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Rock Around the Clock

  2-BALLAD OF DAVY CROCKETT-BILL HAYES-CADENCE-April                       1164
  3-UNCHAINED MELODY-LES BAXTER-CAPITOL-June                               1128
  4-UNCHAINED MELODY-AL HIBBLER-Decca-May                                  1128
  5-UNCHAINED MELODY-ROY HAMILTON-Epic-June                                1128
  6-MELODY OF LOVE-BILLY VAUGHN-Dot-February                               1118
  7-MELODY OF LOVE-FOUR ACES-Decca-February                                1118
  8-MELODY OF LOVE-David Carroll-Mercury-February                          1118
  9-AUTUMN LEAVES-Roger Williams-Kapp-November                             1094
 10-YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS-Mitch Miller-Columbia-September                   1058
 11-Yellow Rose Of Texas-Johnny Desmond-Coral-September                    1058
 12-Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White-Perez Prado-RCA-May                  1044
 13-Mr. Sandman-Chordettes-Cadence-January                                 1024
 14-Love Is A Many Splendored Thing-Four Aces-Decca-November               1014
 15-Sixteen Tons-Tennessee Ernie Ford-Capitol-December                      986
 16-Crazy Otto-Johnny Maddox-Dot-April                                      906
 17-Moments To Remember-Four Lads-Columbia-November                         874
 18-Mr.Sandman-Four Aces-Decca-January                                      858
 19-Ain't That A Shame-Pat Boone-Dot-September                              838
 20-Ain't That A Shame-Fats Domino-Imperial-August                          838
 21-Dance With Me Henry(Wallflower)-Georgia Gibbs-Mercury-May               834
 22-Tweedle Dee-Georgia Gibbs-Mercury-April                                 822
 23-Learnin' The Blues-Frank Sinatra-Capitol-August                         760
 24-Sincerely-McGuire Sisters-Coral-March                                   760
 25-Hearts Of Stone-Fontane Sisters-Dot-February                            740
 26-Hearts Of Stone-Otis William & Charms-DeLuxe-February                   740
 27-Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White-Alan Dale?Coral-June                726
 28-Only You-Platters-Mercury-December                                      694
 29-A Blossom Fell-Nat King Cole-Capitol-July                               676
 30-The Naughty Lady Shady Lane-Ames Brothers-RCA-January                   670
 31-The Naughty Lady Shady Lane-Archie Bleyer-Cadence-January               670
 32-Seventeen-Fontane Sisters-Dot-September                                 642
 33-Seventeen-Boyd Bennett-King-September                                   642
 34-How Important Can It Be?-Joni James-MGM-April                           628
 35-Only You-Hilltoppers-Dot-December                                       618
 36-Ballad Of Davy Crockett-Fess Parker-Capitol-May                         598
 37-Ballad Of Davy Crockett-Tennessee Ernie Ford-Capitol-May                598
 38-Shifting Whispering Sands-Rusty Draper-Mercury-December                 598
 39-Shifting Whispering Sands-Billy Vaughn-Dot-December                     598
 40-Honey Babe-Art Mooney-MGM-July                                          596
 41-How Important Can It Be?-Sarah Vaughan-Mercury-March                    594
 42-Ko Ko Mo-Perry Como-RCA-March                                           584
 43-Ko Ko Mo-Crew Cuts-Mercury-March                                        584
 44-Hard To Get-Gisele MacKenzie-X-August                                   562
 45-Seventeen-Rusty Draper-Mercury-September                                540
 46-Something's Gotta Give-McGuire Sisters-Coral-July                       538
 47-Tweedle Dee-LaVern Baker-Atlantic-April                                 538
 48-Something's Gotta Give-Sammy Davis, Jr.?Decca-July                      538
 49-Earth Angel-Crew Cuts-Mercury-February                                  490
 50-Earth Angel-Penguins-Dootone-February                                   490
 51-That's All I Want From You-Jaye P.Morgan-RCA-January                    476
 52-Whatever Lola Wants-Sarah Vaughan-Mercury-May                           450
 53-Open Up Your Heart-Cowboy Church Sunday School-Decca-March              414
 54-Maybellene-Chuck Berry-Chess-September                                  402
 55-The Breeze And I-Caterina Valente-Decca-June                            398
 56-Yellow Rose Of Texas-Stan Freberg-Capitol-October                       398
 57-Wake The Town And Tell The People-Les Baxter-Capitol-September          390
 58-Wake The Town And Tell The People-Mindy Carson-RCA-September            390
 59-The Bible Tells Me So-Don Cornell-Coral-October                         388
 60-The Bible Tells Me So-Nick Noble?Wing-October                           388
 61-Make Yourself Comfortable-Sarah Vaughan-Mercury-January                 386
 62-Tina Marie-Perry Como-RCA-October                                       370
 63-It's A Sin To Tell A Lie-Somethin' Smith & Redheads-Epic-July           362
 64-At My Front Door-Pat Boone-Dot-November                                 360
 65-At My Front Door-El Dorados?Vee-Jay-November                            360
 66-Let Me Go Lover-Teresa Brewer & Lancers-Coral-January                   354
 67-Darling Je Vous Aime Beacoup-Nat King Cole-Capitol-May                  338
 68-Suddenly There Is A Valley-Gogi Grant-Era-November                      338
 69-Suddenly There Is A Valley-Jo Stafford-Columbia-November                338
 70-Suddenly There Is A Valley-Julius La Rosa-Cadence-November              338
 71-Hummingbird-Les Paul & Mary Ford-Capitol-August                         336
 72-Hummingbird-Frankie Laine-Columbia-August                               336
 73-Love Is A Mnay-Splendored Thing-Don Cornell?Coral-October               326
 74-Black Denim Trousers-Cheers-Capitol-October                             282
 75-Black Denim Trousers-Vaughn Monroe & Orchestra?RCA Victor-October       282
 76-If I May-Nat King Cole-Capitol-July                                     256
 77-Hummingbird-Chordettes-Cadence-August                                   256
 78-Sweet And Gentle-Alan Dale-Coral-July                                   250
 79-Sweet And Gentle-Georgia Gibbs?Mercury-July                             250
 80-Don't Be Angry-Crew Cuts-Mercury-May                                    240
 81-Don?t Be Angry-Nappy Brown?Savoy-May                                     240
 82-Whatever Lola Wants-Dinah Shore?RCA Victor-May                          228
 83-You Are My Love-Joni James-MGM-November                                 226
 84-No More-De John Sisters-Epic-February                                   212
 85-Song Of The Dreamer-Eddie Fisher-RCA-September                          196
 86-Song Of The Dreamer-Johnnie Ray-Columbia-September                      196
 87-Play Me Hearts And Flower-Johnny Desmond-Coral-April                    192
 88-Gum Drop-Crew Cuts-Mercury-September                                    190
 89-Heart-Eddie Fisher-RCA-June                                             188
 90-Heart-Four Aces-Decca-June                                              188
 91-Pledging My Love-Johnny Ace-Duke-April                                  158
 92-Pledging My Love-Teresa Brewer-Coral-April                              158
 93-Two Hearts-Pat Boone?Dot-May                                            154
 94-The House Of Blue Lights-Chuck Miller-Mercury-August                    150
 95-Blue Mirage (Don?t Go)-Ralph Marterie & Orchestra?Mercury-March          114
 96-Blue Mirage (Don?t Go)-Guy Lombardo & Royal Canadians?Decca-March        114
 97-Alabama Jubilee-Ferko String Band?Media-July                            106
 98-Rock Love-Fontane Sisters-Dot-March                                      74
 99-The Man In The Raincoat-Priscilla Wright?Unique-August                   74
100-The Man In The Raincoat-Marion Marlowe?Cadence-August                    74
101-The Longest Walk-Jaye P.Morgan-RCA-October                               72
102-I Want You To Be My Baby-Georgia Gibbs?Mercury-September                 72
103-I Want You To Be My Baby-Lillian Briggs?Epic-September                   72
104-Hey,Mr.Banjo-Sunnysiders-Kapp-June                                       70
105-Burn That Candle-Bill Haley & Comets-Decca-December                      36
106-Domani-Julius La Rosa-Cadence-August                                     36
107-(I?m Always Hearing)Wedding Bells-Eddie Fisher?RCA Victor-March           36
108-It May Sound Silly-McGuire Sisters-Coral-March                           34
109-Danger! Heartbreak Ahead-Jaye P.Morgan-RCA-April                         34
110-A Story Untold-Crew-Cuts?Mercury-August                                  34
111-A Story Untold-Nutmegs-Herald-August                                     34
112-A Story Untold-Four Coins?Epic-August                                    34
113-Someone You Love-Nat ?King? Cole?Capitol-November                         34
114-(There?s No Place Like)Home For The Holidays-Perry Como-January          34
115-I?LL Never Stop Loving You-Doris Day?Columbia-July                       34

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