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  1-BECAUSE OF YOU-TONY BENNETT-SEPTEMBER                                          1520
  2-TOO YOUNG-NAT KING COLE-July                                                                           1396
  3-LOVELIEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR-MARIO LANZA-August                                 1356
  4-BE MY LOVE-MARIO LANZA-March                                                                           1334
  5-THE TENNESSEE WALTZ-PATTI PAGE-January                                                                 1254
  6-COLD,COLD HEART-TONY BENNETT-November                                     1244
  7-I GET IDEAS-TONY MARTIN-March                                                                          1212
  8-HOW HIGH THE MOON-Les Paul & Mary Ford-May                                        1192
  9-(IT'S NO) SIN-Eddy Howard-December                                                                     1014
 10-ON TOP OF OLD SMOKEY-Weavers-June                                                                      1014
 11-If-Perry Como-March                                                                                     990
 12-My Heart Cries For You-Guy Mitchell-February                                                            954
 13-Come On-A My House-Rosemary Clooney-August                                                              936
 14-Jezebel-Frankie Laine-July                                                                              930
 15-Mockin' Bird Hill-Les Paul & Mary Ford-May                                                              908
 16-Down Yonder-Del Wood-November                                                                           848
 17-(It's No) Sin-Four Aces-December                                                                        824
 18-Mockin' Bird Hill-Patti Page-May                                                                        824
 19-My Truly,Truly Fair-Guy Mitchell-August                                                                 676
 20-Sweet Violets-Dinah Shore-August                                                                        662
 21-The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise-Les Paul & Mary Ford-October               660
 22-Sound Off-Vaughn Monroe-March                                                                           658
 23-Undecided-Ames Brothers & Les Brown-November                                                       636  
 24-Aba Daba Honeymoon-Debbie Reynolds & Carleton Carpenter-April                                           568
 25-You?re Just In Love-Perry Como & Fontane Sisters-February                                               560
 26-Jealousy (Jalouise)-Frankie Laine-December                                                              548
 27-Rose,Rose I Love You-Frankie Laine-July                                                                 530
 28-Would I Love You (Love You,Love You)-Patti Page-April                                                   528
 29-Roving Kind-Guy Mitchell-February                                                                       516
 30-I Apologize-Billy Eckstine-April                                                                        490
 31-So Long (It's Been Good To Know Ya)-Gordon Jenkins & The Weavers-February      450
 32-Because Of You-Les Baxter-September                                                                     444
 33-Whispering-Les Paul-October                                                                             428
 34-Sparrow In The Tree Top-Guy Mitchell-April                                                              374
 35-(It's No) Sin--Savannah Churchill-November                                                              356 
 36-I?m In Love Again-April Stevens & Henri Rene-August                                                     346
 37-Turn Back The Hands Of Time-Eddie Fisher-November                                                       338
 38-The Tennessee Waltz-Les Paul & Mary Ford-February                                                       308
 39-On Top Of Old Smokey-Vaughn Monroe-July                                                                 304
 40-And So To Sleep-Patti Page-November                                                                     304
 41-Mister And Mississippi-Patti Page-June                                                                  300
 42-Tennessee Waltz-Guy Lombardo & Kenny Gardner-February                                 262
 43-Shanghai-Doris Day-August                                                                               260
 44-My Heart Cries For You-Dinah Shore-February                                                             254
 45-Domino-Tony Martin-November                                                                             242
 46-Beautiful Brown Eyes-Rosemary Clooney-April                                                             234
 47-I Taut I Taw A Puddy Tat-Mel Blanc (as Tweety Pie & Sylvester)-March                 200
 48-Belle,Belle My Liberty Bell-Guy Mitchell-October                                                        190 
 49-Detour-Patti Page-August                                                                                178
 50-Old Soldiers Never Die-Vaughn Monroe-June                                                               164
 51-When You And I Were Young Maggie Blues-Bing & Gary Crosby-May         82
 52-Josephine-Les Paul-August                                                                                74
 53-Syncopated Clock-Leroy Anderson-May                                                                      74
 54-Just One More Chance-Les Paul & Mary Ford-November                                                       72
 55-My Heart Cries For You-Jimmy Wakely-January                                                              72
 56-My Heart Cries For You-Vic Damone-February                                                               72
 57-The Hot Canary-Florian Zabach-May                                                                        70
 58-Down Yonder-Jo Fingers Carr-December                                                                     68
 59-Bring Back The Thrill-Eddie Fisher-March                                                                 68
 60-A Penny A Kiss,A Penny A Hug-Dinah Shore & Tony Martin-March               68
 61-Sparrow In The Tree-Bing Crosby & The Andrew Sisters-April                                               38
 62-I Get Ideas-Louis Armstrong-October                                                                      36
 63-I Like Wide Open Spaces-Arthur Godfrey-June                                                              36
 64-Unforgettable-Nat King Cole-November                                                                     34 
 65-I Won?t Cry Anymore-Tony Bennett-August                                                                  34
 66-The Roving Kind-The Weavers-February                                                                     34
 67-Because-Mario Lanza-August
 68-Mister And Mississippi-Dennis Day-July
 69-Down Yonder-Champ Butler-November
 70-Vanity-Don Cherry-September
 71-Slow Poke-Helen O?Connell-Capitol-December
 72-Unless-Eddie Fisher-June
 73-Unless-Guy Mitchell-June
 74-Moonlight Bay-Gary & Bing Crosby-May
 75-Blue Velvet-Tony Bennett-November
 76-It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)-Bill Kenny-March
 77-It?s All In The Game-Tommy Edwards-November
 78-The Tennessee Waltz-Spike Jones,Sara Berner & Sir Frederick Gas-January
 70-Come On A My House-Kay Starr-August
 80-My Truly,Truly Fair-Vic Damone-July
 81-Would I Love You (Love You,Love You)-Doris Day & Harry James-April
 82-Zing!Zing!Zoom!Zoom!-Perry Como-February
 83-September Song-Stan Kenton-May
 84-Laura-Stan Kenton Orchestra-August
 85-On Top Of Old Smokey-Percy Faith & Burl Ives-June
 86-Because Of You-Jan Peerce-June
 87-Kisses Sweeter Than Wine-Weavers-August
 88-Out In The Cold-Richard Hayes-November
 89-The Tennessee Waltz-Jo Stafford-January
 90-Shanghai-Billy Williams Quartet-August
 91-Still Feel The Same About You-Georgia Gibbs-February
 92-Longing For You-Vic Damone-August
 93-Jingle Bells-Les Paul-January
 94-Hey Good Lookin?-Jo Stafford & Frankie Laine-October
 95-Jet-Nat "King" Cole-March
 96-Peter Cottontail-Gene Autry-March                                        (1950)
 97-I've Got You Under My Skin-Stan Freberg & Les Baxter=July
 98-White Christmas-Bing Crosby-December                                     (42)
 99-Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer-Gene Autry-December                                (1950)
100-Sixty Minute Man-Derrick & Dominoes-July
101-Mockin? Bird Hill-Pinetoppers-April
102-While You Danced,Danced,Danced-Georgia Gibbs-September
103-Beautiful Brown Eyes-Jimmy Wakely-March
104-Smooth Sailing-Ella Fitzgerald-September

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