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Written by Barry Kowal   
Oct 04, 2020 at 06:14 PM
Hello people,
we have eighteen (18) birthdays today.Two singers,an actor,five actresses,
a radio,television personality,an athlete,seven models and a deceased politician.
We will start with the singers.
  1) Born on Wednesday,November 30,1955 in Stanmore,United Kingdom is a singer who in 1981 made a studio version of a Tommy James & Shondells song that peaked at #3 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1968.Then in 1987 he released a "live" version of the same song and it went to #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100. 
Billy Idol.jpg

 2) Born on Thursday,November 30,1978 in Raleigh,North Carolina,U.S.A. is a
singer,television personality,actor,politician and activist.He first gained
fame when he came in second place on the second season of American Idol in 2003.His debut album,released in October 2003,went multi-platinum.

Clay Aiken.jpg

 3) Born on Tuesday,November 30,1965 in New York City is an actor,comedian and filmmaker.He is the son of veteran comedians and actors Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara.Having previously acted in television,he began acting in films;he made his directorial debut with "Reality Bites". Throughout his career he has written,starred in,directed or produced more than 50 films,including "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty","Zoolander","The Cable Guy","There's Something About Mary",the Meet the Parents trilogy,"DodgeBall","Tropic Thunder",the Madagascar series,and the Night at the Museum trilogy.In addition,he has had multiple cameos in music videos,television shows and films.His films have grossed more than $2.6 billion in Canada and the United States,with an average of $79 million per film.Throughout his career,he has received multiple awards and honors,including an Emmy Award,multiple MTV Movie Awards and a Teen Choice Award.

Ben Stiller.jpg

 4) Born on Tuesday,November 30,1982 in Calgary,Alberta,Canada is a Canadian
actress and model.She became known for playing Kim Bauer in the series "24",
Darcie Goldberg in the college comedy "Old School", Danielle in the teen comedy film "The Girl Next Door" and Carly Jones in the 2005 remake of "House of Wax".In 2013,Maxim magazine named her "TV's most beautiful woman".
   At the age of 14,she made her feature film debut in the 1997 family-drama
"Dancing On The Moon".Her first major lead role came in the 1998 drama film
"Airspeed (No Control)" alongside Joe Mantegna. In 2001,she starred in the movie "Lucky Girl",in which she received her first award,the Gemini Awards,but her career began in earnest in the 2000s when she played Kim Bauer,daughter of Jack Bauer in the action series "24". Subsequently,she appeared in the lead role in the films "The Quiet" (2005) and "Captivity" (2007).
  From 2011 to 2013,she starred as Alex Kerkovich in the three seasons of the ABC comedy "Happy Endings".

Elisha Cuthbert.jpg

 5) Born on Tuesday,November 30,1976 in Japan is an actress and model.One of
her best movies is "TEPPAN FHD TOMN-110"She is admired as one of the most
beautiful and youthful in the mature genre.She has the most amazing body for
her age and her sweet soft moans will stay with you long after the movie finishes playing!.

Yuna Hayashi.jpg

Yuna Hayashi

 6) Born on Tuesday,November 30,1993 in Tokyo is an actress.One of her best
movies is "TANNING SALON WITH FUJIMOTO SHION".She is Miss August 2018 on my

Shion Fujimoto.jpg

Shion Fujimoto

 7) Born on Sunday,November 30,1969 in London is an actress.She is know for
appearing in the movies "The Best of Electric Blue:Bottoms Up (1995)" and
"Page 3 Model (1995)".She was the Penthouse Pet Of The Month for July 1992.

Nicole Simmons.jpg

Nicole Simmons

 8) Also born on Sunday,November 30,1969 but in Huntington Beach,California,
USA is an actress and model.She played volleyball in high school and graduated from Los Gatos High School in 1988.She moved from Northern California to San Diego,California following graduation from high school.She was the Playmate of the Month in the May,1991 issue of "Playboy".She was featured in several "Playboy" videos and posed for many "Playboy" newsstand special editions.She has had roles in the films "Death Becomes Her" (1992), "Mr. Baseball (1992),"The Settlement"(1999) and "Stuck on You" (2003). oreover,she has made guest appearances on episodes of the TV shows "Silk Stalkings" (1991),"Compromising Situations"(1994) and "Renegade" (1992).She married writer/director Mark Steilen in June,2003.
    She lives in the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles.

Carrie Jean Yazel.jpg

Carrie Jean Yazel

 9) Born on Saturday,November 30,1929 in Mount Vernon,New York,USA (Died: April 18,2012 in Santa Monica,California,USA)was an American radio and television personality,television producer and film actor as well as a cultural icon who remains best known for hosting American Bandstand from 1957 to 1989.

Dick Clark.jpg

10) Born on Friday,November 30,1962 in Bessemer,Alabama,USA is a former baseball and American football player.He is the only athlete in history to be named an All-Star in both baseball and football and one of few to do so in two major sports.He is widely considered one of the greatest athletes of all time.

Bo Jackson.jpg

11) Born on Saturday,November 30,1991 in Moscow is a model.She is Miss May 2016 on my website

Anne P. Oliwa.jpg

Anne P. Oliwa

12) Also born on Saturday,November 30,1991 but in Menifee,California,USA is a model.She is the Penthouse Pet For July,2018

Leigh Raven.jpg

Leigh Raven

13) Born on Friday,November 30,1990 in Fort Ord,California,USA is a model.She is the Playboy Playmate for February 2011.

Kylie Johnson.jpg

Kylie Johnson

14) Born on Friday,November 30,1984 in Atlanta,Georgia,USA is a model.She is
the Penthouse Pet for September,2006.

Michelle Ramos.jpg

Michelle Ramos

15) Born on Friday,November 30,1979 in Los Angeles,California,USA is a model.She is the Penthouse Pet for March 2004.

Kimber Lee.jpg

Kimber Lee

16) Born on Wednesday,November 30,1966 in Los Angeles is a model.She is the
Penthouse Pet for October 1986.

Janna Adams.jpg

Janna Adams

17) Born on Monday,November 30,1959 in Paris is a model.She is the Penthouse
Pet for December 1980.

Ava Monet.jpg

Ava Monet

18) Born on Monday,November 30,1874 in Blenheim Palace,United Kingdom
(Died:January 24,1965 at Kensington,Co.London,UK)was a British statesman, army officer and writer.He served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955.As a Member of Parliament (MP),he represented five constituencies over the course of his career.As Prime Minister,he led Britain to victory during the Second World War.He led the Conservative Party for fifteen years from 1940 to 1955.He is considered by many historians to be the greatest Prime Minister in British history.

Winston Churchill.jpg
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