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 No. Song-Artist-Peak Month
   2-MY LOVE-JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE-January                                                      638
   3-LET ME TALK TO YOU-JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE-January                                           638
   4-FALLING ON-FINGER ELEVEN-October                                                       628
   5-WHEN YOUR HEART STOPS BEATING-(+44)-January                                            616
   6-NOTHING SPECIAL-ILL SCARLET-November                                                   610
   7-GIRLFRIEND-AVRIL LAVIGNE-May                                                           608
   8-CRANK THAT-SOULJA BOY-December                                                         606
   9-IT'S NOT OVER-Daughtry-May                                                             602
 10-PAIN-Three Days Grace-January                                                          600
 11-Fergalicious-Fergie-January                                                            588
 12-She's So Sorry-Hedley-December                                                         562
 13-Shaketramp-Marianas Trench-August                                                      552
 14-Tongue Tied-Faber Drive-November                                                       550
 15-Wind It Up-Gwen Stefani-January                                                        546
 16-Bleed It Out-Linkin Park-October                                                       542
 17-Do It-Nelly Furtado-September                                                          530
 18-Makes Me Wonder-Maroon 5-July                                                          528
 19-The River-Good Charlotte-April                                                         528
 20-Umbrella-Rihanna-July                                                                  520
 21-The Sweet Escape-Gwen Stefani-March                                                    514
 22-Never Too Late-Three Days Grace-May                                                    508
 23-No Heaven-Champion-February                                                            508
 24-Big Girls Don't Cry-Fergie-July                                                        502
 25-I Wanna Love You-Akon & Snoop Dogg-March                                               502
 26-With Love-Hilary Duff-June                                                             500
 27-Paralyzer-Finger Eleven-April                                                          498
 28-Wake Up Call-Maroon 5-October                                                          486
 29-If Everyone Cared-Nickelback-April                                                     486
 30-Beautiful Liar-Beyonce & Shakira-April                                                 482
 31-What I've Done-Linkin Park-May                                                         472
 32-Irreplaceable-Beyonce-January                                                          472
 33-Famous Last Words-My Chemical Romance-March                                            466       
 34-Stronger-Kanye West-September                                                          456
 35-Beautiful Girls-Sean Kingston-September                                                456
 36-The Way I Are-Keri Hilson,D.O.E.,Sebastian & Timbaland-September                       456
 37-Glamorous-Fergie-April                                                                 456
 38-Wait A Minute-Pussycat Dolls & Timbaland-April                                         456
 39-Give It To Me-Timbaland-May                                                            454
 40-Hey There Delilah-Plain White Ts-September                                             452
 41-Pressure-Belly & Ginuwine-April                                                        448
 42-Fallen Leaves-Billy Talent-February                                                    442
 43-Surrender-Billy Talent-June                                                            440
 44-What Goes Around...Comes Around-Justin Timberlake-April                                440
 45-Lie To Me-George-March                                                                 438
 46-Hate That I Love You-Rihanna-December                                                  436
 47-Underclass Hero-Sum 41-July                                                            418
 48-Love Stoned/I Think She Knows Interlude-Justin Timberlake-September                    414
 49-Say It Right-Nelly Furtado-January                                                     414
 50-The Pretender-Foo Fighters-November                                                    412
 51-Stranger-Hilary Duff-August                                                            406
 52-Sunday Morning-K-os-March                                                              400
 53-Shut Up And Drive-Rihanna-August                                                       398
 54-Good Life-Kanye West-November                                                          388
 55-Second Chance-Faber Drive-July                                                         388
 56-Gimme More-Britney Spears-November                                                     374
 57-Last Time-George-October                                                               374
 58-Lithium-Evanescence-March                                                              374
 59-2U-Keshia Chante-February                                                              362
 60-You Don't Know-Eminem,50 Cent,Cashis & Lloyd Banks-January                             358
 61-When You're Gone-Avril Lavigne-August                                                  356
 62-Never Again-Kelly Clarkson-July                                                        346
 63-Walls Fall Down-Bedouin Soundclash-October                                             342
 64-Rough Hands-Alexisonfire-September                                                     338
 65-Buy You A Drank (Shawty Snappin') & Yung Joc & T-Pain-August                           334
 66-I Don't Love You-My Chemical Romance-June                                              306
 67-4 In The Morning-Gwen Stefani-July                                                     300
 68-I Got It From My                                                290
 69-All Good Things(Come To An End)-Nelly Furtado-May                                      278
 70-The Bird & The Worm-Used-June                                                          274
 71-Don't Be Shy-Belly-August                                                              256
 72-Don't Matter-Akon-April                                                                250
 73-This Ain't A Scene,It's An Arms Race-Fall Out Boy-April                                240
 74-Here (In Your Arms)-Hellogoodbye-April                                                 196
 75-Boiled Frogs-Alexisonfire-February                                                     192
 76-Grace Kelly-Mika-May                                                                   188
 77-Icky Thump-White Stripes-July                                                          164
 78-I Get Money-50 Cent-November                                                           154
 79-Straight To The Bank-50 Cent-July                                                      150
 80-The Take Over,The Breaks Over-Fall Out Boy-October                                     146
 81-Better Than Me-Hinder-July                                                             146
 82-Make It Hot-JDiggz-May                                                                 146
 83-Thnks Fr Th Mmrs-Fall Out Boy-July                                                     130
 84-Anna Molly-Incubus-March                                                               120
 85-Young Leaves-Attack In Black-December                                                  116
 86-I'm The Man-Belly-October                                                              106
 87-Read My Mind-The Killers-April                                                          70
 88-Mr. Therapy Man-Justin Nozuka-November                                                  68
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