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She Loves You/I'll Get You

   1-SHE LOVES YOU-BEATLES-JANUARY                                                        968
2-I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND-BEATLES-March                                               828
   3-HELLO,DOLLY-LOUIS ARMSTRONG-May                                                      744
   4-DO WAH DIDDY DIDDY-MANFRED MANN-October                                              682
   5-I'M INTO SOMETHING GOOD-HERMAN'S HERMITS-November                                    680
   6-LAST KISS-J. FRANK WILSON & THE CAVALIERS-December                                   656
   7-A HARD DAYS Night-BEATLES-August                                                     656
   8-HAVE I THE RIGHT?-Honeycombs-November                                                648
   9-OH,PRETTY WOMAN-Roy Orbison-October                                                  616
 10-I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN Better-Beatles-August                                            616
 11-I Saw Her Standing There-Beatles-March                                               592
 12-All My Lovin'-Beatles-April                                                          584
 13-This Boy-Beatles-April                                                               584
 14-House Of The Rising Sun-Animals-September                                            582
 15-A World Without Love-Peter & Gordon-June                                             574
 16-The Hippy Hippy Shake-Swinging Blue Jeans-May                                        566
 17-Everybody Loves Somebody-Dean Martin-August                                          548
 18-Hawaii Tattoo-Waikikis-December                                                      546
 19-Glad All Over-Dave Clark Five-April                                                  526
 20-Bread & Butter-Newbeats-October                                                      522
 21-Roll Over Beethoven-Beatles-January                                                  516
 22-Where Did Our Love Go-Supremes-September                                             516
 23-Do You Love Me-Dave Clark Five-July                                                  476
 24-Surfin' Bird-The Trashmen-February                                                   472
 25-Dawn(Go Away)-Four Seasons-February                                                  470
 26-Kiss Me Quick-Elvis Presley-June                                                     470
 27-Wedding-Julie Rogers-December                                                        468
 28-Memphis-Johnny Rivers-July                                                           462
 29-G.T.O.-Ronny & The Daytonas-September                                                450
 30-It Hurts To Be In Love-Gene Pitney-October                                           446
 31-Louie,Louie-Kingsmen-January                                                         444
 32-C'mon Everybody-Elvis Presley-August                                                 444
 33-Today,Tomorrow And Forever-Elvis Presley-August                                      444
 34-My Boy Lollipop-Millie Small-July                                                    442
 35-I Get Around-Beach Boys-Capitol-July                                                 440
 36-Can't Buy Me Love-Beatles-April                                                      436
 37-Chapel Of Love-Dixie Cups-June                                                       430
 38-I'm The One-Gerry & The Pacemakers-June                                              424
 39-The French Song-Lucille Starr-June                                                   418
 40-Bits And Pieces-Dave Clark Five-May                                                  416
 41-Hold Me-P.J. Proby-November                                                          386
 42-Rag Doll-Four Seasons-August                                                         378
 43-You Don't Own Me-Lesley Gore-February                                                372
 44-Come A Little Bit Closer-Jay & The Americans-December                                372
 45-The Shoop Shoop Song-Betty Everett-May                                               370
 46-There I've Said It Again!-Bobby Vinton-January                                       356
 47-Baby Love-Supremes-November                                                          350
 48-I Like It-Gerry & The Pacemakers-November                                            344
 49-Big Town Boy-Shirley Matthews-February                                               342
 50-Ain't That Loving You Baby-Elvis Presley-November                                    340
 51-Ask Me-Elvis Presley-November                                                        340
 52-Fun,Fun,Fun-Beach Boys-March                                                         338
 53-Suspicion-Terry Stafford-May                                                         336
 54-Don't Worry Baby-Beach Boys-Capitol-July                                             330
 55-Hey Little Cobra-Rip Chords-January                                                  320
 56-Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying-Gerry & The Pacemakers-June                       316
 57-My Guy-Mary Wells-June                                                               298
 58-Love Me Do-Beatles-March                                                             294
 59-Such A Night-Elvis Presley-August                                                    278
 60-No Particular Place To Go-Chuck Berry-July                                           276
 61-Don't Throw Your Love Away-Searchers-July                                            274
 62-A Summer Song-Chad & Jeremy-October                                                  272
 63-Please,Please Me-Beatles-March                                                       272
 64-Little Honda-Hondells-November                                                       268
 65-California Sun-Rivieras-March                                                        264
 66-Out Of Limits-Marketts-January                                                       260
 67-Don't Let The Rain Come Down(Crooked Little Man)-Serendipity Singers-May             258
 68-Tall Cool One-Wailers-July                                                           256
 69-From Me To You-Beatles-March                                                         254
 70-Right Or Wrong-Ronnie Dove-November                                                  252
 71-Can't You See That She's Mine-Dave Clark Five-July                                   230
 72-Because-Dave Clark Five-August                                                       230
 73-Wishin' And Hopin'-Dusty Springfield-August                                          226
 74-Twist & Shout-Beatles-April                                                          224
 75-From A Window-Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas-October                                  224
 76-Matchbox-Beatles-October                                                             220
 77-Jolie Jacqueline-Lucille Starr-September                                             214
 78-Jambalaya-Gerry & The Pacemakers-August                                              210
 79-Clinging Vine-Bobby Vinton-September                                                 208
 80-Little Old Lady From Pasadena-Jan & Dean-August                                      200
 81-Under The Boardwalk-Drifters-August                                                  196
 82-Um,Um,Um,Um,Um,Um-Major Lance-February                                               186
 83-Navy Blue-Diane Renay-March                                                          184
 84-Diane-Bachelors-April                                                                168
 85-We'll Sing In The Sunshine-Gale Garnett-October                                      160
 86-Is It True-Brenda Lee-November                                                       150
 87-Daisy Petal Pickin'-Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs-February                            148
 88-Bird Dance Beat-Trashmen-March                                                       142
 89-You Really Got Me-Kinks-November                                                     140
 90-Slow Down-Beatles-October                                                            134
 91-Ringo-Deer-Garry Ferrier-December                                                    132
 92-442 Glenwood Avenue-The Three Pixies-February                                        128
 93-Little Girl Blue-Bobby Curtola-February                                              126
 94-Popsicles,Icicles-Murmaids-January                                                   114
 95-Anyone Who Had A Heart-Dionne Warwick-February                                       114
 96-As Usual-Brenda Lee-January                                                          112
 97-Young And In Love-Chris Crosby-March                                                 110
 98-Stay-Four Seasons-April                                                              106
 99-Wendy-Beach Boys-September                                                           102
100-Pretty Paper-Roy Orbison-January                                                      84
101-Abigail Beecher-Freddy Cannon-February                                                80
102-Sugar And Spice-Searchers-July                                                        78
103-Unless You Care-Terry Black-October                                                   74
104-For You-Rick Nelson-February                                                          74
105-Bad To Me-Billy J.Kramer & The Dakotas-June                                           74
106-Good Golly Miss Molly-Swinging Blue Jeans-May                                         74
107-Gator Tails And Monkey Ribs-The Spats-October                                         74
108-On The Beach-Cliff Richard-October                                                    72
109-Walk On By-Dionne Warwick-June                                                        72
110-A Matter Of Moments-Cliff Richard-October                                             72
111-Ringo-Lorne Greene-December                                                           72
112-Drag City-Jan & Dean-January                                                          72
113-Just Once More-Rita Pavone-July                                                       70
114-Miller's Cave-Bobby Bare-March                                                        70
115-Chug A Lug-Roger Miller-October                                                       68
116-A World Without Love-Bobby Rydell-May                                                 44
117-Little Children-Billy J.Kramer & The Dakotas-May                                      38
118-Leader Of The Pack-Shangri-Las-November                                               36
119-Tobacco Road-Nashville Teens-November                                                 36
120-You Never Can Tell-Chuck Berry-September                                              36
121-Nobody I Know-Peter & Gordon-July                                                     36
122-Kiss Me Sailor-Diane Renay-May                                                        36
123-Hooka Tooka-Chubby Checker-January                                                    36
124-Needles And Pins-Searchers-July                                                       34
125-You're My World-Cilla Black-July                                                      34
126-Ebb Tide-Lenny Welch-May                                                              34
127-Don't Talk To Him-Cliff Richard-February                                              34
128-People Say-Dixie Cups-August                                                          34
129-Maybe I Know-Lesley Gore-August                                                       34
130-Johnny Loves Me-Florraine Darlin-August                                               34
131-Viva Las Vegas-Elvis Presley-June                                                     34
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