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  1-THE TWIST-CHUBBY CHECKER-JANUARY                 806
  2-RETURN TO SENDER-ELVIS PRESLEY-November                                664
  3-TELSTAR-TORNADOES-December                                             646
  4-STRANGER ON THE SHORE-MR. ACKER BILK-May                               646
  5-JOHNNY ANGEL-SHELLEY FABARES-March                                     638
  6-BOBBY'S GIRL-MARCIE BLANE-December                                     618
  7-THE WANDERER-DION-February                                             610
  8-FROM A JACK TO A KING-Ned Miller-December                              606
  9-THE LOCO-MOTION-Little Eva-August                                      598
 10-FORTUNE TELLER-Bobby Curtola-March                                     564
 11-Johnny Take Your Time-Bobby Curtola-March                              564
 12-Palisades Park-Freddy Cannon-June                                      562
 13-Good Luck Charm-Elvis Presley-April                                    558
 14-Sherry-Four Seasons-September                                          556
 15-Breaking Up Is Hard To Do-Neil Sedaka-July                             556
 16-Big Girls Don't Cry-Four Seasons-November                              554
 17-Sheila-Tommy Roe-August                                                554
 18-Let's Dance-Chris Montez-October                                       512
 19-I Can't Stop Loving You-Ray Charles-June                               506
 20-Duke Of Earl-Gene Chandler-February                                    490
 21-Roses Are Red-Bobby Vinton-July                                        488
 22-Mashed Potato Time-Dee Dee Sharp-May                                   484
 23-Johnny Get Angry-Joanie Sommers-June                                   460
 24-Wolverton Mountain-Claude King-June                                    460
 25-He's A Rebel-Crystals-October                                          454
 26-The Man Who Shot Liberty Vallence-Gene Pitney-May                      454
 27-Monster Mash-Bobby "Boris" Pickett-October                             442
 28-Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out)-Ernie Maresca-April                 442
 29-The Peppermint Twist Joey Dee & The Starliters-January                 426
 30-Follow That Dream-Elvis Presley-May                                    422
 31-She Can't Find Her Keys-Paul Peterson-February                         418
 32-(Dance With The)Guitar Man-Duane Eddy-November                         394  
 33-Soldier Boy-Shirelles-May                                              384
 34-Norman-Sue Thompson-January                                            374
 35-Ramblin'Rose-Nat King Cole-September                                   366
 36-Do You Love Me-Contours-October                                        352
 37-All Alone Am I-Brenda Lee-October                                      338
 38-Save All Your Lovin' For Me-Brenda Lee-October                         338
 39-I Remember You-Frank Ifield-September                                  326
 40-Sealed With A Kiss-Brian Hyland-July                                   316
 41-She's Not You-Elvis Presley-August                                     310
 42-Limbo Rock-Chubby Checker-October                                      304
 43-Popeye-Chubby Checker-October                                          304
 44-Things-Bobby Darin-August                                              296
 45-Break It To Me Gently-Brenda Lee-February                              292
 46-Girls Girls Girls (Made To Love)-Eddie Hodges-July                     290
 47-Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)-Roy Orbison-April                   290
 48-Lana-Roy Orbison-April                                                 290
 49-Conscience-James Darren-May                                            284
 50-Multiplication-Bobby Darin-February                                    276
 51-Lonely Bull-Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass-December                   272
 52-I Don't Care-Helen Shapiro-December                                    270
 53-Speedy Gonzales-Pat Boone-July                                         268
 54-Next Door To An Angel-Neil Sedaka-November                             266
 55-Cindy's Birthday-Johnny Crawford-May                                   260
 56-Let Me In-Sensations-March                                             258
 57-Hey! Baby-Bruce Channel-March                                          252
 58-Young World-Rick Nelson-April                                          250
 59-Silver Threads And Golden Needles-Springfields-September               248
 60-Bonnie B-Jerry Lee Lewis-January                                       248
 61-My Boomerang Won't Come Back-Charley Drake-February                    246
 62-Let's Twist Again-Chubby Checker-January                               232
 63-Venus In Blue Jeans-Jimmy Clanton-October                              230
 64-Can't Help Falling In Love-Elvis Presley-January                       228
 65-Please Don't Ask Barbara-Bobby Vee-March                               226
 66-Honky Tonk Man-Johnny Horton-March                                     222
 67-Remember Me,I'm The One-Gordon Lightfoot-July                          214
 68-Leah-Roy Orbison-September                                             212
 69-Her Royal Majesty-James Darren-February                                204
 70-Sugar Plum-Ike Clanton-August                                          198
 71-The Stripper-David Rose-June                                           192
 72-Alley Cat-Bent Fabric & His Piano-August                               188
 73-Playboy-Marvelettes-June                                               188
 74-King Of The Whole Wide World (Kid Galahad E.P.)-Elvis Presley-October  186
 75-Dear One-Larry Finnegan-April                                          186
 76-Come Outside-Mike Sarne-August                                         184
 77-Milk And Honey-Eddie Fisher-January                                    184
 78-Beechwood 4-5789-Marvelettes-September                                 180
 79-Lovers Who Wander-Dion-June                                            176
 80-Little Red Rented Rowboat-Joe Dowell-July                              172
 81-Ginny In The Mirror-Del Shannon-March                                  166
 82-Alladin-Bobby Curtola-November                                         156
 83-Lemon Tree-Peter,Paul & Mary-May                                       150
 84-Little Diane-Dion-August                                               148
 85-Mary Ann Regrets-Burl Ives-November                                    130
 86-Pop-Eye Stroll-Mar-Keys-April                                          130
 87-Ride!-Dee Dee Sharp-December                                           128
 88-Mr.Songwriter-Connie Stevens-August                                    126
 89-Ponchinello-Frankie Avalon-April                                       126
 90-Shadrack-Brook Benton-February                                         126
 91-Lost Penny-Brook Benton-February                                       126
 92-Forgive Me-Babs Tino-August                                            122
 93-Devil Woman-Marty Robbins-August                                        94
 94-Bandit Of My Dreams-Eddie Hodges-January                                92
 95-Pop Pop Pop Pop-Pie-Sherrys-November                                    86
 96-I Can't Stop Loving You-Roy Orbison-February                            86
 97-Glad Rag Doll-Johnny Madddox-April                                      84
 98-Little Town Flirt-Del Shannon-December                                  82
 99-Your Nose Is Gonna Grow-Johnny Crawford-September                       82
100-Teen Age Idol-Rick Nelson-September                                     80
101-Balboa Blue-Marketts-June                                               80
102-Forget Me Not-Eden Kane-April                                           80
103-Greasy Kid Stuff-Janie Grant-June                                       48
104-Uptown-Crystals-May                                                     48
105-Thunder Road-Robert Mitchum-January                                     44
106-Midnight In Moscow-Kenny Ball & Jazzmen-January                         42
107-Born To Lose-Ray Charles-June                                           40
108-Anything That's Part Of You-Elvis Presley-April                         40
109-Irresistible You-Bobby Darin-February                                   40
110-Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello-Elvis Presley-September                    40
111-So Deep-Brenda Lee-February                                             40
112-Theme From Dr. Kildare-Richard Chamberlain-July                         40
113-The Young Ones-Cliff Richard-April                                      40
114-I've Got Bonnie-Bobby Rydell-March                                      40
115-Lose Her-Bobby Rydell-March                                             40
116-Limbo Rock-Champs-July                                                  40
117-Walkin' With My Angel-Bobby Vee-February                                40
118-A Little Bitty Tear-Burl Ives-January                                   40
119-Rinky Dink-Dave Baby Cortez-September                                   40
120-The Majestic-Dion-January                                               40
121-Midnight In Moscow-Julius LaRosa-February                               40
122-I Know-Barbara George-January                                           40
123-When I Fall In Love-Lettermen-January                                   40
124-Theme From Ben Casey-Valjean-June                                       40
125-Runaway-Lawrence Welk-April                                             40
126-Teach Me Tonight-George Mahais-May                                      40
127-Turn Around,Look At Me-Glen Campbell-January                            40
128-The Comancheros-Claude King-December                                    40
129-Velvet Night-Teddy Mertens & His Trumpet-February                       40
130-Ballad Of Paladin-Duane Eddy-September                                  40
131-It Keeps Right On A Hurtin'-Johnny Tillotson-June                       40
132-Call Me Mr. In-Between-Burl Ives-August                                 40
133-Callin' Doctor Casey-John D.Loudermilk-July                             40
134-When The Boy In Your Arms-Connie Francis-January                        40
135-Acapulco 1922-Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass-December                  40
136-Baby's First Christmas-Connie Francis-January                           40
137-Shutters And Boards-Jerry Wallace-December                              40
138-Only Love Can Break Your-Gene Pitney-October                            40
139-The Poorest Girl In Town-Sandy Selsie-June                              40
140-Rain Rain Go Away-Bobby Vinton-September                                40
141-Mister Jones-John D.Loudermilk-March                                    40
142-Road Hog-John D.Loudermilk-December                                     40
143-The Cha-Cha-Cha-Bobby Rydell-November                                   40
144-The Twistin' Ghost-Maximillian-May                                      40
145-That's My Pa-Sheb Wooley-January                                        40
146-Eso Beso (That Kiss!)-Paul Anka-November                                40
147-Wah Watusi-Orlons-July                                                  38
148-Teen Queen Of The Week-Freddy Cannon-February                           38
149-Come Back Silly Girl-Lettermen-March                                    38
150-She's Everything (I Want You To Be)-Ral Donner-February                 38
151-Twisting At The Woodchopper's Ball-Ronn Metcalfe Orchestra-January      38
152-It Might As Well Rain Until September-Carole King-October               38
153-Gravy(For My Mashed Potatoes)-Dee Dee Sharp-July                        38
154-What's Your Name-Don & Juan-March                                       38
155-Baby Sittin' Boogie-Ralph Bendix-July                                   38
156-I've Been Everywhere-Hank Snow-October                                  36
157-Caterina-Perry Como-April                                               36
158-Everybody Loves Me But You-Brenda Lee-May                               36
159-Yessiree-Linda Scott-March                                              36
160-Montreal-Johnny Williams-October                                        36
161-Afrikaan Beat-Bert Kaempfert-February                                   36
162-Torture-Chris Jensen-October                                            36
163-Hear My Song,Violetta-Ray Adams-June                                    36
164-Today's Teardrops-Rick Nelson-May                                       36
165-Take Me Back-Andy Stewart-April                                         36
166-Percolator (Twist)-Billy Joe & The Checkmates-February                  36
167-Here Comes That Feelin'-Brenda Lee-April                                36
168-Mr.Heartache-Pat Hervey-July                                            34
169-Dreamy Eyes-Johnny Tillotson-January                                    34
170-Ruby Ann-Marty Robbins-December                                         34
171-Desiafinado-Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd-November                           34
172-Desafinado-Pat Thomas-November                                          34
173-Al Di La-Emillo Pericoli-June                                           34
174-Love Me Warm And Tender-Paul Anka-April                                 34
175-She Called Me Baby-Harlan Howard-April                                  34
176-Trouble's Back In Town-Wilburn Brothers-April                           34
177-Let's Go (Pony)-Routers-December                                        34
178-Dear Ivan-Jimmy Dean-January                                            34
179-Twistin' Postman-Marvelettes-February
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