johnny Young & Kompany-February               322
 43-To Love Somebody-Bee Gees-September                                            316   
 44-Homburg-Procol Harum-November                                                  314
 45-The Way They Play/Cathy Come Home-Twilights-December                           312
 46-The Happening-The Supremes-June                                                310 
 47-Living In A Child's Dream-The Masters Apprentices-November                     298
 48-My Prayer/Don't Let Your Left Hand Know-The Vibrants-December                  296
 49-Undecided-Masters Apprentices-May                                              294
 50-The Day I Met Marie-Cliff Richard-September                                    290
 51-I Dig Rock And Roll Music-Peter,Paul & Mary-September                          282
 52-Single Girl-Sandy Posey-January                                                282
 53-Lightning's Girl-Nancy Sinatra-November                                        282
 54-Dandelion/We Love You-Rolling Stones-October                                   280 
 55-Maybe It's Because I'm A Loner-Davy Jones-October                              274
 56-Creeque Alley-Mamas & Papas-July                                               272
 57-The Knight In Rusty Armour-Peter & Gordon-February                             272
 58-Pictures Of Lily-The Who-July                                                  270
 59-There's A Kind Of A Hush-Herman's Hermits-April                                268  
 60-Judy-Elvis Presley-December                                                    266
 61-Ode To Billie Joe-Bobbie Gentry-September                                      258
 62-Coalman/All The King's Horses-Ronnie Burns-February                            258
 63-Carrie Anne-Hollies-August                                                     250
 64-Ciao Baby-Lynne Randell-May                                                    244
 65-Little Ole Wine Drinker Me-Dean Martin-October                                 228    
 66-Woman You're Breaking Me-The Groop-August                                      224
 67-What's Wrong With The Way I Live/9:50-Twilights-April                          216
 68-Don't Blame The Children-Sammy Davis,Jr.-July                                  212
 69-San Franciscan Night/Good Times-Eric Burdon & Animals-September                206
 70-Communication Breakdown/Going Back To Gloria-Roy Orbison-February              196
 71-Hole In My Shoe-Traffic-November                                               194
 72-Flowers In The Rain-The Move-November                                          194
 73-The Return Of The Baron-Royal Guardsmen-April                                  182
 74-The Girls In Paris-Lee Hazlewood-June                                          176
 75-I Take It Back-Sandy Posey-August                                              166 
 76-Pretty Girl/Heaven And Hell-Easybeats-August                                   166
 77-All My Lovin'-Johnny Young-May                                                 162
 78-Colour My World-Petula Clark-March                                             158
 79-In The Country/Finders Keepers-Cliff Richard & The Shadows-March               156
 80-Matthew And Son-Cat Stevens-April                                              152
 81-On A Carousel-Hollies-April                                                    150
 82-This Is My Song-Harry Secombe-June                                             146
 83-There's A Kind Of A Hush-New Vaudeville Band-April                             144
 84-Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead-Fifth Estate-July                                  136
 85-Cry Softly Lonely One-Roy Orbison-September                                    120
 86-Jackson-Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood-August                                   116
 87-Young Girls-Twilights-July                                                     114 
 88-What Am I Doing Here With You-Bev Harrell-March                                112
 89-Pleasant Valley Sunday/Words-Monkees-September                                 110  
 90-Big Time Operator-Jeff St.John & The Id-March                                  108
 91-Who'll Be The One/Do You Have A Soul-Easybeats-May                             102
 92-There's Always Me-Elvis Presley-December                                        96
 93-Peek-A-Boo-New Vaudeville Band-April                                            78
 94-Going Home/I Don't Care-Normie Rowe-May                                         76
 95-The Same Old Song/New Kind Of Love-Ray Brown-April                              74
 96-Ha!Ha! Said The Clown-Manfred Mann-May                                          74
 97-Oh,Monah-Cherokees-January                                                      74
 98-Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You-Frankie Valli-September                           72
 99-Heroes And Villains-Beach Boys-September                                        72
100-Fools Fall In Love/Indescribably Blue-Elvis Presley-March                       72
101-Casino Royale-Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass-June                                  68
102-The Beat Goes On-Sonny & Cher-March                                             68
103-I've Been A Bad,Bad Boy-Paul Jones-March                                        38
104-There Won't Be Many Coming Home-Roy Orbison-March                               38 
105-Runaway ('67)-Del Shannon-November                                              34
106-Respect-Aretha Franklin-September                                               34
107-Then I Kissed Her-Beach Boys-August                                             34
108-I Wanna Be Free/You May Be The One-Monkees-August                               34
109-Minnie The Moocher-Cherokees-July                                               34
110-New York Mining Disaster-Bee Gees-June                                          34 
111-Summer Wine-Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood-February                              34
* The data used in compilation of this list are the charts found in The 
Australian Top 20 Book (1940-2006) by David Kent.
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