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Written by Barry Kowal   
Dec 18, 2019 at 02:38 PM


  2-SUNRISE-SIMPLY RED-November                                         1704
  3-SOMETHING MORE-RYAN MALCOM-October                                  1614
  4-THE KETCHUP SONG-LAS KETCHUP-January                                1532
  5-BRING ME TO LIFE-EVANESCENCE-June                                   1378
  6-MEME LES ANGES-AU DE MONTIGNY-November                              1362
  7-IN DA CLUB-50 CENT-April                                            1214
  8-BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER-Clay Aiken-August                        1136
  9-SOMEDAY-Nickelback-September                                         996
 10-PICTURE-Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow-June                                  928
 11-Jenny From The Block-Jennifer Lopez-January                          856
 12-Rubberneckin'-Elvis Presley-September                                854
 13-I Drove All Night-Celine Dion-April                                  834
 14-Dirrty-Christina Aguilera-February                                   822
 15-Flying Without Wings-Ruben Studdard-July                             814
 16-Crazy In Love-Beyonce Knowles-August                                 812
 17-Landslide-Dixie Chicks-February                                      768
 18-All The Things She Said-t.A.T.u.-February                            766
 19-Sing For The Moment-Eminem-April                                     744
 20-If You're Not The One-Daniel Bedingfield-May                         726
 21-Dilemma-Nelly & Kelly Rowland-January                                646
 22-Like Glue-Sean Paul-August                                           632
 23-Low-Kelly Clarkson-October                                           630
 24-American Life-Madonna-April                                          628
 25-Fighter-Christina Aguilera-July                                      616
 26-Forever And For Always-Shania Twain-August                           614
 27-Up!-I'm Gonna Getcha Good-Shania Twain-March                         600
 28-Trouble-Pink-November                                                570
 29-Beautiful-Christina Aguilera-February                                558
 30-Lose Yourself-Eminem-February                                        554
 31-Game Of Love-Santana/Michelle Branch-February                        536
 32-2+2=5 CD1/2-Radiohead-December                                       534
 33-21 Questions-50 Cent-July                                            534
 34-There There-Radiohead-June                                           532
 35-Somewhere I Belong-Linkin Park-March                                 504
 36-Go To Sleep-Radiohead-September                                      486
 37-Shook-Shawn Desman-March                                             468
 38-'03 Bonnie & Clyde-Jay Z & Beyonce Knowles-February                  466
 39-Me Against The Music-Britney Spears & Madonna-November               454
 40-Turn Me On-Norah Jones-October                                       382
 41-One Step Closer-Va-American Juniors-September                        380
 42-What The World Needs-Various Artists-June                            370
 43-Rock Wit U (Awww Baby)-Ashanti-June                                  362
 44-I Know What You Want-Busta Rymes-May                                 336
 45-Bye Bye Boyfriend-Fefe Dobson-November                               296
 46-Tout L'Or Des Hommes-Celine Dion-October                             280
 47-I'm Glad-Jennifer Lopez-June                                         280
 48-Thug Lovin'-Ja Rule-January                                          242
 49-Beware Of The Boys-Panjabi MC-May                                    236
 50-Unpredictable-Keshia Chante-September                                228
 51-God Bless The U.S.A.-Various Artists-April                           218
 52-All I Have-Jennifer Lopez & LL Cool J-March                          216
 53-Untitled Track No.1-Sigor Rios-June                                  208
 54-Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word-Blue-March                        196
 55-Feel-Robbie Williams-February                                        182
 56-Come Away With Me-Norah Jones-January                                182
 57-Hollywood-Madonna-July                                               180
 58-Clocks-Coldplay-March                                                170
 59-When I'm Gone-Three Doors Down-January                               154
 60-Mobscene-Marilyn Manson-May                                          138
 61-Did My Time-Korn-August                                              118
 62-Hole In The World-Eagles-August                                      110
 63-Make Up Your Mind-Theory Of A Deadman-February                       106
 64-Songbird-Oasis-February                                               96
 65-Nothing Fails-Madonna-December                                        92
 66-Angel-Amanda Perez-June                                               72
 67-Lights Out-Lisa Marie Presley-April                                   72
 68-In A World Called Catastrophe-Matthew Good-March                      52
 69-Sympathy For The Devil-Rolling Stones-October                         42
 70-The One/I'm In Love With You-Vanessa Olivarez-October                 42
 71-Right Thurr-Chingy-August                                             40
 72-Can't Stop Dancing-Creed-January                                      38
 73-Work It-Nelly-April                                                   36
 74-Miss You-Aaliyah-June                                                 34

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