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Supernatural cover

   1-SUPERNATURAL-SANTANA-FEBRUARY                                     2248
   2-MARSHALL MATHERS LP-EMINEM-July                                   1596
   3-OOPS...I DID IT AGAIN-BRITNEY SPEARS-July                         1476
   4-NO STRINGS ATTACHED-'N SYNC-April                                 1464
   5-ENRIQUE-ENRIQUE IGLESIAS-April                                    1220
   6-MUCHDANCE 2000-VARIOUS ARTISTS-January                            1136
   8-MACY GRAY ON HOW LIFE IS-Macy Gray-March                           868
   9-THE BEATLES 1-December                                             812
  10-LENNY KRAVITZ GREATEST HITS-November                               730
  11-Mission Impossible 2 Soundtrack-May                                676
  12-Now That's What I Call Music! 5-Various Artists-September          604
  13-All That You Can't Leave Behind-U2-December                        576
  14-The Writing's On The Wall-Destiny's Child-August                   534
  15-Country Grammar-Nelly-October                                      532
  16-Grammy Nominees 2000-Various Artists-March                         530
  17-The History Of Rock-Kid Rock-June                                  520
  18-Black & Blue-Backstreet Boys-December                              506
  19-Infest-Papa Roach-August                                           494
  20-Music-Madonna-October                                              434
  21-Aquarius-Aqua-April                                                432
  22-The Better Life-3 Doors Down-August                                424
  23-S Club 7-February                                                  396
  24-Europop-Eifel65-January                                            382
  25-Women & Song 4-Various Artists-December                            378
  26-Hooray For The Boobies-Bloodhound Gang-May                         366
  27-Crush-Bon Jovi-June                                                352
  28-Planet Pop 2001-Various Artists-August                             336
  29-Conspiracy Of One-Offspring-November                               316
  30-Groove Station 6-Various Artists-May                               304
  31-Mad Season-Matchbox 20-June                                        288
  32-Kid A-Radiohead-October                                            286
  33-Un Grand Noel D'Amour-Reno Ginette-December                        284
  34-Maroon-Barenaked Ladies-September                                  280
35-Music@Work-Tragically Hip-June                                     276
  36-Women& Song 3-Various Artists-January                              272
  37-Enema Of The State-Blink 182-January                               266 
  38-The Heat-Toni Braxton-May                                          256
  39-Unleash The Dragon-Sisqo-May                                       248
  40-Stankonia-Outkast-November                                         234
  41-M.C. Mario Mixdown 2000-M.C. Mario-March                           230
  42-Chris Shepard's Club Cutz-Various Artists-February                 228
  43-Pure Dance Volume 5-Various Artists-June                           224
  44-Play-Moby-August                                                   222
  45-Charlie's Angels Soundtrack-November                               212
  46-La Luna-Sarah Brightman-September                                  210
  47-Reggae Hits Volume 1-Various Artists-June                          206
  48-Warning-Green Day-October                                          202
  49-Nutty Professor II:The Klumps Soundtrack-July                      200
  50-M.C. Mario Sun Factory-M.C. Mario-June                             178
  51-Devil Without A Cause-Kid Rock-May                                 178
  52-Stiff Upper Lip-AC/DC-March                                        176
  53-Spiritual Machines-Our Lady Of Peace-December                      174
  54-YTV Big Fun Party Mix-Various Artists-March                        170
  55-Private Party:Collectors Edition-Baby Blue Soundcrew-September     168
  56-Marc Anthony-May                                                   156
  57-Skulls And Bones-Cypress Hill-May                                  148
  58-Romeo Must Die Soundtrack-April                                    146
  59-Sound Loaded-Ricky Martin-November                                 144
  60-The Collector's Series Volume 1-Celine Dion-November               142
  61-Seul-Garou-November                                                140
  62-Songs From An American Movie Volume 1-Everclear-July               130
  63-The Mark,Tom & Travis Show-Blink 182-January                       126
  64-Housemix 3-Various Artists-October                                 118
  65-Massive 2001-Various Artists-March                                 114
  66-Binaural-Pearl Jam-June                                            108
  67-Revelation-98 Degrees-October                                      106
  68-Machina/The Machines Of God-Smashing Pumpkins-March                104
  69-Blender-Collective Soul-October                                    102
  70-Return Of Saturn-No Doubt-April                                 96
  71-Ruff Ryders Compilation:Ryde Or Die Vol.II-Various Artists-July     92
  72-Whitney Houston's Greatest Hits-June                                92
  73-And Then There Was X-DMX-January                                    90
  74-G.O.A.T.-LL Cool J-September                                        86
  75-Forever-Spice Girls-November                                        84
  76-Rule 3:36-Ja Rule-October                                           84
  77-Mieux Qu'ici As-Isabelle Boulay-September                           84
  78-War & Peace Volume 2 (Peace Disc)-Ice Cube-April                    82
  79-Scenes D'Amour-Isabelle Boulay-February                             82
  80-Riding With The King-Eric Clapton & B.B. King-June                  72
  81-The Screen Behind The Mirror-Enigma-January                         72
  82-Is There Anybody Out There?-The Wall 1980-81-Pink Floyd-May         54
  83-The Dynasty Roc La Familia (2000)-Jay-Z-November                    52
  84-A Perfect Circle-Mer De Noms-June                                   52
  85-WWF:World Wrestling Federation-Aggression-Various Artists-April     50
  86-TP-2.COM-R.Kelly-November                                           48
  87-The Ecleftic:-Wycliff Jean-August                                   48
  88-No One Does It Better-Souldecision-March                            48
  89-Voodoo-D'Angelo-February                                            48
  90-Submodalites-The Moffats-October                                    46
  91-White Pony-Deftones-June                                            46
  92-Reinventing The Steel-Pantera-April                                 46
  93-Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants-Oasis-March                      46
  94-Snoop Dogg Presents The Eastsidaz-February                          46
  95-Volume 3...Life And Times Of S.Carter-Jay-Z-January                 46
  96-The W-Wu-Tang Clan-December                                         44
  97-Awake-Godsmack-November                                             44
  98-(Breach)-Wallflowers-October                                        44
  99-Road Rage-Great Big Sea-October                                     44
 100-Blood Red Cherry-Jan Arden-April                                    44
 101-Tangents-The Tea Party Collection-The Tea Party-November            42
 102-Disparu-La Chicane-October                                          42
 103-Inside Job-Don Henley-June                                          40
 104-Silver & Gold-Neil Young-April                                      40
 105-Days In Between-Blue Rodeo-February                                 40
 106-Du Coq A L'Ame-Lynda Lemay-October                                  38
 107-A Brand New Day-Sting-August                                        38
 108-This Time Around-Hanson-May                                         38
 109-Yeeeah Baby-Big Punisher-April                                      38
 110-The Platinum Album-Vengaboys-April                                  38
 111-Housemix 2000-Various Artists-March                                 38
 112-Renegades-Rage Against The Machine-December                         36
 113-Hollywood-Marilyn Manson-November                                   36
 114-Frosh 3-Various Artists-August                                      36
 115-The Family Values Tour-Various Artists-June                         36
 116-Brave New World-Iron Maiden-June                                    36
 117-My Name Is Joe-Joe-May                                              36
 118-The Best Of Blur-November                                           34

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