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    1-JAGGED LITTLE PILL-ALANIS MORISSETTE-MARCH                            4196
    2-FALLING INTO YOU-CELINE DION-October                                  2616
    3-THE WOMAN IN ME-SHANIA TWAIN-February                                 2018
    4-CRASH-DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-May                                          1790
    5-THE SCORE-THE FUGEES-June                                             1574
    6-WAITING TO EXHALE SOUNDTRACK-February                                 1430
    7-ALL EYEZ ON ME-2 PAC-March                                            1370
    8-SECRETS-Toni Braxton-July                                             1140
    9-LOAD-Metallica-June                                                   1098
   10-SIXTEEN STONE-Bush-February                                           1042
   11-Recovering The Satellites-Counting Crows-November                      990
   12-Blue-Leann Rimes-August                                                976
   13-Evil Empire-Rage Against The Machine-May                               934
   14-No Code-Pearl Jam-September                                            922
   15-Morning Glory-Oasis-February                                           768
   16-New Beginning-Tracy Chapman-June                                       750
   17-Life Is Peachy-Korn-November                                           712
   18-From The Muddy Banks Of The Washkah-Nirvana-October                    708
   19-It Was Written-Nas-August                                              628
   20-Keith Sweat-August                                                     598
   21-Anthology III-Beatles-November                                         590
   22-Fairweather Johnson-Hootie & Blowfish-May                              542
   23-Anemia-Tool-October                                                    516
   24-311-September                                                          490
   25-New Adventures In Hi-Fi-R.E.M.-September                               452
   26-The Moment-Kenny G.-November                                           424
   27-The Presidents Of The United States Of America-March                   374
   28-Down On The Upside-Soundgarden-June                                    368
   29-Relish-Joan Osborne-March                                              344
   30-To The Faithful Departed-Cranberries-May                               342
   31-Anthology II-Beatles-April                                             332
   32-Borderline-Brooks & Dunn-May                                           316
   33-Home Again-New Edition-September                                       292
   34-Alice In Chains Unplugged-September                                    288
   35-Gangsta's Paradise-Coolio-March                                        272
   36-Boys For Pele-Tori Amos-February                                       264
   37-Memory Of Trees-Enya-February                                          256
   38-ATLiens-Outkast-September                                              254
   39-Tiny Music...From The Vatican Giftshop-Stone Temple Pilots-April       242
   40-Another Level-Blackstreet-September                                    200
   41-Phenomenon Soundtrack-August                                           190
   42-The Don Killuminati:7 Day Theory-Makaveli-November                     188
   43-Jock Jams Vol. II-Various Artists-October                              186
   44-Beats,Rhymes & Life-A Tribe Called Quest-August                        186
   45-Nutty Professor Soundtrack-July                                        184
   46-Set It Off Soundtrack-October                                          180
   47-Bad Hair Daddy-Weird Al Yankovic-April                                 178
   48-Billy Breathes-Phish-November                                          176
   49-Garbage-November                                                       172
   50-Blue Clear Sky-George Strait-May                                       162
   51-The Doggfather-Snoop Doggy Dogg-November                               154
   52-Gettin' It-Too Short-June                                              148
   53-Everything I Love-Alan Jackson-November                                148
   54-Mercury Falling-Sting-April                                            142
   55-The Crow:City Of Angels Soundtrack-September                           132
   56-Older-George Michael-June                                              130
   57-Great Southern Trendkill-Pantera-May                                   126
   58-Resurrection-Geto Boys-April                                           122
   59-The Coming-Busta Rhymes-April                                          122
   60-Sunset Park Soundtrack-May                                             100
   61-Hello-Poe-November                                                      96
   62-Antichrist Superstar-Marilyn Manson-October                             92
   63-Banana Wind-Jimmy Buffett-June                                          92
   64-New Beginning-SWV-May                                                   88
   65-Legal Drug Money-Lost Boyz-June                                         88
   66-Str8 Off Tha Streetz Of Muthaphu**in Compton-Eazy-E-February            84
   67-Your Secret Love-Luther Vandross-October                                80
   68-Revelations-Wyonna-February                                             76
   69-Family Scriptures-Mo Thugs Family-November                              74
   70-Signs Of Life-Steve Curtis Chapman-September                            72
   71-Ironman-Ghostface Killa-November                                        58
   72-The Hall Of Game-E-40-November                                          56
   73-Best Of Van Halen Volume I-November                                     54
   74-The Day-Babyface-November                                               48
   75-Bow Down-Westside Connection-November                                   46
   76-Wild Mood Swings-The Cure-May                                           44
   77-Trial By Fire-Journey-November                                          42
   78-Three Snakes & One Charm-Black Crowes-August                            40
   79-Michael Bolton Christmas Album-December                                 40
   80-Kiss MTV Unplugged-March                                                38
   81-Muddy Waters-Redman-December                                            38

    * November 16th,1996 was the last survey for Cash Box Magazine. For this
   chart the charts from Rolling Stone Magazine are used in the calculations
   for the weeks after November 16th.

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