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?Ghostbusters? cover

  1-GHOSTBUSTERS-RAY PARKER,JR.-OCTOBER                                                 1120
  2-I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU-STEVIE WONDER-November                              1012
  3-CARELESS WHISPER-WHAM!-October                                                       860
  4-IT'S JUST NOT CRICKET-THE TWELFTH MAN-July                                           802
  5-ALL NIGHT LONG(ALL NIGHT)-LIONEL RICHIE-January                                      796
  6-LIKE A VIRGIN-MADONNA-December                                                       790
  7-WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO GO-WHAM!-July                                               780
  8-ORIGINAL SIN-Inxs-January                                                            698
  9-FOOTLOOSE-Kenny Loggins-May                                                          690
 10-LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD-Pat Benatar-February                                           686
 11-Hello-Lionel Richie-June                                                             670
 12-Dancing In The Dark-Bruce Springsteen-September                                      666
 13-Girls Just Want To Have Fun-Cyndi Lauper-March                                       662
 14-When Doves Cry-Prince-August                                                         584
 15-Come Said The Boy-Mondo Rock-February                                                572
 16-99 Luftballons-Nena-April                                                            558
 17-Against All Odds-Phil Collins-June                                                   530
 18-Listening-Pseudo Echo-January                                                        528
 19-Pride(In The Name Of Love)-U2-October                                                526
 20-Heaven(Must Be There)-Eurogliders-July                                               522
 21-Thriller-Michael Jackson-February                                                    490
 22-Burn For You-Inxs-August                                                             488
 23-Freedom-Wham!-November                                                               480
 24-What's Love Got To Do With It-Tina Turner-September                                  472
 25-Twist Of Fate-Olivia Newton-John-January                                             464
 26-Two Tribes-Frankie Goes To Hollywood-August                                          462
 27-Calling Your Name-Marilyn-April                                                      458
 28-I Can Dream About You-Dan Hartman-September                                          454
 29-Hold Me Now-Thompson Twins-April                                                     446
 30-Sad Songs (Say So Much)-Elton John-July                                              442
 31-Missing You-John Waite-October                                                       430
 32-The Reflex-Duran Duran-June                                                          426
 33-The Wild Boys-Duran Duran-December                                                   422
 34-To All the Girls I've Loved Before-Julio Inglesias & Willie Nelson-May               416
 35-Jump-Van Halen-March                                                                 410
 36-Caribbean Queen(No More Love On The Run)-Billy Ocean-December                        408
 37-Radio Ga Ga-Queen-March                                                              396
 38-I Feel For You-Chaka Khan-December                                                   390
 39-Relax-Frankie Goes To Hollywood-April                                                380
 40-Self Control-Laura Branigan-August                                                   378
 41-Eat It-"Weird Al"Yankovic-May                                                        372
 42-Soul Kind Of Feeling-The Dynamic Hepnotics-December                                  362
 43-The War Song-Culture Club-November                                                   360
 44-Break My Stride-Matthew Wilder-March                                                 356
 45-Victims-Culture Club-February                                                        356
 46-I Send A Message-Inxs-April                                                          352
 47-Legs-ZZ Top-October                                                                  348
 48-Let's Hear It For The Boy-Deniece Williams-June                                      346
 49-Why Me?-Irene Cara-February                                                          346
 50-Time After Time-Cyndi Lauper-June                                                     344
 51-Rebel Yell-Billy Idol-April                                                          336
 52-To Be Or Not To Be(The Hitler Rap)(Part I)-Mel Brooks-May                            332
 53-Holiday-Madonna-May                                                                  330
 54-I Am Only Shooting Love-Time Bandits-December                                        328
 55-The Warrior-Scandal-November                                                         320
 56-Oh,Sherrie-Steve Perry-August                                                        318
 57-Change In The Mood-Kids In The Kitchen-January                                       316
 58-We're Not Gonna Take It-Twisted Sister-November                                      310
 59-I Want To Break Free-Queen-June                                                      306
 60-Wouldn't It Be Good-Nik Kershaw-May                                                  306
 61-Cum On Feel The Noize-Quiet Riot-February                                            292
 62-Jump(For My Love)-Pointer Sisters-September                                          278
 63-Dance Hall Days-Wang Chung-July                                                      264
 64-She Bop-Cyndi Lauper-November                                                        262
 65-Out Of Touch-Daryl Hall & John Oates-December                                        260
 66-In A Big Country-Big Country-January                                                 258
 67-Love Of The Common People-Paul Young-April                                           248
 68-To Sir With Love-Vicki Sue Robinson-September                                        242
 69-The Love Cats-The Cure-March                                                         238
 70-Up Rock-Rock Steady Crew-July                                                        232
 71-Smalltown Boy-Bronski Beat-September                                                 228
 72-Crystal-Elton John-January                                                           212
 73-Nobody Told Me-John Lennon-February                                                  208
 74-Drive-Cars-October                                                                   192
 75-The Glamorous Life-Sheila E.-November                                                    190
 76-Beast Of Burden-Bette Midler-April                                                   186
 77-A Beat For You-Pseudo Echo-June                                                      180
 78-No More Lonely Night-Paul McCartney-November                                         160
 79-Passengers-Elton John-October                                                        158
 80-Let's Go Crazy-Prince-October                                                        154 
 81-I'm Tuff-George Smilovici-December                                                   154
 82-State Of Shock-Michael Jackson & Mick Jagger-July                                    150
 83-Saturday Night-Cold Chisel-April                                                     150
 84-Somebody's Watching Me-Rockwell-June                                                 142
 85-Borderline-Madonna-August                                                            140
 86-Too Late For Goodbyes-Julian Lennon-December                                         138
 87-You Think You're A Man-Divine-October                                                136
 88-Catch Me I'm Falling-Real Life-March                                                 122
 89-No Second Prize-Jimmy Barnes-October                                                 108
 90-Eyes Without A Face-Billy Idol-August                                                108
 91-Politics Of Dancing-Reflex-March                                                     106
 92-Why-Bronski Beat-November                                                             78
 93-Sticky Music-Sandii & The Sunsetz-March                                               74
 94-Message To My Girl-Split Enz-February                                                 74
 95-Sweet And Sour-The Takeaways-September                                                70
 96-Burning Up-Madonna-July                                                               70
 97-Girl On The Wall-Jane Clifton-April                                                   70
 98-Owner Of A Lonely Heart-Yes-February                                                  68
 99-Blue Jean-David Bowie-October                                                         38
100-Only When You Leave-Spandau Ballet-August                                             38
101-No Say In It-Machinations-October                                                     34
102-Doctor! Doctor!-Thompson Twins-June                                                   34
103-It's A Miracle-Culture Club-May                                                       34
104-Talking In Your Sleep-Romantics-March                                                 34


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