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  1-URBAN HYMNS-THE VERVE-OCTOBER                                       2322
  2-SPICE-SPICE GIRLS-January                                           2196
  3-LET'S TALK ABOUT LOVE-CELINE DION-December                          1304
  4-OK COMPUTER-RADIOHEAD-June                                          1062
  5-THE FAT OF THE LAND-PRODIGY-July                                     708
  6-SPICEWORLD-SPICE GIRLS-November                                      692
  7-BE HERE NOW-OASIS-September                                          558
  8-NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL MUSIC! 38-Various Artists-November            550
  9-NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL MUSIC! 37-Various Artists-November            498
 10-LENNON LEGEND-John Lennon-November                                   482
 11-Paint The Sky With Stars:The Best Of Enya-November                   422
 12-Diana,Princess Of Wales Tribute-Various Artists-December             408
 13-Maverick A Strike-Finley Quaye-October                               394
 14-Greatest Hits-Eternal-October                                        388
 15-Now That's What I Call Music! 36-Various Artists-April               384
 16-Pop-U2-March                                                         374
 17-Fresco-M People-October                                              360
 18-Ministry Of Sound-The Annual II-Various Artists-January              356
 19-Ibiza Uncovered-Various Artists-September                            338
 20-If You Were There-The Best Of Wham!-December                         332
 21-Heavy Soul-Paul Weller-July                                          314
 22-Glow-Reef-February                                                   310
 23-Left Of The Middle-Natalie Imbruglia-December                        302
 24-New Hits 1997-Various Artists-May                                    300
 25-Evita Soundtrack-January                                             292
 26-Tellin' Stories-Charlatans-April                                     284
 27-Big Picture-Elton John-October                                       280
 28-In It For The Money-Supergrass-April                                 256
 29-Dig Your Own Hole-Chemical Brothers-April                            256
 30-Ministry Of Sound-The Annual III-Various Artists-November            250
 31-Best Disco Album In The World...Ever-Various Artists-July            250
 32-Clubland-Various Artists-June                                        250
 33-Like You Do...Best Of-Lightning Seeds-November                       230
 34-Fresh Hits '97-Various Artists-August                                230
 35-Still Waters-Bee Gees-March                                          226
 36-The Best Club Anthems...Ever!-Various Artists-June                   220
 37-Portishead-October                                                   220
 38-Best Of Bob Dylan-June                                               220
 39-Marchin' Already-Ocean Colour Scene-September                        216
 40-Very Best Of The Bee Gees-March                                      214
 41-Men In Black The Album Soundtrack-August                             212
 42-Tragic Kingdom-No Doubt-March                                        208
 43-Big Mix '97 Volume II-Various Artists-October                        204
 44-Attack Of The Grey Lantern-Mansun-March                              202
 45-The Best Dance Album In The World..Ever!7-Variouis Artists-August    200
 46-In The Mix '97:Volume 2-Various Artists-May                          200
 47-Club Cuts 97 Volume 2-Various Artists-July                           198
 48-The Full Monty Soundtrack-October                                    196
 49-Vanishing Point-Primal Scream-July                                   196
 50-Romanza-Ardrea Bocelli-June                                          196
 51-Flaming Pie-Paul McCartney-May                                       192
 52-In The Mix '97:Volume 3-Various Artists-July                         188
 53-The Ultimate Summer Party Animal-Various Artists-July                188
 54-Kiss Anthems-Various Artists-April                                   188
 55-Ultra-Depeche Mode-April                                             188
 56-In The Mix '97-Various Artists-February                              186
 57-The Essential Selection Summer '97-Various Artists-August            182
 58-Fantazia House Collection Volume 5-Various Artists-March             182
 59-Before The Rain-Eternal-May                                          178
 60-Big Mix 97-Various Artists-June                                      176
 61-Blur-February                                                        170
 62-Their Greatest Hits-Hot Chocolate-November                           166
 63-Now Dance '97-Various Artists-November                               166
 64-The Colour & The Shape-Foo Fighters-May                              166
 65-Spice Girls Present The Best Girl Power Album...Ever!-May            164
 66-No Way Out-Puff Daddy & Family-August                                164
 67-Dance Nation 3:Pete Tong & Judge Jules-Various Artists-March         164
 68-Blood On The Dance Floor-Michael Jackson-May                         162
 69-Dance Nation 4-Various Artists-September                             160
 70-10-Wet Wet Wet-April                                                 160
 71-The Velvet Rope-Janet Jackson-October                                158
 72-Always On My Mind-Elvis Presley-June                                 158
 73-Nine Lives-Aerosmith-March                                           156
 74-Destination Anywhere-Jon Bon Jovi-June                               152
 75-Wu Tang Forever-Wu Tang Clan-June                                    152
 76-Queen Rocks-Queen-November                                           150
 77-Smash Hits:Summer Of 97-Various Artists-June                         150
 78-Hits '97 Volume 1-The Smurfs-February                                148
 79-Reload-Metallica-December                                            144
 80-Huge Hits 1997-Various Artists-November                              140
 81-Diana-The Complete Funeral Service-Official BBC Recording-September  138
 82-Maverick A Strike-Finley Quaye-September                             134
 83-It's My Life-Sash!-July                                              132
 84-The Love Songs-Chris Deburgh-October                                 130
 85-Middle Of Nowhere-Hanson-June                                        130
 86-Lisa Stansfield-April                                                128
 87-Stoosh-Skunk Anansie-July                                            128
 88-Bridges To Babylon-Rolling Stones-October                            126
 89-Album Of The Year-Faith No More-June                                 126
 90-Greatest Hits Of 1997-Various Artists-November                       124
 91-Mouth To Mouth-Levellers-September                                   124
 92-House Collection Club 3-Various Artists-June                         124
 93-The Best Sixties Summer-Ever-Various Artists-December                122
 94-Do It Yourself-Seahorses-August                                      122
 95-The All Time Greatest Country Songs-Various Songs-April              120
 96-Come Find Yourself-Fun Lovin' Criminals-July                         116
 97-The Soul Album-Various Artists-February                              116
 98-A Decade Of Ibiza-Various Artists-July                               114
 99-Timeless-Sarah Brightman/LSO-June                                    110
100-Club Mix '97 Volume 2-Various Artists-February                       106
101-Wired-Various Artists-February                                       106
102-Soul Survivors-Various Artists-May                                   104
103-What A Feeling!-Various Artists-May                                  104
104-Calling All Stations-Genesis-September                               102
105-Kiss In Ibiza 97-Various Artists-September                           102
106-Kiss Miss '97-Various Artists-August                                 102
107-Open Road-Gary Barlow-June                                           102
108-Butterfly-Mariah Carey-September                                     100
109-Earthling-David Bowie-February                                       100
110-Mother Nature Calls-Cast-April                                        98
111-Shelter-Brand New Heavies-May                                         96
112-Nimrod-Green Day-October                                              94
113-Much Love-Shola Ama-September                                         94
114-Electronica-Various Artists-May                                       94
115-Shine 8-Various Artists-May                                           94
116-Gorgeous-Various Artists-March                                        94
117-B-Sides,Seasides & Freerides-Ocean Colour Scene-March                 92
118-The No.1 Motown Album-Various Artists-January                         92
119-Higher Ground-Barbra Streisand-November                               88
120-Word Gets Around-Stereophonics-September                              88
121-Guns In The Ghetto-UB40-July                                          88
122-Club Mix '97 Volume 3-Various Artists-June                            88
123-Ladies & Gentlemen,We Are Floating In Space-Spiritualized-June        88
124-The Best...Anthems...Ever-Various Artists-October                     86
125-Time Out Of Mind-Bob Dylan-October                                    86
126-Blurring The Edges-Meredith Brooks-August                             86
127-The Healing Game-Van Morrison-March                                   86
128-Homogenic-Bjork-September                                             84
129-New Forms-Roni Size & Reprazent-September                             84
130-Songs From Northern Britain-Teenage Fan Club-July                     84
131-The Old Skool-Various Artists-April                                   84
132-Placebo-February                                                      84
133-The Best Christmas Album...Ever-Various Artists-December              80
134-Sisters Of Swing III-Various Artists-May                              80
135-Homework-Daft Punk-February                                           78
136-Backstreet's Back-Backstreet Boys-January                             76
137-Essentials-David Gates & Bread-August                                 74
138-Space Jam Soundtrack-April                                            74
139-Simply The Best Love Songs-Various Artists-February                   58
140 Razorblade Suitcase Bush January                                      58
141-Radiator-Super Furry Animals-August                                   54
142-Andromeda Heights-Prefab Sprout-May                                   54
143-Adieumus II:Cantata Mundi-Miriam Stockley,LPO & Karl Jenkins-February 54
144-It Doesn't Matter Anymore-Supernaturals-May                           52
145-Drawn To The Deep End-Gene-February                                   52
146-Speed Garage Anthems-Various Artists-October                          50
147-Klubbhoppin'-Various Artists-April                                    50
148-The Thrill Of It All-Thunder-February                                 50
149-Heartbeat:Love Me Tender-Various Artists-October                      48
150-Chartbusters-Various Artists-May                                      48
151-Elegantly Wasted-Inxs-April                                           48
152-Ministry Of Sound-The Sessions:Volume 7-Various Artists-February      48
153-Amour:The Ultimate Collection-Various Artists-February                48
154-The All-Time Greatest Love Songs Volume II-October                    46
155-Love Is Forever-Billy Ocean-August                                    46
156-Evergreen-Echo & The Bunnymen-July                                    46
157-Whiplash-James-March                                                  46
158-The Ultimate Party Album-Various Artists-January                      46
159-I Believe-Daniel O'Donnell-November                                   44
160-The Very Best Of The Jam-October                                      44
161-...Machii-The More Things Change-March                                44
162-The Best...Album In The World...Ever!5-Various Artists-March          44
163-The Boatman's Call-Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds-March                    44
164-Ixnay On The Hombre-Offspring-February                                44
165-The Greatest Dance Album Ever Made-Various Artists-August             42
166-Pure Hits '97-Various Artists-August                                  42
167-The Best Of Michael Jackson & The Jackson Five-July                   42
168-Kiss Smooth Grooves-Various Artists-July                              42
169-Best Summer Album...Ever!-Various Artists-July                        42
170-Oxygene 7-13-Jean Michel Jarre-February                               42
171-Clubland Vol.2-Various Artists-September                              40
172-The Nail File:The Best Of-Jimmy Nail-October                          40
173-Tubthumper-Chumbawamba-September                                      40
174-The Best...Album In The World...Ever! 5-Various Artists-July          40
175-Ladykillers 2-Various Artists-June                                    40
176-Erykah Badu-April                                                     40
177-The '97 Brit Awards-Various Artists-March                             40
178-The Best Dance Of '97-Various Artists-November                        38
179-Static & Silence-Sundays-September                                    38
180-Forever-Damage-April                                                  38
181-Alisha Rules The World-Alisha's Attic-March                           38
182-The All Time Greatest Rock Songs-Various Artists-November             36
183-The No.1 Christmas Album-Various Artists-December                     36
184-Hurricane 1-September                                                 36
185-Dance-Fleetwood Mac-September                                         36
186-The Old School Reunion-Various Artists-July                           36
187-At The Club-Kenickie-May                                              36
188-Cowboy-Erasure-April                                                  36
189-Fresh!-Gina G-March                                                   36
190-Crush-Various Artists-February                                        36
191-Dizzy Heights-Lightning Seeds-January                                 36
192-Volume 2:Culture Clash-Sacred Spirit-April                            34
193-Shine 9-Various Artists-September                                     34
194-Club Cuts '97 Volume 3-Various Artists-October                        34
195-Release Some Tension-SWV-August                                       34
196-Nest Latino Carnival in The World...Ever!-Various Artists-August      34
197-Summer Of Love-Various Artists-August                                 34
198-Some Other Sucker's Parade-Del Amitri-July                            34
199-Mixed Emotion-Various Artists-June                                    34
200-Direction,Reaction,Creation-The Jam-June                              34
201-Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack-April                                       34
202-The Rocky Mountain Collection-John Denver-March                       34

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