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Twelfth Street Rag / Somebody Else, Not MeTwelfth Street Rag

  2-BALLERINA-VAUGHN MONROE-January                                                                            1284
  4-MANANA-PEGGY LEE-April                                                                                     1140
  5-MY HAPPINESS-JON & SANDRA STEELE-August                                                                    1072
  6-NOW IS THE HOUR-BING CROSBY-April                                                                          1048
  7-A TREE IN THE MEADOW-MARGARET WHITING-October                              1024
  8-MY HAPPINESS-Pied Pipers-August                                                                            1024
  9-MAYBE YOU?LL BE THERE-Gordon Jenkins & The Charles LaVere Chorus-October             994
 10-YOU CALL EVERYBODY DARLIN'-Al Trace & Bob Vincent-August                                                    974
 11-You Can?t Be True,Dear-Ken Griffin & Jerry Wayne (vocal)-June                                               964
 12-Little White Lies-Dick Haymes-July                                                                          962
 13-I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover-Art Mooney-February                                                     880
 14-It?s Magic-Doris Day-September                                                                              862
 15-Love Somebody-Doris Day & Buddy Clark-August                                                                838
 16-On A Slow Boat To China-Kay Kyser,Harry Babbitt & Gloria Wood-December                 820
 17-Nature Boy-Nat King Cole-June                                                                               790
 18-Woody Woodpecker-Kay Kyser & Gloria Wood-July                                                               746
 19-Golden Earrings-Peggy Lee-January                                                                           732
 20-My Darling,My Darling-Jo Stafford & Gordon MacRae-December                                                  704
 21-My Happiness-Ella Fitzgerald & Song Spinners-August                                                         684
 22-Beg Your Pardon-Francis Craig & Bob Lamm-March                                                              682
 23-Now Is The Hour-Gracie Fields-March                                                                         660
 24-Until-Tommy Dorsey,Harry Prime,Clark Sisters & Town Criers-November                                         652
 25-Serenade Of The Bells-Sammy Kaye,Don Cornell & The Kaydets-January      638
 26-Toolie Oolie Doolie (The Yodel Polka)-Andrews Sisters-June                                                   618
 27-Because-Perry Como-May                                                                                      592
 28-On A Slow Boat To China-Freddy Martin,Glenn Hughes & Martin Men-December               580
 29-You Can?t Be True,Dear-Ken Griffin (Organ)-September                                                        560
 30-Baby Face-Art Mooney-May                                                                                    540
 31-William Tell Overture (Feedlebaum)-Spike Jones-August                                                       486
 32-Buttons And Bows-Dinning Sisters & Art Van Damme Quartet-December          484
 33-Underneath The Arches-Primo Scala?s Banjo & Accordion & The Keynotes-October          478
 34-St.Louis Blues March-Tex Benke-June                                                                         476
 35-Beg Your Pardon-Frankie Carle & Marjorie Hughes (Frankie's daughter)-February                422
 36-I?ll Dance At Your Wedding-Ray Noble,Buddy Clark & Anita Gordon-January             416
 37-The Dicky-Bird Song-Freddy Martin,Glenn Hughes & Martin Men-June                                            396
 38-How Soon?-Bing Crosby & Carmen Cavallaro-January                                                            374
 39-You Were Only Fooling-Blue Barron & Clyde Burke-September                                                   356
 40-I?m Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover-Russ Morgan,Ames Bros & Mill Herth-March                354
 41-Woody Woodpecker-The Sportsmen & Mel Blanc-August                                                           354
 42-Now Is The Hour-Eddy Howard-March                                                                           352
 43-Bluebird Of Happiness-Art Mooney,Bud Brees & Galli Sisters-September                                        346
 44-Serenade The Bells-Jo Stafford-January                                                                      344
 45-My Darling,My Darling-Doris Day & Buddy Clark-December                                                      334
 46-Sabre Dance-Woody Herman-April                                                                              326
 47-Cool Water-Vaughn Monroe & Sons of the Pioneers-September                                                   324
 48-Slap ?Em Down Again Paw-Arthur Godfrey-March                                                                290
 49-Now Is The Hour-Margaret Whiting-March                                                                      284
 50-Sabre Dance Boogie-Freddy Martin & Barclay Allen-May                                                        280
 51-You Can?t Be True,Dear-Dick Haymes & Song Spinners-July                                                     242
 52-Hair Of Gold,Eyes Of Blue-Gordon MacRae-October                                                         194
 53-Underneath The Arches-Andrews Sisters-October                                                                192
 54-White Christmas-Bing Crosby-December                                                           (42)         186
 55-Here Come Santa Claus-Gene Autry-December                                                              168
 56-Beg Your Pardon-Larry Green Trio-March                                                                      166
 57-Ballerina-Bing Crosby-January                                                                               160
 58-I?m My Own Grandpaw-Guy Lombardo-February                                                                   122
 59-On A Slow Boat To China-Benny Goodman & Al Hendrickson-December                        118
 60-Ballerina-Buddy Clark-January                                                                               114
 61-Toolie Oolie Doolie (The Yodel Polka)-Vaughn Horton & His Polka Debs-May                                    114
 62-Shine-Frankie Laine-March                                                                                   112
 63-On A Slow Boat To China-Eddy Howard-December                                                                108
 64-I?m Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover-Three Suns & Artie Dunn-March                                           106
 65-You Came A Long Way (From St. Louis)-Ray Mac Kinley-September                                               104
 66-It?s Magic-Dick Haymes-September                                                                            104
 67-You Can?t Be True,Dear-Sportsmen-July                                                                        80
 68-Tell Me A Story-Sammy Kaye,Don Cornell & Kaydets-June                                                        74
 69-I?m Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover-Uptown String Band-February                                              74
 70-That Certain Party-Benny Strong-October                                                                      72
 71-You?re All I Want For Christmas-Frankie Laine-December                                                       40
 72-Cuanto La Gusta-Carmen Miranda & Andrews Sisters-December                                                     38
 73-It?s Magic-Tony Martin-September                                                                             38
 74-You Call Everybody Darlin?-Anne Vincent-September                                                            36
 75-On A Slow Boat To China-Art Lund-December                                                                    36
 76-You Call Everybody Darlin?-Jack Smith & Clark Sisters-September                                              36
 77-A Little Bird Told Me-Paul Watson-December                                                                   34
 78-Life Gets Tee-Jus,Don?t It-Carson Robison & His Pleasant Valley Boys-October                                 34
 79-You Can?t Be True,Dear-Vera Lynn-May                                                                         34
 80-Just Because-rankie Yankovic,Johnny Pecon & His Yanks-June                                                   34
 81-Now Is The Hour-Charlie Spivak & Tommy Mercer-March                                                          34
 82-Confess-Buddy Clark & Doris Day-August
 83-Rambling Rose-Perry Como-September
 84-You Call Everybody Darling-Andrews Sisters-October
 85-Nature Boy-Dick Haymes & Song Spinners-June
 86-You Were Only Fooling-Kay Starr-December
 87-Bluebird Of Happiness-Gordon MacRae & Jo Stafford-November
 88-The Maharajah Of Magador-Vaughn Monroe & Ziggy Talent-July
 89-You Were Only Fooling-The Ink Spots-December
 90-Baby Face-Sammy Kaye & Kaydets-June
 91-It?s Magic-Gordon MacRae-September
 92-Nature Boy-Frank Sinatra & Jeff Alexander Choir-June
 93-Say Something Sweet To Your Sweetheart-Gordon MacRae & Jo Stafford-November
 94-You Can?t Be True,Dear-Marlin Sisters & Eddie Fisher-June
 95-Toolie Oolie Doolie (The Yodel Polka)-Sportsmen-June
 96-Baby Face-Jack Smith & Clark Sisters-June
 97-Woody Woodpecker-Danny Kaye & The Andrews Sisters-July
 98-You Can't Be True Dear-Dick James-July
 99-Boquet Of Roses-Eddy Arnold-October
100-Hair Of Gold-Harmonicats-September
101-Confess-Patti Page-July
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