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  1-VAYA CON DIOS-LES PAUL & MARY FORD-AUGUST                               1330
  2-YOU,YOU,YOU-AMES BROTHERS-September                                     1236
  3-SONG FROM MOULIN ROUGE-PERCY FAITH-June                                 1202
  4-I'M WALKING BEHIND YOU-EDDIE FISHER-August                              1144
  5-EBB TIDE-FRANK CHACKSFIELD-October                                      1098
  6-APRIL IN PORTUGAL-LES BAXTER-June                                       1088
  7-RAGS TO RICHES-TONY BENNETT-December                                    1052
  8-TILL I WALTZ AGAIN WITH YOU-Teresa Brewer-February                      1042
  9-I BELIEVE-Frankie Laine-April                                           1010
 10-DON'T LET THE STARS GET IN YOUR EYES-Perry Como-January                 1008
 11-Doggie In The Window-Patti Page-April                                    990
 12-No Other Love-Perry Como-August                                          978
 13-Pretend-Nat "King" Cole-April                                            974
 14-Ruby-Richard Hayman-June                                                 896
 15-Ricochet-Teresa Brewer-December                                          856
 16-Eh,Cumpari-Julius La Rosa-October                                        846
 17-Tell Me You're Mine-Gaylords-March                                       828
 18-Crying In The Chapel-June Valli-September                                820
 19-Crying In The Chapel-Darrell Glenn-September                             820
 20-Oh-Pee Wee Hunt-October                                                  732
 21-Crying In The Chapel-Sonny Til & The Orioles-September                   726
 22-Anna-Silvano Mangano-May                                                 680
 23-Crying In The Chapel-Rex Allen-September                                 670
 24-I Believe-Jane Froman-April                                              654
 25-P.S. I Love You-Hilltoppers-August                                       628
 26-April In Portugal-Richard Hayman-June                                    626
 27-Because You're Mine-Mario Lanza-January                                  608
 28-Say You're Mine Again-Perry Como-June                                    600
 29-(Terry's Theme) from "Limelight"-Frank Chacksfield-June                  594
 30-Keep It A Secret-Jo Stafford-February                                    588
 31-St.George & Dragonet-Stan Freberg-October                                534
 32-Dragnet-Ray Anthony-September                                            520
 33-Tell Me A Story-Frankie Laine & Jimmy Boyd-April                         518
 34-Oh Happy Day-Don Howard-February                                         518
 35-Allez-vous-en-Kay Starr-August                                           488
 36-Have You Heard-Joni James-March                                          486
 37-Your Cheatin' Heart-Joni James-April                                     480
 38-Hold Me,Thrill Me,Kiss Me-Karen Chandler-February                        470
 39-With These Hands-Eddie Fisher-August                                     470
 40-Many Times-Eddie Fisher-November                                         466
 41-Wild Horses-Perry Como-March                                             442
 42-Ruby-Les Baxter-June                                                     422
 43-Song From Moulon Rouge-Mantovoni-London-June                             420
 44-Ho Ho Song-Red Buttons-May                                               372
 45-Seven Lonely Days-Georgia Gibbs-May                                      340
 46-Anywhere I Wander-Julius La Rosa-March                                   334
 47-Istanbul-Four Lads-December                                              332
 48-C'est Si Bon-Eartha Kitt-August                                          318
 49-Story Of Three Lovers-Jerry Murad?Mercury-October                        310
 50-Pretend Ralph Marterie-February                                          300
 51-Side By Side-Kay Starr-March                                             272
 52-Oh,Happy Day-Lawrence Welk-February                                      266
 53-Caravan-Ralph Marterie-May                                               232
 54-April In Portugal-Vic Damone                                             232
 55-Oh Happy Day-Four Knights-February                                       198
 56-Crazy Man Crazy-Bill Haley & Comets-Essex-June                           194
 57-Hey Joe-Frankie Laine-October                                            190
 58-Hot Toddy-Ralph Flannagan-March                                          180
 59-A Dear John Letter-Jean Shepard-September                                178
 60-A Dear John Letter-Pat O-Day-September                                   178
 61-I'd Rather Die Young-Hilltoppers-July                                    176
 62-Gomen-Nasai(Forgive Me)-Columbia Tokyo Orchestra?Columbia-April          166
 63-My Love My Love-Joni James-August                                        140
 64-Santa Baby-Eartha Kitt-RCA-December                                      130
 65-Even Now-Eddie Fisher-February                                           118
 66-Gambler's Guitar-Rusty Draper-August                                     112
 67-Love Walked In-Hilltoppers-December                                      110
 68-The Story Of Three Loves-William Kapell?RCA Victor-November              110
 69-My Baby's Coming Home-Les Paul & Mary Ford-January                       110
 70-I See The Moon-Mariners-November                                         106
 71-(Terry?s Theme From)?Limelight?-Richard Hayman & Orchestra?Mercury-Jube  104
 72-Pretend-Eileen Barton-March                                              102
 73-Little Blue Riding Hood-Stan Freberg-October                              82
 74-I'm Sittin' On Top Of The World-Les Paul & Mary Ford-April                80
 75-Crazy Man Crazy-Ralph Marterie & Orchestra?Mercury-July                   78
 76-Swedish Rhapsody-Percy Faith & Orchestra?Columbia-May                     72
 77-Ramona-Gaylords?Mercury-May                                               72
 78-April In Portugal-Freddy Martin-April                                     72
 79-The Breeze(That?s Bringin...Back To Me)-Trudy Richards-Une                68
 80-Bye Bye Blues-Les Paul & Mary Ford-January                                68
 81-I'm Walking Behind You-Frank Sinatra-June                                 56
 82-Christmas Dragnet-Stan Freberg-December                                   40
 83-Mister Tap Toe-Doris Day-February                                         40
 84-Butterflies-Patti Page-August                                             40
 85-Half A Photograph-Kay Starr-Capitol-July                                  38
 86-Crying In The Chapel-Ella Fitzgerald?Decca-August                         38
 87-God Bless Us All-Brucie Weil?Barbour-September                            38
 88-God Bless Us All-Jimmy Boyd?Columbia-September                            38
 89-God Bless Us All-Spike Jones & City Slickers?RCA Victor-September         38
 90-Velvet Glove-Hugo Winterhalter & Henri Rene-November                      36
 91-A Fool Such As I-Jo Stafford-Columbia-February                            36
 92-Gomen-Nasai(Forgive Me)-Harry Belafonte?RCA Victor-April                  36
 93-A Fool Such As I-Tommy Edwards-MGM-February                               36
 94-To Be Alone-Hilltoppers-December                                          34
 95-She Wears Red Feathers-Guy Mitchell?Columbia-February                     34
 96-Uska Dara?A Turkish Tale-Eartha Kitt?RCA Victor-June                      34
 97-I Love Paris-Les Baxter & Orchestra?Capitol-November                      34

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