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Sentimental Journey

1-SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY-LES BROWN & DORIS DAY-JUNE                              1358
 2-DON'T FENCE ME IN-BING CROSBY & THE ANDREWS SISTERS-January                 1086
 3-THERE I?VE SAID IT AGAIN-VAUGHN MONROE-June                                 1082
 4-TILL THE END OF TIME-PERRY COMO-October                                     1074
 5-RUM AND COCA-COLA-ANDREWS SISTERS-February                                  1008
 7-CHOPIN POLONAISE-CARMEN CAVALLARO-August                                     990
 8-CANDY-Johnny Mercer,Jo Stafford & The Pied Pipers-April                      806
 9-IT'S BEEN A LONG,LONG TIME-Harry James & Kitty Kallen-November               790
10-BELL BOTTOM TROUSERS-Tony Pastor & Ruth McCullough-July                      788
11-Got To Be This Way Or That Way-Benny Goodman-August                          788
12-My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time-Les Brown & Doris Day-April        752
13-Chickery Chick-Sammy Kaye,Billy Williams & Nancy Norman Band-November        752
14-Ac-cent-thu-ate The Positive-Johnny Mercer & The Pied Pipers-February        714
15-Dream-Pied Pipers-May                                                       712
16-It's Been A Long,Long Time-Bing Crosby & Les Paul-December                   660
17-Tampico-Stan Kenton & June Christy-September                                 636
18-I'm Beginning To See The Light-Harry James & Kitty Kallen-April              626
19-If I Loved You-Perry Como-September                                          620
20-I?ll Buy That Dream-Dick Haymes & Helen Forrest-November                     576
21-It Might As Well Be Spring-Dick Haymes-December                              548
22-Sentimental Journey-Hal McIntyre-July                                        526
23-A Little On The Lonely Side-Frankie Carle-February                           516
24-It's Been A Long,Long Time-Charlie Spivak & Irene Daye-November              508
25-Ac-cent-thu-ate The Positive-Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters-February      470
26-Bell Bottom Trousers-Guy Lombardo & Jimmy Brown-July                         468
27-On The Atchison,Topeka And The Santa Fe-Bing Crosby-August                  464
28-You Belong To My Heart-Bing Crosby & Xavier Cugat-June                       446
29-Cocktails For Two-Spike Jones & Carl Grayson-January                         400
30-Till The End Of Time-Dick Haymes-October                                     390
31-I Dream Of You-Tommy Dorsey & Freddie Stewart-January                        390
32-Sentimental Journey-Merry Macs-July                                          366
33-Don?t Fence Me In-Sammy Kaye & Billy Williams-January                        354
34-My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time-Phil Moore Four-April              352
35-I?ll Buy That Dream-Harry James & Kitty Kallen-November                      336
36-My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time-Johnny Long & Dick Robertson-April 302
37-Bell Bottom Trousers-Kay Kyser & Ferdy Slim Quartet-July                     292
38-It Might As Well Be Spring-Paul Weston & Margaret Whiting-December           284
39-On The Atchison,Topeka & The Santa Fe-Tommy Dorsey & Sentimentalists-August 278
40-Caldonia Boogie-Louis Jordan-Decca-June                                      278
41-Caldonia-Woody Herman-May                                                    276
42-I?m Beginning To See The Light-Duke Ellington & Joya Sherrill-March          272
43-Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall-Ella Fitzgerald & Ink Spots-January       252
44-Just A Prayer Away-Bing Crosby & Ethel Smith-April                           242
45-Laura-Johnnie Johnson-June                                                   236
46-Waitin? For The Train-Peggy Lee-December                                     232
47-Ac-cent-thu-ate The Positive-Artie Shaw & Imogene Lynn-January               232
48-Rum And Coca Cola-Abe Lyman & Rose Blane-March                               202
49-Trolley Song-Vaughn Monroe & Marilyn Duke-January                            198
50-Chole-Spike Jones & Red Ingle-May                                            194
51-Boogie Woogie-Tommy Dorsey-October                              (44)         194
52-That?s For Me-Dick Haymes-November                                           190
53-Along The Navajo Trail-Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters-October             190
54-Saturday Night (Is The Loneliest Night In The Week-Frank Sinatra-February    188
55-I Dream Of You-Frank Sinatra-January                                         182
56-Laura-Woody Herman-May                                                       182
57-Laura-Freddy Martin-May                                                      180
58-It's Been A Long,Long Time-Stan Kenton & June Christy-November               180
59-I?m Gonna Love That Gal-Perry Como-September                                176
60-White Christmas-Bing Crosby-December                            (1942)       174
61-There Goes That Song Again-Russ Morgan-January                               136
62-I?m Beginning To See The Light-Ella Fitzgerald & Ink Spots-May                94
63-There Goes That Song Again-Kay Kyser & Georgia Carroll-January                92
64-Dream-Frank Sinatra-June                                                      92
65-Don?t Fence Me In-Kate Smith-January                                          90
66-There Goes That Song Again-Sammy Kaye & Nancy Norman-January                  88
67-A Little On The Lonely Side-Guy Lombardo & Jimmy Brown-March                  88
68-Hong Kong Blues-Tommy Dorsey & Skeets Herfurt-October                         86
69-Laura-Dick Haymes-May                                                         86
70-You Belong To My Heart-Charlie Spivak & Jimmy Saunders-May                    86
71-Bell Bottom Trousers-Jerry Colonna-August                                     86
72-Don?t Fence Me In-Horace Heidt & Gene Walsh-January                           84
73-Stuff Like That There-Betty Hutton-April                                      48
74-Rum And Coca Cola-Vaughn Monroe,Rosemary Calvin & Norton Sisters-February     46
75-Along The Navajo Trail-Dinah Shore-September                                  46
76-11:60 P.M.-Harry James & Kitty Kallen-September                               46
77-Buzz Me-Louis Jordan-December                                                 42
78-That's For Me-Jo Stafford-November                                            44
79-I Dream Of You-Perry Como-January                                             42
80-I Wanna Get Married-Gertrude Nielsen-February                                 42
81-Candy-Dinah Shore-May                                                         42
82-Just A Prayer Away-Sammy Kaye & Billy Williams-April                          42
83-Bell Bottom Trousers-Louis Prima & Lily Ann Carol-August                      42
84-I Wish-Mills Brothers-June                                                    42
85-Who Threw Whiskey In The Well-Lucky Millander-July                            42
86-Good Good Good (That's You-That's You)-Sammy Kaye,Williams/Norman-August      42
87-I Wish I Knew-Dick Haymes-September                                           42
88-It?s Only A Paper Moon-Benny Goodman & Dottie Reid-September                  42
89-On The Atchison,Topeka And The Santa Fe-Judy Garland & Merry Macs-September  42
90-Holiday For Strings-Spike Jones-November                                      42
91-Honeydripper-Jimmie Lunceford & Delta Rhythm Boys-November                    42
92-Waitin? For The Train To Come-Kitty Kallen-November                           42
93-Nancy (With The Laughing Face)-Frank Sinatra-December                         42
94-Chickery Chick-Evelyn Knight-December                                         42
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