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Written by Barry Kowal   
Jul 17, 2021 at 06:05 PM


Hello people,
    Some Americans may read this blog as a message of gloom while others may see it as a message of glory.Right now we are in the declining years of the American Empire.Since the end of World War II the USA has been the hegemonic leader of the world but many analytics are predicting by 2030 that China Will be the world leader and by 2050 India will surpass the USA as America will be #3 in the world.
     American investor and financial commentator Jim Rogers said in 2007:
"If you were smart in 1807,you moved to London,if you were smart in 1907,you moved
to New York City and if you are smart in 2007,you move to Asia."
   Before I begin analyzing this situation I would like to mention the fact that
politically I am an independent who holds no allegiance to either of the two main
US political parties.That said I will first discuss the demise of the USA from a
domestic perspective then from a global perspective.
In the USA you have two dominant political parties in power-the Democrats and the
Republicans.There are third parties but they have very little (almost none) political
power.Both dominant parties are really two sides of the same coin.Neither party acts
according to the interests of the majority of their constituents.They both act
according to the interests of big business,the big banks,big corporations and wealthy
billionaires.In other words the top .01%.They have been rather clever at keeping a
dichotomy between the bottom 99.9% by espousing such divisive issues as abortion,LGBT
rights,Vacciners and anti-vacciners,right to bear arms,Mr.Potatohead, blah,blah,
blah... As long as the top .01% can keep the bottom 99.9 fighting amongst themselves
the top .01% stays in control.It is the old philosophy of "divide and conquer".The
real dichotomy in the USA is not between the left and right but between the top and
the bottom.In 1963 a man could work all day say at a factory.His wife could stay at
home (not work) and take care of their two children.Then once a year they could take
a two week vacation.In 2021 this is unthinkable.In 1970 the average corporate
executive of a big company (i.e. Walmart) earned 45 times as much of a salary than
the person at the entry level position.Today the corporate exec of a big company
earns approximately 1000 times as much as the person at the entry level position and
in many corporations even more.
In the past (i.e. 1960s) the one governmental institution that prevented the
rich from getting too powerful while protecting the rights of the ordinary individual
was the US Supreme Court.However,in 2021 this is not so.Six of the nine justices on
the current US Supreme Court were appointed by Republican presidents.A political
party obsessed with greed, power,control and will shit and piss on anybody they want
to in order to get whatever they want.Republicans are ruthless sociopaths but Democrats
are no better and sometimes even worse.Democrats are ruthless when it comes to
steppin' on the throats of the progressive members of their party but are spineless
pussies when confronting the Republicans.
Now with this conservative 6-3 majority on the US Supreme Court Democrats are
blaming the Republicans for this situation.Of course,the 6 justices were appointed
to the Court by Republican presidents.But Democrats are equally to blame. There are
three very good reasons why the Democrats are equally responsible.
  1-When US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia died on February 13,2016 it was
nine months before the 2016 US presidential election.President Obama tried to appoint Merrick Garland to replace Justice Anthony Scalia on the US Supreme Court.But turtleneck US Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell refused to hold senate hearings on Garland's nomination. McConnell said Senate hearings on a new Supreme Court nominee will not be held until after the 2016 election.It is obvious this was a political move.The average time for a Supreme Court nomination process to run its course is approximately 4 months.Plenty of time before the November election.Obama should have told McConnell if hearings are not held in 4 months that he would put Garland on the Supreme Court without Senate confirmation.The GOP would have probably then would have taken Obama to court.But,the decision of when Senate hearing would begin on Garland's appointment to the Supreme Court would have been decided by the courts and not by Mitch McConnell.Instead spineless Obama defers to McConnell, Trump wins the election and instead of Garland going to the Supreme Court Trump gets a conservative Neil Gorsuch put on the court.
2-When US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on September 18,2020 it
was less than 7 weeks before the 2020 US Presidential.This time Mitch McConnell fast
tracks Senate hearings on Trumps nominee Amy Coney Barrett and on October 27,2020
one week before the 2020 election Barrett replaces Ginsburg on the Supreme Court.The
Democrats gave very little resistance to blocking that right-wing wacko's
nomination.They could have just blocked it for a few months until January when
Biden became president and the Senate would have have a Democrat majority.
3-and probably the most important reason I blame the Democrats is if the Dems in
2016 hadn't sabotaged the primaries and Bernie Sanders would have been the Presidential
nominee.He would have beaten Trump and there would now be a 6-3 court majority the correct
Now with a fascist Supreme Court who on June 22nd gutted section 2 of the 1965
Voting Rights Act have made it more difficult to challenge voter suppression laws in
the courts.Now 17 states with Republican majority legislatures have enacted laws which
make it more difficult for poor and ethnic minorities (Democrats) to vote.Republicans
can only win elections if they suppress many of the votes.They can not win fair and
square.But with gerrymandering and the support of a conservative Supreme Court it
looks like Republicans may be in control of government for a long time to come.In the
US Senate the Democrats are proposing to pass the Voting Rights Act which would
override these laws passed by the various state legislatures.But they would need 60
votes to do this and I can not imagine this happening.
So with Republicans getting the green light more than likely they will gain control
over the Senate and House of Representatives in 2022.This will result in Biden getting
nothing done after 2022.Donald Trump who got 75 million votes in the 2020 election and
is still considered by many to be the leader of the Republican party will probably
run again in 2024.If Biden doesn't do anything that reaps benefits to a lot of the
American people I can not see him or even Kamala Harris winning in 2024.Then if Trump
wins the 2024 election all hell will break loose.I don't really want to speculate on
what would happen should Trump be re-elected.Expotentialy the rich will keep getting
richer and richer and the poor will get poorer.By 2025 America will look more like
India than it does today.A few very rich people and an overwhelming majority will be
very poor.Donald J. Trump will lead the USA into it's domestic demise.
Now as far as the USA's demise globally goes you should understand Thucydides' Trap.
Thucydides' Trap,is a term popularized by American political scientist Graham T. Allison
to describe an apparent tendency towards war when an emerging power threatens to
displace an existing great power as a regional or international hegemon.It was coined
and is primarily used to describe a potential conflict between the United States and
the People's Republic of China.When entering Thucydides' Trap one of three things can
 1)The existing power can accept the rise of the emerging power.
 2)The existing power can negotiate with the emerging power.
Since 1972 when U.S. President Richard Richard Nixon visited the People's Republic
of China he formally normalized relations between the United States and the People's
Republic of China.However,by normalizing The relationship the USA had ulterior motives
and that was to bring about the collapse of the U.S.S.R.Henry Kissinger who laid down
the ground work for the normalization of relations between the United States and the
People's Republic of China advised government officials that once U.S.S.R. collapses
you go make friends with Russia to prevent China from becoming more powerful.The USA
never did this and instead created another cold war with Russia causing Russia to
establish stronger ties with China.Also China has expanded it's influence globally.
September 11 was probably the best thing that ever happened to China.After
September 11 the USA took their eyes off of China and became focused on men with
beards.At the same time Chinese officials went to Latin America and Africa and began
negotiating all kinds of business deals.Now here is the breaking point.China is now
starting to yield influence in Europe America's biggest ally.Europe like other
countries of the world are getting fed up with the USA threatening, bombing and
sanctioning other countries and just might want to deal with China rather than the
USA.When this happens (probably before 2030) then Thucydides' Trap will kick in and
one of the three things I previously mentioned will have to happen.Sixteen times in
world history when Thucydides' Trap kicked in,the result was war.China now has the
world's largest navy:
China has four times the population of the USA.Also China has nuclear weapons.The USA
would have to be insane to go head to head with China in a war.It would be armageddon.
So more than likely the USA will have to accept choices one or two.The end result
exercising either of these choices will be that the USA will not be the world's sole
superpower.This can have positive results for Americans.You won't hear loud mouth
Americans shouting "We are #2".Also since America became the world's #1 superpower
the English and French people have enjoyed a much better standard of living.Perhaps
when China takes over the #1 spot Americans will have a better lifestyle.
As for me I have my home here in Thailand where I will watch the USA burn to the

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