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Riders In the Sky / Single SaddleThe Best Of Vaughn Monroe: Collectibles (MCA) [Vinyl LP] [Stereo]

  2-YOU'RE BREAKING MY HEART-VIC DAMONE-September          1180
  3-SOME ENCHANTED EVENING-PERRY COMO-August                      1158
  4-SLIPPING AROUND-JIMMY WAKELY & MARGARET WHITING-November                  1104
  5-THAT LUCKY OLD SUN-FRANKIE LAINE-October           1058
  6-A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME-EVELYN KNIGHT-February            1038
  7-JEALOUS HEART-AL MORGAN-October                                                                      1024
  8-CRUISING DOWN THE RIVER-Russ Morgan & The Skylarks-March                           1002
  9-AGAIN-Gordon Jenkins & Joe Graydon Chorus-July                                                        950
 10-FOREVER AND EVER-Russ Morgan & The Skylarks-May                         916
 11-Forever And Ever-Perry Como-June                                                                      866
 12-Cruising Down The River-Blue Barron Ensemble-March                                                    824
 13-Room Full Of Roses-Sammy Kaye,Don Cornell & Kaydets-September                820
 14-Far Away Places-Bing Crosby & Ken Darby Choir-February                                                810
 15-Don't Cry,Joe (Let Her Go,Let Her Go)-Gordon Jenkins & Betty Brewer-November             760
 16-So Tired-Russ Morgan-February                                                                         752
 17-Mule Train-Frankie Laine-December                                                                     746
 18-Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)-Vaughn Monroe-October                     710
 19-Baby It's Cold Outside-Johnny Mercer & Margaret Whiting-July                    684
 20-Powder Your Face With Sunshine-Evelyn Knight-February                                                 644
 21-Whispering Hope-Jo Stafford & Gordon MacRae-November                    608
 22-Galway Bay-Bing Crosby-March                                                                          598
 23-I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore-Gordon Jenkins & Stardusters-July     556
 24-Some Enchanted Evening-Bing Crosby-August                                                             550
 25-Careless Hands-Sammy Kaye,Don Cornell & Kaydets-April           546
 26-Baby It's Cold Outside-Dinah Shore & Buddy Clark-July                                                 544
 27-Red Roses For A Blue Lady-Vaughn Monroe-March                                                         528
 28-Maybe It's Because-Dick Haymes-September                                                              518
 29-"A" You're Adorable-Perry Como & Fontane Sisters-May                                                  516
 30-Mule Train-Bing Crosby-December                                                                       484
 31-Again-Mel Torme-June                                                                                  482
 32-Far Away Places-Perry Como-February                                                                    480
 33-Lavender Blue-Sammy Kaye,Don Cornell & The Kaydets-February                464
 34-I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm-Les Brown-February                                   422
 35-The Hucklebuck-Tommy Dorsey & Charlie Shavers-August                             404
 36-Far Away Places-Margaret Whiting-February                                                              404
 37-All I Want  For Christmas(Is My Two Front  Teeth)-Spike Jones & George Rock-January     386
 38-I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts-Freddy Martin & Merv Griffin-December       386
 39-You're Breaking My Heart-Ink Spots-September                                                          318
 40-"A" Your Adorable-Jo Stafford & Gordon MacRae-May                                                     308
 41-Careless Hands-Mel Torme-May                                                                          306
 42-Bali Hai-Perry Como-July                                                                              266
 43-Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)-Mills Brothers-October              254
 44-Sunflower-Russ Morgan & The Skylarks-April                                                            240
 45-You're Breaking My Heart-Buddy Clark-October                                                          236
 46-A Room Full Of Roses-Dick Haymes-September                                                            226
 47-I Never See Maggie Alone-Kenny Roberts-October                                                        224
 48-I Love You So Much It Hurts-Mills Brothers-March                                                      212
 49-That Lucky Old Sun-Vaughn Monroe-November                                                             200
 50-Sweet Georgia Brown-Brother Bones And His Shadows-January                   192
 51-Four Winds And Seven Seas-Sammy Kaye & The Tony Alamo Choir-July      188
 52-I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas-Yogi Yorgesson-December                                                   186
 53-I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore-Perry Como-July                                                   184
 54-I'll Never Slip Around Again-Margaret Whiting & Jimmy Wakely-November          182
 55-Room Full Of Roses-Eddy Howard-September                                                              150
 56-I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm-Mills Brothers-March                                                 148
 57-Again-Vic Damone-June                                                                                 144
 58-Some Enchanted Evening-Enzio Pinza-October                                                            132
 59-White Christmas-Bing Crosby-December                                               (42)               130
 60-Yingle Bells-Yogi Yorgesson-December                                                                  128
 61-Red Roses For A Blue Lady-Guy Lombardo & Don Rodney-March            114
 62-Need You-Jo Stafford & Gordon MacRae-May                                                              112
 63-Mule Train-Tennessee Ernie Ford-December                                                               80
 64-Mule Train-Vaughn Monroe-December                                                                      78
 65-My Bolero-Vic Damone-September                                                                         76
 66-A Wonderful Guy-Margaret Whiting-August                                                                72
 67-Lavender Blue-Dinah Shore-January                                                                      44
 68-The Hucklebuck-Frank Sinatra-July                                                                      42
 69-Blue Christmas-Russ Morgan-December                                                                    40
 70-Scotch Hop Polka (Hop Scotch)-Guy Lombardo & Kenny Gardner Trio-October   40 
 71-Down By The Station-Tommy Dorsey,Denny Dennis & Lucy Ann Polk-February         40
 72-Pussy Cat Song (Nyot Nyow!)-Bobby Crosby & Patty Andrews-February                38
 73-Dance Of The Hours-Spike Jones & Doodles Weaver-September                    36
 74-Baby It's Cold Outside-Sammy Kaye,Don Cornell & Laura Leslie-July            36
 75-Blue Skirt Waltz-Frankie Yankovic,Marlin Sisters & Johnny Pecon-May    34
 76-Again-Doris Day-July                                                                                   34
 77-Cruising Down The River-Jack Smith & Clark Sisters-April                                               34
 78-Powder Your Face With Sunshine-Sammy Kaye & Kaydets-February            34
 79-Riders In The Sky-Bing Crosby-May                                                                      34
 80-A Dreamers Holiday-Buddy Clark-December
 81-Let's Take An Old Fashion Walk-Perry Como-August
 82-Canadian Capers-Doris Day-November
 83-Buttons And Bows-Betty Rhodes-January
 84-Scotch Hop (Hop Scotch Polka)-Art Mooney Choir-October
 85-Sunflower-Jack Fullton & Eddie Ballentine-March
 86-Maybe It's Because-Eddy Howard-October
 87-Gloria-Mills Brothers-January
 88-A Little Bird Told Me-Blue Lu Barker-January
 89-Merry Go Round Waltz-Guy Lombardo & Kenny Gardner Trio-June
 90-Once In Love With Amy-Ray Bolger-May
 91-Charley My Boy-Andrew Sisters & Russ Morgan-December
 92-Baby It's Cold Outside-Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Jordan-July
 93-So In Love-Gordon MacRae-March
 94-You,You Are The One-Russ Morgan & The Skylarks-April
 95-Bali Hai-Bing Crosby-June
 96-Jealous Heart-Jack Owens-November
 97-Blue Room-Perry Como-March
 98-Bali Ha'i-Peggy Lee-August
 99-Down By The Station-Guy Lombardo Trio-February
100-Merry Christmas Polka-Guy Lombardo & Andrews Sisters-December
101-(Where Are You) Now That I Need You-Doris Day-September
102-Toot Toot Tootsie (Good-bye)-Art Mooney Choir-November
103-Ain't She Sweet-Mr. Ford & Mr.Goon-Bones-July
104-Blue Moon-Mel Torme-April
105-My Darling,My Darling-Peter Lind Hayes & The Stardusters-January
106-Slaughter On Tenth Avenue-Lennie Hayton-May
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