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All I Have to Do Is Dream, The Everly Brothers, New

 1-ALL I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM-EVERLY BROTHERS-MAY                           660
  2-TO KNOW HIM IS TO LOVE HIM-TEDDY BEARS-December                         628
  3-AT THE HOP-DANNY & THE JUNIORS-January                                  606
  4-IT'S ALL IN THE GAME-TOMMY EDWARDS-October                              570
  5-ONE NIGHT-ELVIS PRESLEY-November                                        558
  6-I GOT STUNG-ELVIS PRESLEY-November                                      558
  7-POOR LITTLE FOOL-RICKY NELSON-August                                    538
  8-TOM DOOLEY-Kingston Trio-November                                       504
  9-I BEG OF YOU-Elvis Presley-February                                     496
 10-DO YOU WANT TO DANCE-Bobby Freeman-June                                 478
 11-Witch Doctor-David Seville-May                                          472
 12-The Chipmunk Song-David Seville & The Chipmunks-December                468
 13-Bird Dog-Everly Brothers-September                                      466
 14-Devoted To You-Everly Brothers-September                                466
 15-It's Only Make Believe-Conway Twitty-October                            456
 16-Don't-Elvis Presley-February                                            450
 17-Return To Me-Dean Martin-May                                            442
 18-My True Love-Jack Scott-August                                          440
 19-Susie Darlin'-Robin Luke-September                                      436
 20-Tequila-Champs-March                                                    420
 21-Wear My Ring Around Your Neck-Elvis Presley-April                       412
 22-Rockin' Robin-Bobby Day-August                                          412
 23-Purple People Eater-Sheb Wooley-June                                    408
 24-Twilight Time-Platters-April                                            408
 25-Love Is All We Need-Tommy Edwards-December                              408
 26-Short Shorts-Royal Teens-March                                          404
 27-When-Kalin Twins-July                                                   402
 28-Hard Headed Woman-Elvis Presley-July                                    394
 29-Patricia-Perez Prado-August                                             394
 30-Sail Along Silvery Moon-Billy Vaughn-January                            380
 31-Volare (Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu)-Domenico Modugno-September             370
 32-Sweet Little Sixteen-Chuck Berry-March                                  360
 33-Beep Beep-Playmates-December                                            352
 34-Chantilly Lace-Big Bopper-October                                       350
 35-Topsy II-Cozy Cole-October                                              350
 36-Chanson D'Amour-Art & Dotty Todd-May                                    346
 37-Maybe-Chantels-March                                                    340
 38-Who's Sorry Now-Connie Francis-April                                    336
 39-He's Got The Whole World In His Hands-Laurie London-April               336
 40-Dede Dinah-Frankie Avalon-February                                      334
 41-Cherry Pie-Tri-Lads-May                                                 334
 42-Big Man-Four Preps-June                                                 322
 43-Johnny B.Goode-Chuck Berry-June                                         320
 44-Yakety Yak-Coasters-July                                                318
 45-The Day The Rains Came-Jane Morgan-October                              316
 46-The Day The Rains Came-Raymond Lefevre-October                          316
 47-Over And Over-Bobby Day-August                                          314
 48-Problems-Everly Brothers-December                                       314
 49-Love Of My Life-Everly Brothers-December                                314
 50-Buzz Buzz Buzz-Hollywood Flames-January                                 312
 51-You Are My Destiny-Paul Anka-February                                   312
 52-Tea For Two Cha Cha-Tommy Dorsey & Warren Covington-October             310
 53-Jennie Lee-Jan & Arnie-June                                             306
 54-Come On Let's Go-Richie Valens-November                                 302
 55-Splish Splash-Bobby Darin-July                                          300
 56-You Cheated-Shields-October                                             298
 57-Little Star-Elegants-September                                          296
 58-It's Too Soon To Know-Pat Boone-March                                   296
 59-Book Of Love-Monotones-April                                            290
 60-Believe What You Say-Ricky Nelson-April                                 286
 61-Get A Job-Silhouettes-February                                          278
 62-Itchy Twitchy Feeling-Bobby Hendricks-September                         278
 63-The End-Earl Grant-October                                              278
 64-Put A Light In The Window-Four Lads-January                             276
 65-Just A Dream-Jimmy Clanton-September                                    268
 66-Gee,But It's Lonely-Pat Boone-October                                   268
 67-For My Good Fortune-Pat Boone-October                                   268
 68-Born Too Late-Poni-Tails-August                                         262
 69-Bimbombey-Jimmie Rodgers-December                                       260
 70-Tears On My Pillow-Little Anthony & The Imperials-October               256
 71-Wonderful Time Up There-Pat Boone-March                                 254
 72-Endless Sleep-Jody Reynolds-June                                        250
 73-Oh Julie-Otis Williams & His Charms-March                               250
 74-Click-Clack-Dickey Doo & The Don'ts-March                               248
 75-I Got A Feeling-Ricky Nelson-December                                   246
 76-Lonesome Town-Ricky Nelson-December                                     246
 77-The Mexican Hat Rock-Applejacks-November                                240
 78-La Dee Dah-Billy & Lillie-January                                       236
 79-La Paloma-Billy Vaughn-September                                        234
 80-Witchcraft-Frank Sinatra-March                                          232
 81-Lollipop-Chordettes-April                                               230
 82-Are You Sincere-Andy Williams-March                                     226
 83-Queen Of The Hop-Bobby Darin-November                                   226
 84-Cannon Ball-Duane Eddy-December                                         210
 85-Lazy Mary-Lou Monte-April                                               204
 86-The Stroll-Diamonds-January                                             202
 87-Jo-Ann-Playmates-February                                               202
 88-Secretly-Jimmie Rodgers-June                                            200
 89-Swinging Shepherd Blues-Moe Koffman-February                            194
 90-You-Aquatones-June                                                      194
 91-Maybe Baby-Buddy Holly & Crickets-March                                 194
 92-Breathless-Jerry Lee Lewis-March                                        192
 93-Stood Up-Ricky Nelson-February                                          178
 94-Western Movies-Olympics-September                                       178
 95-For Your Love-Ed Townsend-May                                           176
 96-Left Right Out Of Your Heart-Patti Page-July                            176
 97-Don't Go Home-Playmates-June                                            170
 98-Enchanted Island-Four Lads-July                                         170
 99-She Was Only Seventeen-Marty Robbins-September                          168
100-Guess Things Happen That Way-Johnny Cash-August                         166
101-Come Prima-Dallara-December                                             166
102-Walking Along-Diamonds-November                                         166
103-(It's Been A Long Time) Pretty Baby-Gino & Gina-June                    158
104-Arrividerci Roma-Roger Williams-April                                   156
105-26 Miles-Four Preps-February                                            148
106-Let The Bells Keep Ringing-Paul Anka-April                              144
107-Summertime Blues-Eddie Cochran-October                                  144
108-Now And For Always-George Hamilton IV-April                             142
109-Oh Lonesome Me-Terry Roberts & The Deans-April                          140
110-Don't Ask Me Why-Elvis Presley-August                                   134
111-La-Do-Dada-Dale Hawkins-October                                         132
112-The Walk-Jimmy McCracklin-March                                         132
113-Don't You Just Know It-Huey (Piano) Smith & The Clowns-April            128
114-Rebel Rouser-Duane Eddy-August                                          126
115-Good Golly,Miss Molly-Little Richard-March                              126
116-Down The Aisle Of Love-Quin-Tones-September                             126
117-Oh,Boy-Buddy Holly & The Crickets-January                               124
118-Brand New Heartache-Everly Brothers-October                             124
119-Crazy Eyes For You-Bobby Hamilton-August                                122
120-That Old Black Magic-Louis Prima & Keely Smith-December                 110
121-Gingerbread-Frankie Avalon-August                                       108
122-I Wonder Why-Dion & Belmonts-June                                       106
123-Dance To The Bop-Gene Vincent-January                                    92
124-He's Got The Whole World In His Hands-Barbara McNair-April               90
125-Ramrod-Duane Eddy-September                                              86
126-Sugartime-McGuire Sisters-January                                        86
127-One Summer Night-Danleers-July                                           86
128-Big Beat-Fats Domino-January                                             82
129-A Certain Smile-Johnny Mathis-July                                       78
130-Joey's Song-Joe Reisman-January                                          78
131-If Dreams Came True-Pat Boone-August                                     76
132-Forget Me Not-Kalin Twins-November                                       76
133-Torero-Renato Carosone-May                                               76
134-Fever-Peggy Lee-August                                                   74
135-Kewpie Doll-Perry Como-May                                               74
136-Stupid Cupid-Connie Francis-September                                    74
137-Magic Moments-Perry Como-February                                        74
138-Billy-Kathy Linden-April                                                 74
139-Big Guitar-Owen Bradley Quintet-February                                 74
140-Catch A Falling Star-Perry Como-February                                 74
141-Rave On-Buddy Holly-May                                                  74
142-Young And Warm And Wonderful-Tony Bennett-July                           72
143-I Never Felt More Like Falling In Love-Tony Bennett-January              72
144-Wishing For Your Love-Voxpoppers-April                                   72
145-Love Me Forever-Four Esquires-January                                    70
146-No Chemise Please-Gerry Granahan-July                                    70
147-The Blob-Five Blobs-November                                             68
148-I'll Come Running Back To You-Sam Cooke-January                          46
149-Bluebirds Over The Mountain-Ersel Hickey-April                           46
150-Don't Let Go-Roy Hamilton-February                                       42
151-Doncha' Think It's Time-Elvis Presley-April                              42
152-Randy-Vanda King-April                                                   40
153-College Man-Bill Justis-March                                            40
154-Yea Yea-Kendall Sisters-April                                            40
155-So Tough-Casuals-March                                                   38
156-High School Confidential-Jerry Lee Lewis-March                           36
157-Island Of Bimini-Lew Douglas-January                                     36
158-Love Makes The World Go Round-Perry Como-December                        34
159-Stairway To The Sea-Johnny Mathis-November                               34
160-Call Me-Johnny Mathis-November                                           34
161-Are You Really Mine-Jimmie Rodgers-August                                34
162-Near You-Roger Williams-October                                          34
163-Blue Blue Day-Don Gibson-August                                          34
164-The Wizard-Jimmie Rodgers-August                                         34
165-The Teen Commandments-Paul Anka,George Hamilton IV & Johnny Nash-Decemb. 34
166-Looking Back-Nat King Cole-May                                           34
167-Should We Tell Him-Everly Brothers-February                              34
168-You Excite Me-Frankie Avalon-May                                         34

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