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The Doggie in the Window / My Jealous Eyes36 All-Time Greatest Hits

 1-DOGGIE IN THE WINDOW-PATTI PAGE-APRIL                                    928
 2-YOU,YOU,YOU-AMES BROTHERS-September                                     1370
 3-VAYA CON DIOS-LES PAUL & MARY FORD-October                              1204
 4-SONG FROM MOULIN ROUGE-PERCY FAITH-June                                 1162
 5-TILL I WALTZ AGAIN WITH YOU-TERESA BREWER-February                      1140
 6-RAGS TO RICHES-TONY BENNETT-December                                    1046
 7-I'M WALKING BEHIND YOU-EDDIE FISHER-August                              1022
 8-DON'T LET THE STARS GET IN YOUR EYES-Perry Como-January                  942
 9-NO OTHER LOVE-Perry Como-September                                       922
10-APRIL IN PORTUGAL-Les Baxter-June                                        898
11-I Believe-Frankie Laine-MAY                                              886
12-Ricochet-Teresa Brewer-December                                          728
13-Your Cheatin' Heart-Joni James-April                                     698
14-Eh,Cumpari-Julius La Rosa-October                                        684
15-Ruby-Richard Hayman-June                                                 678
16-Pretend-Nat "King" Cole-May                                              674
17-Tell Me You're Mine-Gaylords-March                                       628
18-P.S. I Love You-Hilltoppers-August                                       624
19-Crying In The Chapel-June Valli-October                                  600
20-Crying In The Chapel-Darrell Glenn-August                                600
21-Limelight-Frank Chacksfield-August                                       550
22-Oh-Pee Wee Hunt-November                                                 546
23-Crying In The Chapel-Rex Allen-September                                 534
24-Ebb Tide-Frank Chacksfield-November                                      514
25-Dragnet-Ray Anthony-November                                             468
26-Have You Heard-Joni James-March                                          460
27-Say You're Mine Again-Perry Como-July                                    446
28-Anna Silvano Mangano-July                                                430
29-Crying In The Chapel-Sonny Til & The Orioles-September                   428
30-You Alone-Perry Como-December                                            388
31-Hold Me,Thrill Me,Kiss Me-Karen Chandler-March                           386
32-Side By Side-Kay Starr-April                                             376
33-With These Hands-Eddie Fisher-October                                    376
34-Many Times-Eddie Fisher-November                                         342
35-Istanbul-Four Lads-December                                              342
36-Wild Horses-Perry Como-March                                             322
37-Tell Me A Story-Frankie Laine & Jimmy Boyd-April                         286
38-Seven Lonely Days-Georgia Gibbs-May                                      266
39-Oh Happy Day-Don Howard-January                                          256
40-C'est Si Bon-Eartha Kitt-November                                        232
41-Even Now-Eddie Fisher-August                                             232
42-Pretend Ralph Marterie-February                                          202
43-I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus-Jimmy  Boyd-January                      196
44-Hey Joe-Frankie Laine-November                                           184
45-Ho Ho Song-Red Buttons-June                                              182
46-Half A Photograph-Kay Starr-Capitol-July                                 180
47-St.George & Dragonet-Stan Freberg-November                               138
48-My Baby's Coming Home-Les Paul & Mary Ford-January                       132
49-Love Walked In-Hilltoppers-December                                       94
50-Allez-vous-en-Kay Starr-August                                            88
51-Crazy Man Crazy-Bill Haley & Comets-May
52-I'm Sittin' On Top Of The World-Les Paul & Mary Ford-July                 84
53-Congragulations To Someone-Tony Bennett-March                             84
54-Bye Bye Blues-Les Paul & Mary Ford-January                                42
55-My One & Only Heart-Perry Como-July                                       42
56-Anywhere I Wander-Julius La Rosa-March                                     
57-Gambler's Guitar-Rusty Draper-August                                       
58-Oh,Happy Day-Lawrence Welk-March                                           
59-Caravan-Ralph Marterie-April                                               
60-April In Portugal-Richard Hayman-June                                      
61-Hot Toddy-Ralph Flannagan-March                                            
62-I Believe-Jane Froman-May                                                  
63-Ruby-Les Baxter-June                                                       
64-To Be Alone-Hilltoppers-November                                           
65-Little Blue Riding Hood-Stan Freberg-October                               
66-My Love My Love-Joni James-November                                        
67-Oh Happy Day-Four Knights-March                                             
68-I'd Rather Die Young-Hilltoppers-July                                      
69-Theme From Moulin Rouge-Mantovoni-May                                      
70-Christmas Dragnet-Stan Freberg-December                                    
71-I See The Moon-Mariners-November                                           
72-Story Of Three Lovers-Richard Hayman-November                              
73-No Help Wanted-Rusty Draper-March
74-In The Mission Of St.Augustine-Sammy Kaye
75-Mister Tap Toe-Doris Day-February
76-A Dear John Letter-Jean Shepard-September
77-April In Portugal-Freddy Martin
78-Strange Things Are Happening-Red Buttons-May
79-Downhearted-Eddie Fisher
80-April In Portugal-Vic Damone
81-Can't I-Nat "King" Cole-April
82-Pretend-Eileen Barton-March
83-A Dear John Letter-Pat O-Day-August                               
84-Butterflies-Patti Page-September
85-Velvet Glove-Hugo Winterhalter & Henri Rene-November
86-Marie-Four Tunes-December
87-Somebody Stole My Gal-Johnnie Ray-April
88-Almost Always-Joni James-May
89-Eighteenth Variation-William Kale-November
90-Pa-Paya-Mama-Perry Como-November                                           
91-Say It With Your Heart-Bob Carroll-February                                
92-Wishing Ring-Joni James-January
93-Is It Any Wonder-Joni James-May                                           
94-I Went To Your Wedding-Spike Jones-January
95-A Fool Such As I-Jo Stafford-March                                         
96-Ruby-Victor Young-June

* This list is not an actual survey. I have no Canadian singles charts
in my possession prior to 1957.This year-end chart here is primarily
compiled from US charts with some references made to songs from that
year from the "CHUM CHART BOOK" by "Ron Hall".

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