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Written by Barry Kowal   
Mar 08, 2021 at 08:18 PM


   Most people in the world are probably aware of the fact that in a capitalistic
society like the USA money is very important.But,what many people don't know is
that to the ruling class in the USA money trumps human life and human dignity.

   In his farewell speech on Tuesday,January 21,1961 the 34th US President Dwight
David Eisenhower,despite his military background and being the only general to be
elected president in the 20th century,he warned the nation with regard to the
corrupting influence of what he describes as the "military-industrial complex".


   The "military-industrial complex" which was set up during Eisenhower's term as
president,thanks primarily to John Foster Dulles Eisenhower's Secretary of State
operates as follows.The "military-industrial complex" is the Pentagon and big
business in bed together.The US government establishes Military bases and defense
manufacturing facilities in nearly all congressional districts in the USA.Military
bases and defense manufacturing facilities means jobs.Jobs means votes.In other words a politician opposing a bill that benefits military bases or defense manufacturing facilities is almost certainly facing political suicide.To be more succinct the "military-industrial complex" has the politicians by the balls.Further,the "military-industrial complex" is a business.Like all other businesses the bottom ine is all that matters.The defense contractors do not make profit if they can't sell weapons,missiles,tanks or bombs.The US government doesn't give a shit how many people lose their homes or their lives making money is all that matters.

Much is never mentioned of Martin Luther King Jr.'s last year of life.The US government was OK with black people being seated next to white people at a restaurant and not having to sit in the back of a bus.But when Martin Luther King Jr. criticized the US war in Vietnam he was suddenly thrown under the bus.


   One thing the "military-industrial complex" fears is an uprising from below like what happened in the French Revolution.The US creates these culture wars to prevent opposing sides from joining together and rising up.Why do you think abortion is such a hot button issue.Do you think a bunch of crackers are so deeply concerned about some woman carrying a baby to delivery? An affluent person has no problem with abortion.If abortion were to become illegal they could go somewhere else to have one.It is the economically disadvantaged who would pay the consequences.By forcing a poor person to carry out a pregnancy to fruition means that individual will have to support that child.If the mother is already poor and not well educated this would mean perpetuating that cycle of poverty.Again less likely for the poor to rise up against the machine.

    Donald Trump was rather blatant on how much more important money is than human
life.In 2018 when Jamal Khashoggi was murdered after being carved up,at the Saudi
Arabian embassy in Istanbul and it was revealed to Donald Trump that the orders came from the highest members of the Saudi Arabian government.Donald Trump chose to take no action saying selling weapons to the Saudi Arabian government was too important.


   So now it is no surprise,the US elites regard ordinary US citizens in the same
manner as other people.I always say Donald Trump and Joe Biden are nothing more than two sides of the same coin.Trump is like Hannibal Lecter and Biden is like Ted Bundy.Sometimes Democrats can be worse than Republicans.A Republican (like Hannibal Lecter) you can spot a mile away and know they are scumbags.While a Democrat (like Ted Bundywill approach you like they are good people then wind up being worse than the Republican.


No surprise,the Democrats refused to raise the federal minimum wage to 15 dollars
an hour while in Denmark the minimum wage is 24 dollars an hour.The USA without
providing health insurance during a pandemic gives some of it's citizens a one time check for $1400. While in other industrialized countries (i.e. Canada and Australia) provide their citizens with free health care and give their people $2000. a month.This is because Democrats and Republicans first priority is to keep their donors happy like Wall Street.Wall Street does not want any money to be given to US citizens or want tohave the federal minimum wage raised.If no money is given to US citizens that means the landlord will throw them out of their houses for failing to pay rent. Then the landlords can't repay the banks.So,the banks seize the property.Then there is a fire sale and the very wealthy have a heyday. In the process the elites in the USA don't care about the people losing their homes and not being able to feed their families because money is all that matters.

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