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Two Fools / Just Ask Your Heart

  2-THE BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS-JOHNNY HORTON-June                            624
  3-MACK THE KNIFE-BOBBY DARIN-October                                      614
  4-DONNA-RITCHIE VALENS-February                                           590
  5-SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES-PLATTERS-January                                584
  6-HEARTACHES BY THE NUMBER-GUY MITCHELL-December                          574
  7-MR.BLUE-FLEETWOODS-November                                             552
  8-LA BAMBA-Ritchie Valens-February                                        484
  9-A FOOL SUCH AS I-Elvis Presley-April                                    484
 10-A BIG HUNK O' LOVE-Elvis Presley-August                                 470
 11-My Wish Came True-Elvis Presley-August                                  470
 12-Sea Of Love-Phil Phillips-September                                     466
 13-El Paso-Marty Robbins-December                                          464
 14-Three Bells-Browns-August                                               454
 15-Guitar Boogie Shuffle-Virtues-April                                     452
 16-Gotta Travel On-Billy Grammar-January                                   450
 17-Venus-Frankie Avalon-March                                              448
 18-(Til) I Kissed You-Everly Brothers-September                            448
 19-Lipstick On Your Collar-Connie Francis-June                             444
 20-Frankie-Connie Francis-June                                             444
 21-Waterloo-Stonewall Jackson-July                                         424
 22-It Doesn't Matter Anymore-Buddy Holly-April                             420
 23-A Teenager In Love-Dion & The Belmonts-June                             418
 24-Kansas City-Wilbert Harrison-May                                        412
 25-I Need Your Love Tonight-Elvis Presley-April                            412
 26-Come Softly To Me-Fleetwoods-April                                      406
 27-My Happiness-Connie Francis-January                                     388
 28-Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat-Paul Evans & Curls-November 386
 29-Charlie Brown-Coasters-March                                            382
 30-My Heart Is An Open Book-Carl Dobkins,Jr.-July                          364
 31-Tell Him No-Travis & Bob-May                                            362
 32-Morgen-Ivo Robic-October                                                354
 33-Never Be Anyone Else But You-Ricky Nelson-March                         354
 34-It's Late-Ricky Nelson-March                                            346
 35-Quiet Village-Martin Denny-June                                         338
 36-Sorry I Ran All The Way Home-Impalas-May                                336
 37-Misty-Johnny Mathis-November                                            336
 38-Pink Shoe Laces-Dodie Stevens-April                                     336
 39-Dream Lover-Bobby Darin-June                                            336
 40-Hushabye-Mystics-July                                                   334
 41-Forty Days-Ronnie Hawkins-July                                          324
 42-Stagger Lee-Lloyd Price-February                                        322
 43-Tijuana Jail-Kingston Trio-May                                          320
 44-Oh Cindy-Kingston Trio-May                                              320
 45-(You've Got) Personality-Lloyd Price-June                               316
 46-Billy Bayou-Jim Reeves-January                                          316
 47-Robbin' The Cradle-Tony Belus-August                                    314
 48-Petite Fleur-Chris Barber's Jazz Band-February                          310
 49-Goodbye Baby-Jack Scott-January                                         310
 50-Teen Beat-Sandy Nelson-October                                          310
 51-In The Mood-Ernie Fields-December                                       308
 52-Children's Marching Song-Mitch Miller-February                          308
 53-Children's Marching Song-Cyril Stapleton-February                       308
 54-This Old Man He Played One-Sauter-Finegan Doodletown Pipers-February    308
 55-All American Boy-Bill Parsons-February                                  304
 56-Tall Paul-Annette-March                                                 304
 57-I'm Gonna Get Married-Lloyd Price-ABC Paramount-September               298
 58-Makin' Love-Floyd Robinson-October                                      298
 59-Come Into My Heart-Lloyd Price-December                                 290
 60-Red River Rock-Johnny & The Hurricanes-August                           290
 61-Enchanted Sea-Islanders-November                                        286
 62-Only You-Franck Pourcel's French Fiddles-May                            284
 63-I Want To Walk You Home-Fats Domino-September                           284
 64-Here Comes Summer-Jerry Keller-August                                   284
 65-Forty Miles Of Bad Road-Duane Eddy-July                                 282
 66-Broken Hearted Melody-Sarah Vaughan-September                           276
 67-Misty-Sarah Vaughan-September                                           276
 68-Alvin's Harmonica-David Seville & Chipmunks-March                       260
 69-Lonely Boy-Paul Anka-June                                               258
 70-Two Fools-Frankie Avalon-October                                        256
 71-Hound Dog Man-Fabian-December                                           250
 72-This Friendly World-Fabian-December                                     250
 73-Take A Message To Mary-Everly Brothers-May                              250
 74-Sleep Walk-Santo & Johnny-August                                        246
 75-What A Difference A Day Makes-Dinah Washington-August                   246
 76-Among My Souvenirs-Connie Francis-December                              244
 77-I've Had It-Bell Notes-March                                            244
 78-Put Your Head On My Shoulder-Paul Anka-October                          242
 79-Lonely Street-Andy Williams-November                                    242
 80-Deck Of Cards-Wink Martindale-November                                  240
 81-Ragtime Cowboy Joe-David Seville & Chipmunks-July                       240
 82-Scarlet Ribbons-Browns-December                                         234
 83-Sixteen Candles-Crests-January                                          232
 84-Kookie,Kookie(Lend Me Your Comb)-Edd Byrnes & Connie Stevens-May        232
 85-Kissin' Time-Bobby Rydell-September                                     228
 86-Sandy-Larry Hall-October                                                228
 87-Bongo Rock-Preston Epps-June                                            224
 88-We Got Love-Bobby Rydell-December                                       224
 89-Along Came Jones-Coasters-June                                          220
 90-Manhattan Spiritual-Reg Owen-January                                    218
 91-It's Just A Matter Of Time-Brook Benton-March                           216
 92-Poor Jenny-Everly Brothers-May                                          214
 93-She Say (Oom Dooby Doom)-Diamonds-March                                 212
 94-The Angels Listened In-Crests-November                                  212
 95-Turn Me Loose-Fabian-May                                                212
 96-Be My Guest-Fats Domino-December                                        210
 97-I've Been Around-Fats Domino-December                                   210
 98-Hawaiian Wedding Song-Andy Williams-February                            210
 99-I Only Have Eyes For You-Flamingos-August                               210
100-Please Mr.Sun-Tommy Edwards-April                                       206
101-The Morning Side Of The Mountain-Tommy Edwards-April                    206
102-Battle Hymn Of The Republic-Mormon Tabernacle Choir-October             206
103-Wont'cha Come Home-Lloyd Price-December                                 196
104-Rawhide-Link Wray-March                                                 194
105-High Hopes-Frank Sinatra-July                                           188
106-Lavender Blue-Sammy Turner-August                                       186
107-I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday-Fats Domino-September                      186
108-Uh! Oh! Part 2-Nutty Squirrels-December                                 182
109-Mary Lou-Ronnie Hawkins-September                                       180
110-Caribbean-Mitchell Torok-September                                      178
111-I'm Ready-Fats Domino-June                                              176
112-Margie-Fats Domino-June                                                 176
113-Oh! Carol-Neil Sedaka-November                                          172
114-Marina-Rocco Granata-December                                           170
115-It's Time To Cry-Paul Anka-December                                     164
116-Save My Soul-Jack Scott-January                                         162
117-Poison Ivy-Coasters-October                                             160
118-The Lonely One-Duane Eddy-March                                         158
119-Lonely Teardrops-Jackie Wilson-January                                  152
120-The Little Space Girl-Jesse Lee Turner-February                         150
121-Three Stars-Tommy & Carol Kay Dee-April                                 148
122-Tell Him No-Dean & Marc-April                                           148
123-White Bucks And Saddle Shoes-Bobby Pedrick Jr.-January                  148
124-Frankie's Man,Johnny-Johnny Cash-June                                   144
125-Tragedy-Thomas Wayne-March                                              142
126-Tallahassee Lassie-Freddy Cannon-June                                   132
127-The Happy Organ-Dave "Baby" Cortez-April                                130
128-Whole Lotta Loving-Fats Domino-January                                  128
129-Baby Talk-Jan & Dean-September                                          120
130-Sweeter Than You-Ricky Nelson-August                                    116
131-Woo Hoo-Rock-A-Teens-November                                           114
132-Endlessly-Brook Benton-June                                             112
133-Bobby Sox To Stockings-Frankie Avalon-July                              112
134-Peter Gunn Theme-Ray Anthony-March                                      110
135-There Goes My Baby-Drifters-August                                      108
136-Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)-Lloyd Price-April                   108
137-What'd I Say-Ray Charles-August                                         104
138-Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha-Sam Cooke-April                          102
139-Tiger-Fabian-June                                                        82
140-Enchanted-Platters-May                                                   76
141-Tomboy-Perry Como-March                                                  76
142-Goodbye Jimmy,Goodbye-Kathy Linden-June                                  74
143-Battle Of Kookamonga-Homer & Jethro-October                              74
144-Come To Me-Marv Johnson-May                                              72
145-(I'll Be With You In) Apple Blossom Time-Tab Hunter-March                72
146-(All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings-Paul Anka-February                      68
147-Mona Lisa-Carl Mann-July                                                 44
148-Kiss Me And Kiss Me And Kiss Me-Perry Como-March                         40
149-Come Softly To Me-Richard Barrett-March                                  40
150-I Wanna Be Loved-Ricky Nelson-December                                   38
151-Dance With Me-Drifters-November                                          38
152-(If You Cry) True Love, True Love-Drifters-November                      38
153-Since I Don't Have You-Skyliners-April                                   38
154-Torquay-Fireballs-November                                               38
155-Yep-Duane Eddy-May                                                       38
156-The Wedding-June Valli-January                                           38
157-Tennessee Waltz-Bobby Comstock-December                                  36
158-It Was I-Skip & Flip-August                                              36
159-Tennessee Waltz-Jerry Fuller-April                                       36
160-My Melancholy Baby-Tommy Edwards-June                                    36
151-Swingin' On A Rainbow-Frankie Avalon-December                            34
162-Talk To Me-Frank Sinatra-November                                        34
163-I Got Stripes-Johnny Cash-September                                      34
164-Five Feet High And Rising-Johnny Cash-September                          34
165-With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair-Pat Boone-February               34
166-Good Rockin' Tonight-Pat Boone-February                                  34
167-This Should Go On Forever-Rod Bernard-April                              34
168-I Got A Wife-Mark IV-February                                            34
169-Turvey (Part II)-Cozy Cole-January                                       34

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