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 1-BLUE TANGO-LEROY ANDERSON-MAY                                                                       1632
  2-CRY-JOHNNIE RAY  & THE FOUR LADS-January                                                            1338
  3-WHEEL OF FORTUNE-KAY STARR-April                                                                    1132
  4-YOU BELONG TO ME-JO STAFFORD-September                                         1108
  5-ANY TIME-EDDIE FISHER-February                                                                       1068
  6-AUF WIEDERSEH?N-VERA LYNN-August                                                                    1058
  7-WHY DON'T YOU BELIEVE ME-JONI JAMES-December                                   1054
  8-I WENT TO YOUR WEDDING-Patti  Page-October                                                          1012
  9-HALF AS MUCH-Rosemary Clooney-August                                                                 994
 10-GLOW WORM-Mills Brothers-November                                                                    990
 11-Wish You Were Here-Eddie Fisher & Hugo Winterhalter-September                                        962
 12-Delicado-Percy Faith-July                                                                            940
 13-Tell Me Why-Four Aces-February                                                                       938
 14-It's In The Book-Johnny Standley & Horace Heidt-November                                             908
 15-Kiss Of Fire-Georgia Gibbs-June                                                                      894
 16-Here In My Heart-Al Martino-June                                                                     886
 17-The Little White Cloud That Cried-Johnnie Ray & The Four Lads-January                870
 18-Jambalaya-Jo Stafford-October                                                                        834
 19-Blacksmith Blues-Ella Mae Morse-April                                                                786
 20-Slow Poke-Pee Wee King & Redd Stewart-January                                                        750
 21-A Guy Is A Guy-Doris Day-May                                                                         746
 22-Walkin? My Baby Back Home-Johnnie Ray-July                                                           666
 23-Botch A Me-Rosemary Clooney-August                                                                   642
 24-Keep It A Secret-Jo Stafford-December                                                                630
 25-High Noon-Frankie Laine-September                                                      618
 26-Shrimp Boats-Jo Stafford-January                                                                     608
 27-I?m Yours-Eddie Fisher & Hugo Winterhalter-July                                                      606
 28-Trying-Hilltoppers-October                                                                           592
 29-Please Mr.Sun-Johnnie Ray & The Four Lads-March                                                      560
 30-Tell Me Why-Eddie Fisher & Hugo Winterhalter-February                                                550
 31-I?ll Walk Alone-Don Cornell-May                                                                      514
 32-Because You?re Mine-Mario Lanza-November                                                             502
 33-Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania-Guy Mitchell-May                                                             500
 34-Forgive Me-Eddie Fisher-May                                                                          496
 35-I?m Yours-Don Cornell-June                                                                           490
 36-Meet Mr. Callaghan-Les Paul-October                                                                  468
 37-Maybe-Perry Como & Eddie Fisher-August                                                               464
 38-You Belong To Me-Patti Page-October                                                                  436
 39-Somewhere Along The Way-Nat ?King? Cole-August                                                       432
 40-Bermuda-Bell Sisters-February                                                                        432
 41-Lady Of Spain-Eddie Fisher-December                                                                  416
 42-It Takes Two To Tango-Pearl Bailey-November                                                          374
 43-Kiss Of Fire-Tony Martin-June                                                                        372
 44-Blue Tango-Hugo Winterhalter-May                                                                     334
 45-Tiger Rag-Les Paul & Mary Ford-February                                                              320
 46-Carmaine-Montavoni-January                                                                           316
 47-Perfidia-Four Aces-April                                                                             298
 48-I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus-Jimmy Boyd-December                                  284
 49-How Am I (Broken Hearted)-Johnnie Ray & The Four Lads-March                          232
 50-Lover-Peggy Lee & Gordon Jenkins-July                                                                228
 51-Outside Of Heaven-Eddie Fisher-November                                                    222
 52-Yours-Vera Lynn-November                                                                             196
 53-Indian Love Call-Slim Whitman-November                                                               186
 54-Dance Me Loose-Arthur Godfrey & The Chordettes-February                                              180
 55-Sugarbush-Frankie Laine & Doris Day-August                                                           178
 56-Why Don?t You Believe Me-Patti Page-December                                                         152
 57-I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus-Spike Jones & George Rock-December                    118
 58-Meet Mr.Callaghan-Henry Grove Trio-September                                                         112
 59-Vanessa-Hugo Winterhalter-August                                                                     108
 60-Be Anything (But Be Mine)-Eddy Howard-March                                                          104
 61-Wheel Of Fortune-Bobby Wayne-March                                                                   104
 62-I?ll Walk Alone-Jane Froman-June                                                                     102
 63-Walkin? My Baby Back Home Again-Nat ?King? Cole-August                                                72
 64-Come What May-Patti Page-March                                                                        40
 65-You Belong To Me-Dean Martin-October                                                                  38
 66-Slow Poke-Arthur Godfrey-February                                                                     38
 67-High Noon-Tex Ritter-October                                                                          38
 68-What?s The Use-Johnnie Ray & The Four Lads-May                                                        36
 69-Wimoweh-Gordon Jenkins & Weavers-March                                                                34
 70-The Three Bells-Les Compagnons de la Chanson-February                                                 34
 71-A Garden In The Rain-Four Aces-February                                                               34
 72-Wheel Of Fortune-Sunny Gale & The Eddie Wilcox Orchestra-February                                     34
 73-Kiss Of Fire-Billy Eckstine-May
 74-A Kiss To Build A Dream On-Louis Armstrong-February
 75-Take My Heart-Al Martino-July
 76-Blue Tango-Guy Lombardo-May
 77-Auf Wiedersehn Sweetheart-Eddy Howard-August
 78-Heart And Soul-Four Aces-November
 79-Hambone-Jo Stafford & Frankie Laine-March
 80-Tulips & Heather-Perry Como-March
 81-Walkin? To Missouri-Sammy Kaye & Tony Russo-October
 82-Carioca-Les Paul & Mary Ford-June
 83-I-Don Cornell-November
 84-Lady Of Spain-Les Paul-November
 85-Mother At Your Feet Is Kneeling-Bobby Wayne-January
 86-Because You?re Mine-Nat ?King? Cole-October
 87-Whispering Sands-Patti Page-April
 88-Here In My Heart-Tony Bennett-June
 89-Smoke Rings-Les Paul & Mary Ford-July
 90-You?ll Never Get Away-Teresa Brewer & Don Cornell-October
 91-A Kiss To Build A Dream On-Hugo Winterhalter & Johnny Parker-March
 92-Be My Life?s Companion-Rosemary Clooney-February
 93-Should I-Four Aces-August
 94-I?m Confessin?-Les Paul & Mary Ford-May
 95-The Rock Of Gibralter-Frankie Laine-July
 96-Take Me In Your Arms And Hold Me-Les Paul & Mary Ford-September
 97-Try-Stan Freberg-April
 98-Blue Violins-Hugo Winterhalter-November
 99-Be My Life?s Companion-Mills Brothers-March
100-Blue Tango-Les Baxter-April
101-The Gandy Dancer?s Ball-Frankie Laine-April
102-Fool,Fool,Fool-Kay Starr-August
103-At Last-Ray Anthony-April
104-A Round The Corner-Jo Stafford-April
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