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Unplugged cover

  1-UNPLUGGED-ERIC CLAPTON-MARCH                                                   2880
  2-ARE YOU GONNA GO MY WAY-LENNY KRAVITZ-April                                      1906
  3-BODYGUARD-SOUNDTRACK-January                                                   1852
  4-GET A GRIP-AEROSMITH-September                                                 1688
  5-BAT OUT OF HELL II-MEATLOAF-October                                              1482
  6-POCKET FULL OF KRYPTONITE-SPIN DOCTORS-June                               1314
  7-DANCE MIX '93-VARIOUS ARTISTS-September                                        1200
  8-SO FAR SO GOOD-Bryan Adams-December                                            1056
  9-JANET-Janet Jackson--June                                                      1036
10-VS.-Pearl Jam-November                                                          992
11-Unplugged...And Seated-Rod Stewart-July                                         896
12-Breathless-Kenny G.-April                                                       868
13-Zooropa-U2-August                                                               848
14-Blind Melon-Blind Melon-October                                                 782
15-12 Inches Of Snow-Snow-May                                                      748
16-The Chronic-Dr.Dre-March                                                        730
17-In Utero-Nirvana-October                                                        702
18-Fare Thee Well Love-Rankin Family-May                                           694
19-River Of Dreams-Billy Joel-August                                               624
20-Duets-Frank Sinatra-December                                                    552
21-Harvest Moon-Neil Young-February                                                506
22-Human Wheels-John Mellencamp-October                                            492
23-Fumbling Towards Ecstasy-Sarah McLachlan-November                               402
24-Ten Summoner's Tale-Sting-April                                                 396
25-Grave Dancer's Union-Soul Asylum-September                                      384
26-3 Years 5 Months And 2 Days ..,-Arrested Development-March                      376
27-Spaghetti Incident-Guns And Roses-December                                      370
28-The Future-Leonard Cohen-February                                               352
29-Coverdale/Page-David Coverdale & Jimmy Page-April                               342
30-Pure Cult-Cult-March                                                            342
31-Core-Stone Temple Pilots-August                                                 330
32-Promises And Lies-UB40-August                                                   320
33-Both Sides-Phil Collins-December                                                318
34-In Pieces-Garth Brooks-September                                                312
35-Songs Of Faith And Devotion-Depeche Mode-April                                  282
36-North Country-Rankin Family-September                                           272
37-Duets-Elton John-December                                                       258
38-Sleepless In Seattle-Soundtrack-August                                          256
39-Bargainville-Moxy Fruvous-August                                                226
40-Retro Active-Def Leppard-October                                                 222
41-Duran Duran-Duran Duran-March                                                   202
42-Kamakiriad-Donald Fagen-June                                                    200
43-5 Days In July-Blue Rodeo-November                                              190
44-It Won't Be The Last-Billy Ray Cyrus-August                                     188
45-Love Deluxe-Sade-May                                                            184
46-Lose Control-Silk-April                                                         174
47-Back To Broadway-Barbara Streisand-Columbia-August                              160
48-Porno For Pyros-Porno For Pyros-May                                             160
49-Very-Pet Shop Boys-October                                                      152
50-I'll Always Be There-Roch Voisine-November                                      146
51-Abba Gold-March                                                                 146
52-Silver Original Soundtrack-Various Artists-July                                 138
53-Last Action Hero-Soundtrack-July                                                136
54-What's Love Got To Do With It-Tina Turner-July                                  132
55-Wandering Spirit-Mick Jagger-February                                           128
56-Republic-New Order-June                                                         110
57-Counterparts-Rush-October                                                        98
58-Unplugged-Neil Young-July                                                        90
59-Black Sunday-Cypress Hill-August                                                 78
60-Sunshine On Earth-Proclaimers-August                                             74
61-14 Shots To The Dome-L.L. Cool J-April                                           72
62-The Red Shoes-Kate Bush-November                                                 70
63-It's About Time-SWV-June                                                         70
64-19 Naughty By Nature III-Naughty By Nature-March                                 70
65-Earth And Sun And Moon-Midnight Oil-May                                          44
66-Sound Of White Noise-Anthrax-June                                                42
67-Live Right Here,Right Now-Van Halen-March                                        40
68-Never Let Me Go-Luther Vandross-June                                             36
69-Pork Soda-Primus-May                                                             36
70-Home Invasion-Ice T-April                                                        36
71-If I Ever I Fall In Love-Shai-March                                              34

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