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   2-IT'S ALL IN THE GAME-CLIFF RICHARD-November                                         686
   3-FROM A JACK TO A KING-NED MILLER-January                                            610
   4-DOMINIQUE-SINGING NUN-December                                                      602
   5-BLUE VELVET-BOBBY VINTON-September                                                  594
   6-FORGET HIM-BOBBY RYDELL-December                                                    566
   7-HE'S SO FINE-CHIFFONS-April                                                         550
   8-SURFIN' U.S.A.-Beach Boys-May                                                       550
   9-SUMMER HOLIDAY-Cliff Richard-May                                                    538
 10-IT'S MY PARTY-Lesley Gore-June                                                      516
 11-Hey,Paula-Paul & Paula-February                                                     512
 12-Shut Down-Beach Boys-May                                                            504
 13-Be My Baby-Ronettes-November                                                        502
 14-Bachelor Boy-Cliff Richard-May                                                      496
 15-I'm Leaving It Up To You-Dale & Grace-December                                      488
 16-My Boyfriend's Back-Angels-September                                                468
 17-Just One Look-Doris Troy-August                                                     464
 18-Walk Like A Man-Four Seasons-March                                                  460
 19-Rhythm Of The Rain-Cascades-March                                                   458
 20-Mockingbird-Inez Foxx-August                                                        454
 21-The Night Has 1000 Eyes-Bobby Vee-January                                           450
 22-Charlena-Richie Knight & The Mid-Knights-July                                       446
 23-Walk Right In-Roof Top Singers-January                                              444
 24-Three Rows Over-Bobby Curtola-October                                               444
 25-The End Of The World-Skeeter Davis-March                                            428
 26-Dancing Shoes-Cliff Richard-May                                                     426
 27-I Will Follow Him-Little Miss Peggy March-April                                     418
 28-Ruby Baby-Dion-March                                                                410
 29-I Can't Stay Mad At You-Skeeter Davis-October                                       410
 30-Be True To Your School-Beach Boys-December                                          406
 31-Indian Giver-Bobby Curtola-July                                                     392
 32-Needles & Pins-Jackie DeShannon-July                                                390
 33-Everybody-Tommy Roe-December                                                        386
 34-Deep Purple-April Stevens & Neno Tempo-November                                     386
 35-The Gypsy Cried-Lou Christie-February                                               384
 36-Till Then-Classics-August                                                           384
 37-(You're) The Devil In Disguise-Elvis Presley-July                                   378
 38-Half Heaven,Half Heartache-Gene Pitney-February                                     376
 39-Blame It On The Bossa Nova-Eydie Gorme-February                                     372
 40-Marlena-Four Seasons-August                                                         360
 41-Candy Girl-Four Seasons-August                                                      360
 42-It's Up To You-Rick Nelson-February                                                 346
 43-Da Doo Ron Ron-Crystals-June                                                        340
 44-If You Wanna Be Happy-Jimmy Soul-May                                                336
 45-Any Other Way-Jackie Shane-April                                                    334
 46-String Along-Rick Nelson-July                                                       330
 47-If I Had A Hammer-Trini Lopez-September                                             318
 48-Surfer Girl-Beach Boys-September                                                    314
 49-Surf City-Jan & Dean-July                                                           308
 50-Little Deuce Coupe-Beach Boys-September                                             306
 51-Mecca-Gene Pitney-April                                                             302
 52-Martian Hop-Ran-Dells-September                                                     296
 53-Blue On Blue-Bobby Vinton-June                                                      290
 54-South Street-Orlons-April                                                           288
 55-Over The Mountain (Across The Sea)-Bobby Vinton-April                               282
 56-Loddy Lo-Chubby Checker-December                                                    282
 57-Two Faces Have I-Lou Christie-May                                                   280
 58-Peanuts-Four Seasons-April                                                          274
 59-Boss Guitar-Duane Eddy-March                                                        274
 60-Swingin' On A Star-Big Dee Irwin & Little Eva-July                                  264
 61-All I Have To Do Is Dream-Richard Chamberlain-April                                 264
 62-Hi-Lili,Hi-Lo-Richard Chamberlain-April                                             264
 63-Puff(The Magic Dragon)-Peter,Paul & Mary-April                                      256
 64-I Love You Because-Al Martino-May                                                   256
 65-In Dreams-Roy Orbison-April                                                         256
 66-Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh!-Alan Sherman-September                                  254
 67-You Can't Sit Down-Dovells-June                                                     254
 68-Maria Elena-Los Indios Tabajaras-November                                           250
 69-Foolish Little Girl-Shirelles-May                                                   250
 70-Bo Didley-Ronnie Hawkins-May                                                        250
 71-Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah-Bob B.Soxx & The Blue Jeans-January                               248
 72-Then He Kissed Me-Crystals-September                                                244
 73-Washington Square-Village Stompers-November                                         244
 74-Young Lovers-Paul & Paula-April                                                     240
 75-A Love So Fine-Chiffons-October                                                     236
 76-Sukiyaki-Kyu Sakamoto-June                                                          226
 77-Denise-Randy & Rainbows-August                                                      226
 78-Fingertips Part II-Little Stevie Wonder-August                                      224
 79-24 Hours From Tulsa-Gene Pitney-December                                            224
 80-Cry Baby-Garnett Mimms & The Enchanters-October                                     218
 81-Sally Go Round The Roses-September                                                  218
 82-(Down At) Papa Joe's-Dixiebelles-December                                           216
 83-If...(I Found A New Girl)-Little Caesar & The Consuls-October                       208
 84-Drip Drop-Dion-December                                                             208
 85-Patty Boy-Freddy Cannon-July                                                        206
 86-Little Town Flirt-Del Shannon-February                                              206
 87-Easier Said Than Done-Essex-July                                                    202
 88-Fools Rush In-Rick Nelson-October                                                   198
 89-Judy's Turn To Cry-Lesley Gore-August                                               184
 90-Sue's Gotta Be Mine-Del Shannon-December                                            184
 91-She's A Fool-Lesley Gore-December                                                   174
 92-500 Miles Away From Home-Bobby Bare-November                                        170
 93-Reverend Mr.Black-Kingston Trio-April                                               170
 94-Lucky Lips-Cliff Richard-August                                                     170
 95-Abeline-George Hamilton IV-July                                                     166
 96-On Top Of Spaghetti-Tom Glazer & The Do-Re-Mi Children's Chorus-July                164
 97-Four Strong Winds-Ian & Sylvia-October                                              162
 98-My Coloring Book-Sandy Stewart-January                                              158
 99-You're The Reason I'm Living-Bobby Darin-February                                   158
100-The Last Leaf-Cascades-May                                                          154
101-Shy Girl-Cascades-May                                                               154
102-Come Go With Me-Dion-July                                                           140
103-Wonderful! Wonderful!-Tymes-September                                               130
104-Whole Stole The Keeshka?-Matys Brothers-December                                    126
105-Danke Schoen-Wayne Newton-August                                                    124
106-Waitin' For The Evening Train-Anita Kerr Singers-December                           118
107-Make The World Go Away-Timi Yuro-September                                          116
108-Bongo Bongo Bongo-Preston Epps-July                                                 112
109-Talk Back Trembling Lips-Ernest Ashworth-September                                  112
110-Mickey's Monkey-Miracles-September                                                  110
111-Wipe Out-Surfaris-August                                                            110
112-Tell Him-Exciters-January                                                           110
113-Please Don't Talk To The Lifeguard-Diane Ray-September                              110
114-Tears Of Misery-Pat Hervey-March                                                    108
115-One Broken Heart For Sale-Elvis Presley-March                                        80
116-They Remind Me Too Much Of You-Elvis Presley-March                                   80
117-Pipeline-Chantays-April                                                              74
118-Ring Of Fire-Johnny Cash-July                                                        72
119-Twenty Miles-Chubby Checker-April                                                    70
120-I'm Afraid To Go Home-Brian Hyland-August                                            68
121-Loop De Loop-Johnny Thunder-January                                                  68
122-First Quarrel-Paul & Paula-June                                                      42
123-Can't Get Used To Losing You-Andy Williams-April                                     38
124-Wild Weekend-Rockin'Rebels-February                                                  38
125-18 Yellow Roses-Bobby Darin-June                                                     38
126-You Can Never Stop Me Loving You-Johnny Tillotson-September                          38
127-One Fine Day-Chiffons-July                                                           38
128-The Push And Kick-Mark Valentine-January                                             36
129-Talk To Me-Sunny & Sunglows-November                                                 36
130-Cindy's Gonna Cry-Johnny Crawford-October                                            36
131-So Much In Love-Tymes-July                                                           36
132-From Me To You-Del Shannon-August                                                    36
133-Mean Woman Blues-Roy Orbison-October                                                 34
134-Blue Bayou-Roy Orbison-October                                                       34
135-You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry-Caravelles-December                               34
136-When A Boy Falls In Love-Mel Carter-September                                        34
137-Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer-Nat King Cole-June                              34
138-Teenage Cleopatra-Tracey Dey-September                                               34
139-It'll Be Me-Cliff Richard-August                                                     34
140-Birdland-Chubby Checker-June                                                         34
141-Funny Man-Ray Stevens-May                                                            34
142-Danger-Vic Dana-May                                                                  34
143-You Used To Be-Brenda Lee-February                                                   34
144-Black Cloud-Chubby Checker-June                                                      34
145-Castaway-Hayley Mills-February                                                       34
146-She'll Never Know-Brenda Lee-February                                                34

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