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No.-Song-Artist-Peak Month
 2-FRENESI-ARTIE SHAW-January                                                        1396
 3-PIANO CONCERTO IN B FLAT-FREDDY MARTIN & JACK FINA-October                        1390
 4-GREEN EYES-JIMMY DORSEY,BOB EBERLY & HELEN O'CONNELL-September                    1146
 5-MARIA ELENA-JIMMY DORSEY & BOB EBERLY-June                                         958
 6-DADDY-SAMMY KAYE & THE KAYE CHOIR-July                                            940
 7-AMAPOLA-JIMMY DORSEY-April                                                         902
 8-ELMER'S TUNE-Glenn Miller,Ray Eberle & The Modernaires-December                    838
 9-BLUE CHAMPAGNE-Jimmy Dorsey & Bob Eberly-September                                 728
10-YES INDEED-Tommy Dorsey,Jo Stafford & Sy Oliver-August                             706
11-Yours-Jimmy Dorsey,Bob Eberly & Helen O'Connell-July                               666
12-Perfidia-Xavier Cugat-March                                                        652
13-Oh Look At Me Now-Tommy Dorsey,Frank Sinatra & The Pied Pipers-April               640
14-Intermezzo-Wayne King-July                                                         618
15-I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire-Horace Heidt,Larry Cotton & Donna-October    594
16-I Hear A Rhapsody-Charlie Barnett & Bob Carroll-February                           592
17-My Sister And I-Jimmy Dorsey & Bob Eberly-June                                     556
18-I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time-Andrews Sisters-May                         536
19-I Hear A Rhapsody-Jimmy Dorsey  & Bob Eberly-February                              506
20-Anvil Chorus-Glenn Miller-February                                                 502
21-You Made Me Love You-Harry James-December                                          482
22-I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire-Tommy Tucker,Amy Arnell & Voices 3-October   478
23-Dolores-Bing Crosby & The Merry Macs-May                                           466
24-The Hut-Sut Song-Freddy Martin & Eddie Stone-July                                  466
25-Jim-Jimmy Dorsey,Bob Eberly & Helen O'Connell-October                              438
26-Song Of The Volga Boatman-Glenn Miller-March                                     432
27-I Don't Wanna Set The World On Fire-Ink Spots-October                              394
28-Tonight We Love-Tony Martin-December                                               382
29-High On A Windy Hill-Gene Krupa & Howard Dulany-February                           362
30-G'bye Now-Horace Heidt & Ronnie Kemper-May                                         360
31-Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beat-Will Bradley & Ray McKinley-January               354
32-A Nightingale In Berkeley Square-Glenn Miller & Ray Eberle-January                 330
33-The Hut-Sut Song-Horace Heidt,Donna(Wood) & her Don Juans-July                     314
34-You Walk By-Eddy Duchin & Johnny Drake-February                                    286
35-You And I-Glenn Miller & Ray Eberle-October                                        282
36-Elmer's Tune-Dick Jurgens-November                                                 258
37-Shepard Serenade-Horace Heidt,Larry Cotton & Fred Lowery-December                  234
38-The Booglie Wooglie Piggy-Glenn Miller,Tex Beneke & The Modernaires-August         228
39-Til Reville-Bing Crosby-August                                                      224
40-It All Comes Back To Me Now-Gene Krupa & Howard Dulany-February                    202
41-There I Go-Vaughn Monroe-February                                                  202
42-Down Argentina Way-Bob Crosby & Bonnie King-January                                200
43-I Dream I Dwelt In Harlem-Glenn Miller-April                                       194
44-Blue Flame-Woody Herman-April                                                      192
45-Til Reville-Kay Kyser,Harry,Ginny,Jack & Max-August                                 188
46-The Band Played On-Guy Lombardo & Kenny Gardner Trio-May                           182
47-Along The Santa Fe Trail-Glenn Miller & Ray Eberle-January                         182
48-You And I-Bing Crosby-October                                                      180
49-Do I Worry-Tommy Dorsey,Frank Sinatra & Pied Pipers-April                          160
50-Alexander The Swoose-Kay Kyser,Harry,Ginny,Jack & Max-April                        156
51-Maria Elena-Wayne King-June                                                        154
52-It All Comes Back To Me Now-Hal Kemp & Bob Allen-February                          154
53-Star Dust-Artie Shaw-January                                                       144
54-There I Go-Will Bradley & Jimmy Valentine-February                                 142
55-New San Antonio Rose-Bing Crosby-April                                             138
56-There'll Be Some Changes-Benny Goodman-April                                       138
57-The Things I Love-Jimmy Dorsey & Bob Eberly-July                                   138
58-Jim-Dinah Shore-October                                                            138
59-Jingle Bells-Glenn Miller,Tex Beneke,Ernie Caceras & The Modernaires -December     102
60-Five O'Clock Whistle-Glenn Miller & Marion Hutton-January                           96
61-Dolores-Tommy Dorsey,Frank Sinatra & Pied Pipers-May                                94
62-Let's Get Away From It All-Tommy Dorsey,Stafford,Sinatra,Haines/Pied Pipers-May     94
63-Intermezzo-Freddy Martin & Clyde Rogers-July                                        94
64-The Wise Old Owl-Al Donahue & Dee Keating-April                                     94
65-The Hut-Sut Song-Four King Sisters-August                                           90
66-Goodbye Dear I'll Be Back In A Year-Horace Heidt,Ronnie Kemper & Donna Wood-July    90
67-Dancing In The Dark-Artie Shaw-April                                                86
68-Concerto For A Clarinet-Artie Shaw-February                                         84
69-Stardust-Tommy Dorsey,Frank Sinatra & The Pied Pipers-January                       48
70-High On A Windy Hill-Jimmy Dorsey  & Bob Eberly-February                            48
71-Five O'Clock Whistle-Ella Fitzgerald-January                                        44
72-I Hear A Rhapsody-Dinah Shore-March                                                 44
73-Music Makers-Harry James-April                                                      44
74-Everything Happens To Me-Tommy Dorsey & Frank Sinatra-May                           44
75-Maria Elena-Tony Pastor & Dorsey Anderson-July                                      44
76-Just A Little Bit Of North Carolina-Gene Krupa & Anita O'Day-July                   44
77-Two In Love-Tommy Dorsey & Frank Sinatra-December                                   44
78-Time Was-Jimmy Dorsey,Bob Eberly & Helen O'Connell-October                          42
79-Blues In The Night-Artie Shaw  & Hot Lips Page-November                             42
80-Let Me Off Uptown-Gene Krupa,Anita O'Day & Roy Eldridge-September                42
81-Lament Of Love-Harry James & Dick Haymes-September                                  42
82-Intermezzo-Charlie Spivak-July                                                      42
83-Yes My Darling,Daughter-Dinah Shore-January                                         42
84-Summit Ridge Drive-Artie Shaw-February                                              42
85-Until Tomorrow-Sammy Kaye & Kaydets-May                                             42
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