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Near You - by Francis Craig (Francis Craig - Cover Photo)

 1-NEAR YOU-FRANCIS CRAIG & BOB LAMM-OCTOBER                                                 1308
 2-PEG O' MY HEART-HARMONICATS-July                                                           1178
 3-HEARTACHES-TED WEEMS-April                                                                1048
 4-THE OLD LAMPLIGHTER-SAMMY KAYE & BILLY WILLIAMS-January                                    890
 5-THAT'S MY DESIRE-SAMMY KAYE & DON CORNELL-August                                           854
 6-PEG O' MY HEART-THREE SUNS-July                                                            836
 7-TOO FAT POLKA-ARTHUR GODFREY-December                                                      802
 8-ANNIVERSARY SONG-Al Jolson-March                                                           746
 9-SMOKE! SMOKE! SMOKE! (THAT CIGARETTE)-Tex Williams-August                                  744
10-LINDA-Ray Noble,Buddy Clark & Anita Gordon-May                                             724
11-I Wish I Didn't Love You So-Vaughn Monroe-November                                         714
12-Timtayshun-Red Ingle,Cinderella G. Stump (Jo Stafford) & the Natural Seven-August          682
13-Chi-Baba Chi-Baba-Perry Como-July                                                          672
14-Huggin' And Chalkin'-Hoagy Carmichael-January                                              668
15-I Wonder,I Wonder,I Wonder-Eddy Howard-July                                                656
16-(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons-King Cole Trio-February                               640
17-Managua,Nicaragua-Freddy Martin & Johnny Cochran Ensemble-February                         622
18-Ole Buttermilk Sky-Hoagy Carmichael-January                                                626
19-Mam'selle-Art Lund-June                                                                    618
20-When You Were Sweet Sixteen-Perry Como-October                                             610
21-Near You-Larry Green Trio-November                                                         610
22-I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now-Ted Weems & Perry Como-October                              584
23-The Old Lamplighter-Kay Kyser & Michael Douglas-January                                    576
24-How Soon?-Vaughn Monroe-December                                                           564
25-My Adobe Hacienda-Eddy Howard-May                                                          562
26-How Soon?-Jack Owens-December                                                              532
27-Feudin' And Fightin'-Dorothy Shay ("The Park Avenue Hillbilly")-October                    492
28-Civilization-Andrew Sisters & Danny Kaye-December                                          484
29-Anniversary Song-Guy Lombardo & Kenny Gardner-March                                        482
30-Peg O' My Heart-Art Lund-July                                                              468
31-Near You-Andrew Sisters-November                                                           456
32-Across The Alley From The Alamo-Mills Brothers-June                                       436
33-Managua,Nicaragua-Guy Lombardo & Don Rodney Trio-March                                     424
34-Linda-Charlie Spivak & Tommy Mercer-May                                                    422
35-Mam'selle-Dick Haymes & Gordon Jenkins-May                                                 416
36-Anniversary Song-Dinah Shore-March                                                         398
37-Anniversary Song-Tex Beneke,Garry Stevens & Glenn Miller Orchestra-March                   378
38-Peg O' My Heart-Buddy Clark-July                                                           312
39-You Do-Vaughn Monroe-November                                                              308
40-I Wonder,I Wonder,I Wonder-Guy Lombardo & Don Rodney Trio-July                             306
41-The Whiffenpoof Song-Bing Crosby & Fred Waring Glee Club-December                          282
42-You Do-Bing Crosby & Carmen Cavallaro-December                                             270
43-White Christmas-Bing Crosby-December                                                       252
44-You Do-Margaret Whiting-November                                                           250
45-Open The Door,Richard-Dusty Fletcher-February                                       244
46-Open The Door,Richard-Count Basie,Harry Edison & Bill Johnson-February                     238
47-(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons-Eddy Howard-January                                   238
48-Civilization-Louis Prima-December                                                          234
49-Mam'selle-Dennis Day-May                                                                   222
50-I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now-Perry Como-October                                          208
51-Mam'selle-Frank Sinatra-May                                                                188
52-A Gal In Calico-Tex Benke & Glenn Miller Orchestra-January                                 188
53-I Wish I Didn't Love You So-Betty Hutton-October                                           186
54-(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons-Charlie Spivak & J.Saunders-January                   184
55-(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons-Dinah Shore-January                                   180
56-That?s My Desire-Frankie Laine-June                                                        176
57-Smoke,Smoke,Smoke (That Cigarette)-Phil Harris-August                                      176
58-Mam'selle-Pied Pipers-May                                                                  172
59-I Wish I Didn't Love You So-Dinah Shore-November                                           170
60-Open The Door,Richard-Three Flames-February                                                146
61-An Apple Blossom Wedding-Sammy Kaye & Don Cornell-October                                  142
62-Guilty-Margaret Whiting-March                                                              142
63-Heartaches-Harry James & Marion Morgan-April                                               138
64-I Have But One Heart-Vic Damone-September                                                  132
65-I Wish I Didn't Love You So-Dick Haymes-November                                           120
66-Anniversary Song-Andy Russell-March                                                        100
67-Open The Door,Richard-Jack McVea-February                                                   92
68-Open The Door,Richard-Louis Jordan-February                                                 90
69-Managua,Nicaragua-Kay Kyser,Gloria Wood & Campus Kids-March                                 88
70-A Gal In Calico-Bing Crosby-January                                                         86
71-Near You-Elliot Lawrence & Rosalind Patton-October                                          86
72-Here Comes Santa Claus-Gene Autry-December                                                  82
73-Near You-Alvino Rey & Jimmy Joyce-October                                                   44
74-How Are Things In Glocca Morra-Dick Haymes-March                                            44
75-Mickey-Ted Weems & Bob Edwards-November                                                      42
76-Peg O' My Heart-Clark Dennis-July                                                           42
77-Kokomo Indiana-Vaughn Monroe-October                                                        42
78-Feudin' And Fightin?-Jo Stafford-October                                                    42
79-Serenade Of The Bells-Kay Kyser,Harry Babbitt & The Campus Kids-December                    36
80-Civilization-Ray McKinley-December                                                          34
81-How Soon?-Dinah Shore-December                                                              34
82-Civilization-Jack Smith & Clark Sisters-December                                            34
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