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   2-...BABY ONE MORE TIME-BRITNEY SPEARS-February                     2092
   3-MILLENNIUM-BACKSTREET BOYS-September                              2078
   4-HUMAN CLAY-CREED-October                                          1588
   5-AMERICANA-OFFSPRING-February                                      1502
   6-CALIFORNICATION-RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS-August                      1440
   7-RICKY MARTIN-June                                                 1388
   8-SIGNIFICANT OTHER-Limp Bizkit-August                              1322
   9-DR.DRE 2001-Dr. Dre-December                                      1306
  10-BIG SHINY TUNES 4-Various Artists-December                        1198
  11-Believe-Cher-February                                             1148
  12-Big Shiny Tunes 3-Various Artists-January                          944
  13-A Little Bit Of Mambo-Lou Bega-November                            884
  14-All The Way...A Decade Of Song-Celine Dion-December                830
  15-All Stars 2000-Various Artists-November                            820
  16-Fanmail-TLC-May                                                    762
  17-Now 4!-Various Artists-June                                        676
  18-On The 6-Jennifer Lopez-July                                       644
  19-Christina Aguilera-September                                       638
  20-Best Of U2 (1980-1990)-January                                     618
  21-Sogno-Andrea Bocelli-May                                           584
  22-The Party Album!-Vengaboys-September                               570
  23-Women & Song 2-Various Artists-
January                             550
  24-1999 Grammy Nominees-Various Artists-March                         546
  25-Mirrorball-Sarah McLachlan-June                                    542
  26-Planet Pop 2000-Various Artists-October                            526
  27-Affirmation-Savage Garden-November                                 502
  28-The Spy Who Shagged Me Soundtrack-Austin Powers-July               414
  29-Whitey Ford Sings The Blues-Everlast-March                         352
  30-Mariah Carey's #1 Hits-January                                     350
  31-Piece Of Paradise-Sky-February                                     332
  32-Pure Dance No.4-Various Artists-May                                308
  33-The Matrix Soundtrack-May                                          302
  34-Sabrina The Teenage Witch Soundtrack-February                      296
  35-Groove Station 5-Various Artists-June                              280
  36-The Slim Shady LP-Eminem-April                                     280
  37-Happiness...Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch-Our Lady Peace-October274
  38-MC Mario Mixdown 99-Various Artists-April                          254
  39-World Wrestling Federation:WWF The Music Volume 3-February         254
  40-Wild Wild West Soundtrack-July                                     252
  41-Pure Energy Volume 6-Various Artists-August                        250
  42-1999 Grammy Rap Nominees-Various Artists-March                     250
  43-Beautiful Midnight-Matthew Good Band-October                       232
  44-Willennium-Will Smith-December                                     224
  45-Sacred Arias' Ave Maria-Andrea Bocelli-December                    224
  46-The Distance To Here-Live-October                                  220
  47-Dosage-Collective Soul-February                                    210
  48-Bury The Hatchet-Cranberries-May                                   194
  49-Tuesday's Child-Amanda Marshall-June                               190
  50-Star Wars Episode 1:Phantom Menace-Soundtrack-May                  186
  51-Battle Of Los Angeles-Rage Against The Machine-November            168
  52-Fly-Dixie Chicks-September                                         166
  53-Rainbow-Mariah Carey-November                                      164
  54-Issues-Korn-December                                               146
  55-Massive 2000:The Millennium-Various Artists-April                  146
  56-Colour Moving And Still-Chantal Kreviazuk-October                  138
  57-Family Values Tour '98-Various Artists-April                       138
  58-Triptych-The Tea Party-June                                        126
  59-Frosh Two-Various Artists-September                                122
  60-Vuelve-Ricky Martin-May                                            120
  61-Astro Lounge-Smash Mouth-August                                    112
  62-Notting Hill Soundtrack-August                                     106
  63-I Am-Nas-April                                                     104
  64-The Fragile-Nine Inch Nails-October                                100
  65-Dance 2002-M.C. Mario-October                                       98
  66-In The Life Of Chris Gaines-Garth Brooks-October                    96
  67-Forever-Puff Daddy-September                                        96
  68-Neon Ballroom-Silverchair-April                                     90
  69-Things Fall Apart-Roots-March                                       84
  70-Chyna Doll-Foxy Brown-February                                      84
  71-Ruff Ryders:Ryde Or Die:Volume 1-May                                82
  72-Turn-Great Big Sea-July                                             80
  73-Clapton Chronicles:The Best Of Eric Clapton-November                74
  74-When I Look In Your Eyes-Diana Krall-June                           72
  75-Songs From Dawson's Creek Soundtrack-May                            72
  76-Blackout!-Method Man & Redman-October                               56
  77-S & M-Metallica-December                                            54
  78-World Wrestling Federation:WWF The Music Volume 4-November          52
  79-No.4-Stone Temple Pilots-November                                   52
  80-The Science Of Things-Bush-November                                 50
  81-Murda Muzik-Mobb Deep-September                                     50
  82-Mercedes Five And Dime-Moist-July                                   48
  83-The Desert Life-Counting Crows-November                             46
  84-Blue Green Orange-I Mother Earth-July                               46
  85-Surrender-Chemical Brothers-July                                    46
  86-Pokemon:The First Movie Soundtrack-November                         42
  87-Ice Cold-Choclair-November                                          42
  88-Synkronized-Jamiroquai-July                                         42
  89-No Limit Top Dogg-Snoop Dogg-June                                   42
  90-13-Blur-April                                                       40
  91-There Is Nothing Left To Lose-Foo Fighters-November                 38
  92-Breakdown-Melissa Etheridge-October                                 38
  93-A Place In The Sun-Tim McGraw-May                                   38
  94-Another Spin Around The Sun-Edwin-May                               38
  95-Breathe-Faith Hill-November                                         36
  96-Beneath The Surface-GZA/Genius-July                                 36
  97-Live-Lynda Lemay-February                                           36
  98-Born Again-The Notorious B.I.G.-December                            34
  99-Euphoria Morning-Chris Cornell-October                              34
 100-Risk-Megadeth-September                                             34
 101-Violator The Album-Various Artists-August                           34
 102-No Boundaries-A Benefit For The Kosavar Refugees-Various-August     34
 103-Hot Show By Prozzak-Prozzak-April                                   34
 104-Finally-Blackstreet-April                                           34
 105-By Your Side-Black Crowes-January                                   34
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