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 3-JERSEY BOUNCE-BENNY GOODMAN-May                                                      1040
 4-SLEEPY LAGOON-HARRY JAMES-June                                                       1010
 5-WHITE CHRISTMAS-BING CROSBY-December                                                  982
 6-A STRING OF PEARLS-GLENN MILLER-February                                              976
 8-TANGERINE-Jimmy Dorsey,Bob Eberly & Helen O'Connell-May                               882
 9-THIS LOVE OF MINE-Tommy Dorsey & Frank Sinatra-January                                844
10-JINGLE,JANGLE,JINGLE-Kay Kyser,Harry Babbitt & Julie Conway-August                    826
11-Serenade In Blue-Glenn Miller,Ray Eberle & Modernaires-November                       784
12-When The Lights Go On-Vaughn Monroe-December                                   748
13-Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition-Kay Kyser-November                            738
14-Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree-Glenn Miller,Marion Hutton,Tex Beneke/Modernaires-June 682
15-I Don't Want To Walk Without You-Harry James & Helen Forrest-March                    674
16-My Devotion-Charlie Spivak & Garry Stevens-October                                    580
17-Blues In The Night-Woody Herman-February                                              578
18-He Wears A Pair Of Silver Wings-Kay Kyser & Harry Babbitt-September                   572
19-Somebody Else Is Taking My Place-Russ Morgan & The Morganaires-April                  534
20-I Said No-Alvino Rey & Yvonne King-February                                           508
21-Der Fuehrer's Face-Spike Jones & Carl Grayson-November                                500
22-Skylark-Glenn Miller & Ray Eberle-May                                                 500
23-One Dozen Roses-Harry James & Jimmy Saunders-July                                     498
24-Mister Five By Five-Harry James & Helen Forrest-December                              456
25-Deep In The Heart Of Texas-Alvino Rey,Bill Schallen & Skeets Herfurt-February         436
26-Somebody Else Is Taking My Place-Benny Goodman & Peggy Lee-April                      434
27-Just As Though You Were There-Tommy Dorsey,Frank Sinatra & Pied Pipers-September 428
28-Jingle,Jangle,Jingle-Merry Macs-July                                                  408
29-Juke Box Saturday Night-Glenn Miller,Marion,Tex Benke & The Modernaires-December   402
30-Blues In The Night-Dinah Shore-March                                                  350
31-I Left My Heart At The Stage Door Canteen-Sammy Kaye & Don Cornell-September   344
32-Strictly Instrumental-Harry James-August                                              340
33-Deep In The Heart Of Texas-Bing Crosby & Woody Herman Orchestra-February     322
34-White Cliffs Of Dover-Glenn Miller & Ray Eberle-January                               312
35-Shepard Serenade-Bing Crosby-January                                                  304
36-Strip Polka-Johnny Mercer-September                                                   282
37-Blues In The Night-Jimmie Lunceford Ensemble-March                                    254
38-Remember Pearl Harbor-Sammy Kaye-February                                             252
39-My Devotion-Vaughn Monroe-October                                                     232
40-One Dozen Roses-Dinah Shore-July                                                      220
41-Dearly Beloved-Glenn Miller & Skip Nelson-December                                    196
42-Strip Polka-Andrews Sisters-November                                                  192
43-Amen-Woody Herman-September                                                           184
44-Ev'rything I Love-Glenn Miller & Ray Eberle Choir-February                            180
45-Deep In The Heart Of Texas-Horace Heidt Ensemble-March                                178
46-Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition-Merry Macs-November                           176
47-Take Me-Tommy Dorsey & Frank Sinatra-September                                        154
48-Idaho-Benny Goodman & Dick Haymes-September                                           152
49-Amen-Abe Lyman & Rose Blane-October                                                   148
50-Johnny Doughboy Found A Rose In Ireland-Kay Kyser-July                                138
51-Strip Polka-Kay Kyser & Jack Martin-October                                           136
52-White Cliffs Of Dover-Kay Kyser,Harry Babbitt & Glee Club-January                     134
53-One Dozen Roses-Glen Gray & Pee Wee Hunt-June                                         132
54-Sweet Eloise-Glenn Miller,Ray Eberle & The Modernaires-August                         132
55-Rose O'Day-Kate Smith-February                                                        130
56-Miss You-Dinah Shore-March                                                            130
57-This Is No Laughing Matter-Charlie Spivak & Garry Stevens-January                      90
58-Cow Cow Boogie-Freddie Slack & Ella Mae Morse-August                                   88
59-I Left My Heart At The Stage Door Canteen-Charlie Spivak & Garry Stevens-September  88
60-Strip Polka-Alvino Rey & The Four King Sisters-October                                 88
61-Daybreak-Tommy Dorsey & Frank Sinatra-November                                         84
62-Mister Five By Five-Freddie Slack & Ella Mae Morse-December                            84
63-Blues In The Night-Cab Calloway-March                                                  46
64-Tonight We Love-Freddy Martin-January                                                  46
65-A Zoot Suit-Kay Kyser & Sully Mason-March                                              46
66-I Don't Want To Walk Without You-Bing Crosby-April                                     44
67-White Cliffs Of Dover-Kate Smith-February                                              44
68-I Remember You-Jimmy Dorsey & Bob Eberly-April                                         44
69-Miss You-Bing Crosby-June                                                              44
70-Jersey Bounce-Jimmy Dorsey-June                                                        44
71-Johnny Doughboy Found A Rose In Ireland-Guy Lombardo & Kenny Gardner-June    44
72-He's My Guy-Harry James & Helen Forrest-September                                      44
73-Manhattan Serenade-Harry James & Helen Forrest-November                                44
74-Dearly Beloved-Dinah Shore-December                                                    42
75-Take Me-Benny Goodman & Dick Haymes-August                                             42
76-My Devotion-Jimmy Dorsey & Bob Eberly-August                                           42
77-Always In My Heart-Glenn Miller & Ray Eberle-May                                        42
78-I Said No-Jimmy Dorsey,Bob Eberly & Helen O'Connell-January                            42
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