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Written by Barry Kowal   
Mar 18, 2020 at 02:37 PM


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 1-YEAH-USHER,LUDACRIS & LIL' JON-APRIL                                                   2678 
 2-MY IMMORTAL-EVANESCENCE-March                                                          2104
 3-I BELIEVE-FANTASIA-July                                                                1822
 4-LET'S GET RETARTED-BLACK EYED PEAS-August                                              1696
 5-COME CLEAN-HILARY DUFF-May                                                             1528
 6-BABY BOY-BEYONCE & SEAN PAUL-January                                                   1516
 7-AMAZING-GEORGE MICHAEL-June                                                            1458
 8-HEY YA!-Outkast-February                                                               1310
 9-AMERICAN IDIOT-Green Day-September                                                     1254
10-AWAKE IN A DREAM-Kalan Porter-October                                                  1242
11-The Way/Solitaire-Clay Aiken-April                                                     1156
12-I Believe-Diana Degarmo-July                                                           1114
13-Everytime-Britney Spears-June                                                          1096
14-Vertigo Maxi-U2-November                                                                788
15-Spider Man Theme-Michael Buble-July                                                     786
16-Toxic-Britney Spears-March                                                              762
17-Naughty Girl-Beyonce-June                                                               762
18-Perfect-Simple Plan-March                                                               754
19-Vertigo Single-U2-November                                                              754
20-Balla Baby-Chingy-November                                                              576
21-Do They Know It's Christmas-Band Aid 20-December                                        566
22-Sunrise-Norah Jones-March                                                               492
23-Watch Your Money-Waking Eyes-July                                                       486
24-My Band-D 12-April                                                                      472
25-Don't Go (Girls & Boys)-Fefe Dobson-July                                                464
26-Me,Myself And I-Beyonce-January                                                         434
27-Slow-Kylie Minogue-November                                                             388
28-Check It Out-Beastie Boys-June                                                          380
29-Just A Little While-Janet Jackson-March                                                 328
30-Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do-Sigur Ros-April                                                       286
31-Love Profusion-Madonna-January                                                        282
33-Everything Part I-Alanis Morissette-May                                                 278
34-Stupid-Sarah McLachlan-May                                                              264
35-Take Me Out-Franz Ferdinand-June                                                        262
36-Take My Breath Away-Jessica Simpson-June                                                258
37-Acoustic Citsuoca-My Morning Jack-June                                                  226
38-I'm Still In Love With You-Sean Paul & Sasha-February                                   202
39-The Voice Within-Christina Aguilera-December                                            194
40-O.G. Bitch-Esthero-September                                                            188
41-Don't Tell Me-Avril Lavigne-May                                                         178
42-Hey Mama-Black Eyed Peas-May                                                            160
43-Rainmaker-Iron Maiden-February                                                          156
44-Holidae In-Chingy,Ludacris & Snoop Dogg-November                                        148
45-Give Peace A Chance-Various Artists-August                                              142
46-That's All Right-Elvis Presley-July                                    (1954)           132
47-Irish Blood English Heart-Morrissey-May                                                 126
48-We Built This City-Closet Monster-October                                               110
49-Sing For The Enemy-Hostage Life-November                                                 82
50-Chu Pas Plus Pourri Qu'Un Aut-Dufort Jean Rene-February                                  78
51-My Happy Ending-Avril Lavigne-August                                                     74
52-Peace On Eartrh/Little Drummer Boy-David Bowie & Bing Crosby-December                    70
53-Choix Du Quebec-Various Artists-November                                                 56
54-No More Lies Lmt.Ed-Iron MaidenApril                                               46
55-Breakaway-Kelly Clarkson-October                                                         40
56-Slither-Velvet Revolver-June                                                             40
57-Ride-Vines-March                                                                         38
58-Triple Trouble-Beastie Boys-September                                                     36
59-Thief's Theme-Nas-August                                                                 36
60-She Wants To Move-N.E.R.D.-April                                                         36
61-Where Are We Runnin'-Lenny Kravitz-May                                                   34
62-Temptation-Diana Krall-April                                                             34

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