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Swinging on a Star

 2-I'LL GET BY-HARRY JAMES & DICK HAYMES-June                                   1196
 3-I'LL WALK ALONE-DINAH SHORE-October                                          1146
 4-MY HEART TELLS ME-GLEN GRAY & EUGENE BAIRD-February                         1132
 5-YOU ALWAYS HURT THE ONE YOU LOVE-MILLS  BROTHERS-October                     1100
 6-I'LL BE SEEING YOU-BING CROSBY-July                                          1096
 7-HOLIDAY FOR STRINGS-DAVID ROSE-April                                          978
 8-BESAME MUCHO-Jimmy Dorsey,Bob Eberly & Kitty Kallen-April                     968
 9-I'LL WALK ALONE-Martha Tilton-October                                         900
10-I LOVE YOU-Bing Crosby-May                                                    834
11-Shoo-Shoo Baby-Andrews Sisters-February                                       798
12-Shoo-Shoo Baby-Ella Mae Morse-February                                        740
13-G.I. Jive-Louis Jordan-August                                                 720
14-Star Eyes-Jimmy Dorsey,Bob Eberly & Kitty Kallen-January                      654
15-I'm Making Believe-Ink Spots & Ella  Fitzgerald-December                      642
16-The Trolley Song-Pied Pipers-December                                         630
17-San Fernando Valley-Bing Crosby-May                                           614
18-Long Ago (And Far Away)-Dick Haymes & Helen Forrest-June                      578
19-Long Ago (So Far Away)-Jo Stafford-May                                        558
20-And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine-Stan Kenton & Anita O'Day-November             518
21-Is You Is Or Is You Ain't (Ma' Baby)-Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters-October    518
22-It's Love-Love-Love-Guy Lombardo & Skip Nelson Trio-April                     514
23-Time Waits For No One-Helen Forrest-September                                 512
24-I?ll Be Seeing You-Tommy Dorsey & Frank Sinatra-July                          510
25-Together-Dick Haymes & Helen Forrest-November                                 490
26-Mairzy Doats-Merry Macs-March                                                 488
27-Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral-Bing Crosby-November                                    436
28-They?re Either Too Young Or Too Old-Jimmy Dorsey & Kitty Kallen-January       434
29-I Couldn?t Sleep A Wink-Frank Sinatra-March                                   390
30-Amor-Andy Russell-June                                                        370
31-Speak Low-Guy Lombardo & Billy Leach-March                                    364
32-Amor-Bing Crosby-July                                                         356
33-Dance With A Dolly (With A Hole In Her Stocking)-Russ Morgan/Al Jennings-Dec. 346
34-I?ll Walk Alone-Mary Martin-October                                           334
35-His Rocking House Ran Away-Betty Hutton-August                                312
36-Boogie Woogie-Tommy Dorsey-January                                            278
37-Don?t They Ask About You-Jimmy Dorsey & Kitty Kallen-April                    252
38-It Had To Be You-Dick Haymes & Helen Forrest-October                          238
39-Poinciana-Bing Crosby-March                                                   236
40-My Shining Hour-Glen Gray & Eugenie Baird-January                             192
41-Long Ago (So Far Away)-Bing Crosby-July                                       192
42-The Trolley Song-Judy Garland-December                                        190
43-It's Love-Love-Love-King Sisters-April                                        188
44-Mairzy Doats-Al Trace & Red Maddox-March                                      184
45-My Ideal-Jimmy Dorsey & Bob Eberly-February                                   176
45-Is You Is Or Is You Ain't (Ma' Baby)-Louis Jordan-October                     144
47-Till Then-Mills Brothers-October                                              138
48-Goodnight,Wherever You Are-Russ Morgan-July                                   132
49-I Love You-Jo Stafford-April                                                  130
50-Blue Rain-Glenn Miller & Ray Eberle-January                                   128
51-I?ll Get By-Ink Spots-May                                                     120
52-I Dream Of You-Andy Russell-December                                           98
53-White Christmas-Bing Crosby-December                                  (1942)   98
54-It Had To Be You-Betty Hutton-September                                        94
55-No Love,No Nothin?-Ella Mae Morse-February                                     94
56-White Christmas-Frank Sinatra-December                                         92
57-Don?t Sweetheart Me-Lawrence Welk & Wayne March -May                           92
58-Long Ago (So Far Away)-Perry Como-June                                         88
59-Do Nothin? Til? You Hear From Me-Woody Herman-March                            86
60-Besame Mucho-Andy Russell-April                                                84
61-Milkman Keeps The Bottles Quiet-Ella Mae Morse-May                             84
62-I Love You-Enric Madriguera & Bob Lido-April                                   48
63-Mairzy Doats-Pied Pipers-April                                                 46
64-Straighten Up And Fly Right-King Cole Trio-June                                44
65-How Many Hearts Have You Broken-Stan Kenton & Gene Howard-November             44
66-It Had To Be You-Artie Shaw-November                                           42
67-Dance With A Dolly (With A Hole In Her Stocking)-Evelyn Knight-October         42
68-It Could Happen To You-Jo Stafford-October                                     42
69-How Sweet You Are-Kay Armen-January                                            42
70-Cherry-Harry James-January                                                     42
71-Don Do Nothin? Til You Hear From Me-Duke Ellington-February                    42
72-Don Do Nothin? Til You Hear From Me-Stan Kenton & Red Dorris-March             42
73-G.I. Jive-Johnny Mercer-June                                                   36
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