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No.Song-Artist-Peak Month
  2-PUPPY LOVE-DONNY OSMOND-August                                               974 
  3-WITHOUT YOU/GOTTA GET UP-NILSSON-April                                       966 
  4-AMERICAN PIE-DON McLEAN-March                                                934
  5-THE RANGER'S WALTZ-MOM & DADS-March                                          878
  6-IMAGINE-JOHN LENNON-January                                                  786
  7-BOPPIN' THE BLUES-BLACKFEATHER-October                                       776
  8-DADDY DON'T YOU WALK SO FAST-Wayne Newton-September                          760
  9-THE FIRST TIME EVER I SAW YOUR FACE-Roberta Flack-June                       708
 10-CHERISH-David Cassidy-January                                                692
 11-Brand New Key-Melanie-February                                               666
 12-Empty Chairs-Don McLean-March                                                664
 13-Amazing Grace-Pipes & Drums & The Military Band Of The Royal Scots-June      658
 14-Day By Day-Colleen Hewett & Judy Stone-January                               648
 15-Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me-Mac Davis-November                               640
 16-Long Haired Lover From Liverpool-Little Jimmy Osmond-August                  634
 17-Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy-The Aztecs-April                     622
 18-Alone Again(Naturally)-Gilbert O'Sullivan-July                               614
 19-Long Cool Woman In a Black Dress-Hollies-September                           606
 20-Sylvia's Mother-Dr.Hook-July                                                 600
 21-Breaking Up Is Hard To Do-Partridge Family-October                           592
 22-Hurting Each Other-Carpenters-June                                           578 
 23-Rock And Roll Part II/Part I-Gary Glitter-September                          562
 24-A Horse With No Name-America-May                                             554
 25-Desiderata(Child Of The Universe)-Les Crane-January                          548
 26-Ernie(The Fastest Milkman In The West)-Benny Hill-February                   538
 27-Morning Has Broken/I Want To Live In A Wigwam-Cat Stevens-May                524
 28-Burning Love-Elvis Presley-November                                          518
 29-The Candy Man-Sammy Davis,Jr.-August                                         508 
 30-Run To Me/Road To Alaska-Bee Gees-October                                    496
 31-My World/On Time-Bee Gees-March                                              486
 32-How Do You Do-Jigsaw-June                                                    468
 33-Song Sung Blue-Neil Diamond-July                                             450
 34-The Redback On The Toilet Seat-Slim Newton-August                            438
 35-Joy-Apollo 100-April                                                         434
 36-Garden Party-Rick Nelson & Stone Canyon Band-November                        412
 37-The Promised Land-Dave Edmunds-October                                       410
 38-Sealed With A Kiss-Bobby Vinton-December                                     400
 39-Nice To Be With You-Gallery-July                                             400
 40-Sugar Me-Lynsey De Paul-November                                             398
 41-Vincent/Castles In The Air-Don McLean-June                                   390
 42-Captain Zero-The Mixtures-February                                           390
 43-Rock Me Baby-Johnny Farnham-November                                         386 
 44-(Last Night) I Didn't Get To Sleep At All-Fifth Dimension-August             384
 45-Kings Of The World-Mississippi-November                                      376 
 46-Marshall's Portable Music Machine-Robin Jolley-July                          370
 47-Conquistador-Procol Harum-September                                          368
 48-Mother And Child Reunion-Paul Simon-May                                      360
 49-So Tough-Johnny O'Keefe-October                                              344
 50-Day After Day-Badfinger-April                                                330
 51-Coz I Luv You-Slade-March                                                    328
 52-Theme From "Shaft"-Isaac Hayes-February                                      302
 53-Baby I'm-A Want You-Bread-February                                           276
 54-Take Me Back 'Ome-Slade-September                                            270
 55-Beautiful Sunday-Daniel Boone-August                                         254
 56-It's Four In The Morning-Faron Young-July                                    236
 57-Crazy Mama-J.J. Cale-May                                                     236
 58-Everything I Own-Bread-June                                                  218
 59-I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing-New Seekers-March                        214
 60-Superman/Take Me Back-Alison McCallum-April                                  210
 61-Black Dog-Led Zeppelin-March                                                 198
 62-(Is This The Way To)Amarillo-Tony Christie-March                             188
 63-Oh,Babe What Would You Say-Hurricane Smith-October                           176
 64-Softly Whispering I Love You-The Congregation-May                            146
 65-Rocket Man/Tiny Dancer-Elton John-August                                     140 
 66-Freedom Come,Freedom Go-Fortunes-January                                     138
 67-Brandy (You???re A Fine Girl)-Looking Glass-October                            118
 68-Metal Guru-T.Rex-August                                                      116
 69-You Wear It Well-Rod Stewart-November                                        108
 70-Too Young-Donny Osmond-November                                              106
 71-Here Come The Aussies-The Australian Cricket Team 1972-September             106 
 72-Live With Friends-Russell Morris-May                                         104
 73-Gypsy Queen-Country Radio-August                                              80
 74-Could It Be Forever-David Cassidy-June                                        74
 75-Troglodyte (Cave Man)-Jimmy Castor Bunch-August                               72
 76-Ooh-Wakka-Doo-Wakka-Day-Gilbert O???Sullivan-September                          68
 77-There Are Too Many Saviours On My Cross (Ulster 1972)-Richard Harris-December 38
 78-Children Of The Revolution-T Rex-December                                     36 
 79-A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done-Sonny & Cher-May                                36
 80-Shame And Scandal-Johnny Chester & Jigsaw-April                               36
 81-Brandy-Scott English-May                                                      36
 82-Go All The Way-Raspberries-November                                           34
 83-Back Off Boogaloo-Ringo Starr-June                                            34 
 84-Heart Of Gold-Neil Young-May                                                  34
* The data used in compilation of this list are the charts found in The 
Australian Top 20 Book (1940-2006) by David Kent.

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