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                       CASH BOX MAGAZINE'S TOP SINGLES OF 1954
  1-HEY THERE-ROSEMARY CLOONEY-COLUMBIA-OCTOBER                            1398
  2-LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT-KITTY KALLEN-DECCA-June                       1260
  3-HEY THERE-SAMMY DAVIS JR.-DECCA-October                                1212
  4-WANTED-PERRY COMO-RCA-May                                              1136
  5-SH-BOOM-CREW CUTS-Mercury-August                                       1118
  6-SH-BOOM-CHORDS-Cat-August                                              1118
  7-STRANGER IN PARADISE-TONY BENNETT-Columbia-February                    1106
  8-STRANGER IN  PARADISE-Four Aces-Decca-January                          1062
  9-OH! MY PA PA-Eddie Fisher-RCA-January                                  1056
 10-OH! MY PA PA-Eddie Calvert-Essex-January                               1056
 11-Secret Love-Doris Day-Columbia-March                                   1052
 12-I Need You Now-Eddie Fisher-RCA-November                               1050
 13-Young At Heart-Frank Sinatra-Capitol-May                               1004
 14-That's Amore-Dean Martin-Capitol-February                               966
 15-I Get So Lonely-Four Knights-Capitol-April                              952
 16-This Ole House-Rosemary Clooney-Columbia-November                       920
 17-Little Shoemaker-Gaylords-Mercury-July                                  920
 18-Little Shoemaker-Hugo Winterhalter-RCA-July                             920
 19-Changing Partners-Patti Page-Mercury-January                            884
 20-The Happy Wanderer-Frank Weir-London-June                               868
 21-Make Love To Me!-Jo Stafford-Columbia-April                             864
 22-Three Coins In The Fountain-Four Aces-Decca-July                        860
 23-Papa Loves Mambo-Perry Como-RCA-December                                856
 24-Hernando's Hideaway-Archie Bleyer-Cadence-July                          802
 25-Stranger In Paradise-Tony Martin-RCA Victor-February                    784
 26-Shake,Rattle & Roll-Bill Haley & Comets-Decca-November                  774
 27-If I Give My Heart To You-Doris Day-Columbia-November                   760
 28-If I Give My Heart To You-Denise Lor-Major-November                     760
 29-If I Give My Heart To You-Connee Boswell?Decca-November                 760
 30-Let Me Go Lover-Joan Weber-Columbia-December                            756
 31-Skokiaan-Ralph Materie-Mercury-October                                  732
 32-Skokiaan-Bullaway Sweet Rhythm Boys-London-September                    732
 33-Teach Me Tonight-De Castro Sisters-Abbott-December                      710
 34-The High And The Mighty-Victor Young-Decca-September                    692
 35-The High And The Mighty-Les Baxter-Capitol-September                    692
 36-The High And The Mighty-Leroy Holmes-MGM-September                      692
 37-The High And The Mighty-Johnny Desmond-Coral-September                  692
 38-Skokiaan-Four Lads-Columbia-October                                     684
 39-From The Gang That Sang "Heart Of My Hearts"-Four Aces-Decca-February   672
 40-Heart Of My Hearts-Alan Dale,Johnny Desmond/Don Cornell-Coral-February  672
 41-Cross Over The Bridge-Patti Page-Mercury-May                            648
 42-Answer Me My Love-Nat King Cole-Capitol-April                           628
 43-Here-Tony Martin-RCA-May                                                626
 44-The Happy Wanderer-Henri Renee-RCA-June                                 600
 45-From The Vine Came The Grape-Gaylords-Mercury-March                     564
 46-From The Vine Came The Grape-Hilltoppers-Dot-March                      564
 47-If You Love Me(Really Love Me)-Kay Starr-Capitol-June                   542
 48-In The Chapel In The Moonlight-Kitty Kallen-Decca-August                526
 49-Hold My Hand-Don Cornell-Coral-November                                 524
 50-Changing Partners-Kay Starr-Capitol-January                             522
 51-If You Love Me-Vera Lynn-London-June                                    508
 52-Count Your Blessings-Eddie Fisher-RCA-December                          460
 53-They Were Doin' The Mamba-Vaughn Monroe-RCA-September                   454
 54-Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight-McGuire Sisters-Coral-August             452
 55-Goodnight Sweetheart-Sunny Gale-RCA-August                              452
 56-A Girl,A Girl-Eddie Fisher-RCA-May                                      444
 57-I Understand Just How You Feel-Four Tunes-Jubilee-July                  442
 58-I Understand Just How You Feel-June Valli-RCA-July                      442
 59-Woman-Johnny Desmond-Coral-February                                     424
 60-Three Coins In The Fountain-Frank Sinatra-Capitol-July                  424
 61-The Man Upstairs-Kay Starr-Capitol-June                                 368
 62-If I Give My Heart To You-Dinah Shore?RCA Victor-October                352
 63-The Man With The Banjo-Ames Brothers-RCA-May                            350
 64-You Alone-Perry Como-January                                            314
 65-Till We Two Are One-Georgie Shaw-Decca-February                         302
 66-Muskrat Ramble-McGuire Sisters-Coral-November                           276
 67-Mambo Italiano-Rosemary Clooney-Columbia-November                       270
 68-Till Then-Hilltoppers-Dot-February                                      248
 69-At The Darktown Strutter's Ball-Lou Monte-RCA-March                     246
 70-The Jones Boy-Mills Brothers-Decca-January                              226
 71-Woman(Uh-Huh)-Jose Ferrer-Columbia-February                             220
 72-Cara Mia-Dave Whitfield-London-October                                  218
 73-Isle Of Capri-Gaylords-Mercury-June                                     206
 74-Teach Me Tonight-Jo Stafford?Columbia-November                          190
 75-Crazy Bout You Baby-Crew Cuts-Mercury-July                              186
 76-I'm A Fool To Care-Les Paul & Mary Ford-Capitol-August                  178
 77-Isle Of Capri-Jackie Lee & Orchestra?Coral-June                         170
 78-The Creep-Three Suns?RCA Victor-January                                 118
 79-Smile-Nat King Cole-Capitol-October                                     116
 80-Smile-Sunny Gale-RCA-October                                            116
 81-Hernando?s Hideaway-Johnnie Ray?Columbia-June                           112
 82-Dim,Dim The Lights-Bill Haley & Comets?Decca-December                   110
 83-There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight-Tony Bennett-Columbia-April            110
 84-Changing Partners-Bing Crosby-Decca-February                            108
 85-Anema E.Core-Eddie Fisher-RCA-April                                      76
 86-Granada-Frankie Laine?Columbia-January                                   76
 87-Granada-Monty Kelly & Orchestra?Essex-January                            76
 88-Whither Thou Goest-Les Paul & Mary Ford-Capitol-November                 74
 89-Oop Shoop-Crew Cuts-Mercury-October                                      70
 90-I Cried-Patti Page?Mercury-August                                        68
 91-Haji Baba-Nat King Cole-Capitol-November                                 40
 92-The Jones Boy-Bobby Wayne?Mercury-January                                40
 93-The Strings Of My Heart-Gaylords?Mercury-January                         38
 94-My Friend-Eddie Fisher-RCA-June                                          38
 95-Thank You For Calling-Jo Stafford-Columbia-June                          38
 96-Muskrat Ramble-Matys Brothers?Essex-October                              38
 97-Sway-Dean Martin-Capitol-September                                       36
 98-Green Years-Eddie Fisher-RCA-June                                        36
 99-Somebody Stole De Wedding Bell-Eartha Kitt-RCA-March                     36
100-Some Day-Frankie Laine?Columbia-July                                     36
101-Dream-Four Aces?Decca-August                                             36
102-The Mama Doll Song-Patti Page?Mercury-November                           34
103-Steam Heat-Patti Page-Mercury-June                                       34
104-Poor Butterfly-Hilltoppers-Dot-April                                     34
105-Bell Bottom Blues-Teresa Brewer-Coral-January                            34

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