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Written by Barry Kowal   
Sep 06, 2020 at 02:26 PM

Hello people,
     we have thirteen (13) birthdays on this date;a painter,an actor,a comedian,three singers,a model,a politician,a political consultant and four actresses.
    Let's start with the painter.


 1) Born on Tuesday,October 25,1881 in Malaga,Spain (died:April 8,1973 in Mougins,France) was a Spanish painter,sculptor,printmaker,ceramicist,stage designer, poet and playwright who spent most of his adult life in France.Regarded as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century,he is known for co-founding the Cubist movement,the invention of constructed sculpture,the co-invention of collage and for the wide variety of styles that he helped develop and explore.Among his most famous works are the proto-Cubist "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" (1907), and "Guernica" (1937),a dramatic portrayal of the bombing of Guernica by the German and Italian airforces during the Spanish Civil War.

Pablo Picasso.jpg

 2)Born on Monday,October 25,1971 in Chicago is an actor,comedian and singer.He is
best known for his role as Darryl Philbin on "The Office" and has appeared in numerous other television shows and films including "Pineapple Express" (2008),"Zack And Miri Make A Porno" (2008),"Hot Tub Time Machine" (2010),"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" (2013-),"This Is The End" (2013), and "Sausage Party" (2016).

Craig Robinson.jpg

 3)Born on Saturday,October 25,1969 in Toronto is a Canadian-American comedian, writer,producer,political commentator,actress and television host.She rose to fame as a correspondent on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart,where she became the longest-serving regular correspondent.In 2015,she departed the show after 12 years to start her own show.She became a US citizen in 2014,while retaining her Canadian citizenship.In 2017,"Time" named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world on their annual Time 100 list.

Samantha Bee.jpg

 4)Born on Thursday,October 25,1984 in Santa Barbara,California,USA is a singer who has had nine (9) #1 singles on the US Billboard Hot 100.She once kissed a girl and you will hear her "Roar."

Katy Perry.jpg

Katy Perry

 5)Born on Friday,October 25,1985 in Austin,Texas,USA is a singer,songwriter, dancer and model.She traveled around the world during her childhood,eventually moving to Atlanta,Georgia where she joined the girl group "Hearsay".In 2004 as part of a duo she had a #1 single on the US Billboard Hot 100.



 6) Born on Saturday,October 25,1941 in Melbourne,Victoria,Australia (died:September 29,2020 in Los Angeles) was an Australian-American singer, 
songwriter,author,actress, and activist.As a singer she had three (3) #1 singles on the US Billboard Hot 100 during the 1970s.
Helen Maxine Reddy.jpg

 7)Born on Tuesday,October 25,1983 in Dallas,Texas,USA is a model who was the Penthouse Pet for September 2009.

Taylor Vixen.jpg

Taylor Vixen

 8)Born on Sunday,October 25,1970 in Rochester,Minnesota,USA is a politician and
retired Army Major who served as the West Virginia State Senator from the 7th district from 2016 until his resignation in January 2019.

Richard Ojeda.jpg

 9)Born on Wednesday,October 25,1944 in Fort Benning,Georgia,USA is a political
consultant.He has strategized for candidates for public office in the United States and in 23 nations abroad.He is also a media personality with expertise in U.S. elections who continues to appear frequently on cable news programs during the 2020 election cycle,in podcasts, and in his public speeches.
   He co-hosted CNN's Crossfire along with associate Paul Begala from 2002 until the show's cancellation in 2005.

James Carville.jpg

10)Born on Friday,October 25,1957 in Dayton,Ohio,USA is an actress and voice actress,known for her long-running role as Bart Simpson on the animated television series "The Simpsons".She also voices other characters for the show,including Nelson Muntz,Ralph Wiggum,Todd Flanders,Kearney and Database. 

Nancy Cartwright.jpg

Nancy Cartwright

11)Born on Friday,October 25,1963 in Santa Monica,California,USA is an actress and
writer.1982, she played "valley girl" Jennifer DeNuccio on the television series
"Square Pegs" and in 1986 she landed the role of the anorexic daughter in Paul Mazursky's film "Down And Out In Beverly Hills".She is the daughter of a singer who had two #1 singles on the US Billboard Hot 100;one from 1958 and one in 1961.As a matter of fact her father had the first #1 single on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Tracy Nelson.jpg

12)Born on Thursday,October 25,1928 in Watertown,Minnesota,USA is an actress.Her
best-known role is that of Marion Cunningham on the ABC television sitcom "Happy Days",on which she starred from 1974 to 1984 and received two Primetime Emmy Award

Marion Ross.jpg

13)Born on Saturday,October 25,1997 in Kelowna,British Columbia,Canada is an actress and model.Her best-known role is that of the "hanging girl" in the 2019 movie "Verotika".She was CherryPimps Cherry Of The Month for November 2018,Twistys Treat Of The Month for June 2019 and the Penthouse Pet Of The Month for May 2020.

Emma Hix.jpg

Emma Hix


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