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Written by Barry Kowal   
Aug 22, 2020 at 06:34 PM

Hello people,
    We have eighteen (18) birthdays on this date;two wives,three singers,
a musician,a business magnate,a film director,a retired basketball player,an actor,a golfer,a model,a deceased baseball player,a father,a good woman,two assholes and an actress.
   Let's start with the two wives.


 1) Born on Sunday,September 10,1939 in Blackpool,United Kingdom (Died:April 1,2015 in Calvia,Spain) was the first wife of a Beatle and mother of Julian Lennon.

Cynthia Lennon.jpg

 2)Born on Friday,September 10,1948 in Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada is the wife of Canada's 15th Prime Minister and the mother of Canada's 23rd prime minister.

Margaret Trudeau.jpg

 3)Born on Sunday,September 10,1950 in Lawrence,Massachusetts,USA is the lead guitarist,backing and occasional lead vocalist and contributing songwriter for a very famous Boston based rock band.He was ranked 84th in Rolling Stone's list of The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time in 2001.In 1998 the band had a #1 single on the US Billboard Hot 100.The song was from a motion picture that starred Bruce Wills and one of the band members' daughter.

Joe Perry.jpg

 4)Born on Thursday,September 10,1942 in Buncrana,Donegal,Ireland is one of three
lead singers of a band that had three #1 singles on the US Billboard Hot 100.One of the three songs spent 6 weeks at #1 and was the song that both Cash Box and Billboard Magazines ranked as the #1 song for the entire year of 1971 on both their year end charts.

Danny Hutton.jpg

 5)Born on Monday,September 10,1945 in Lares,Puerto Rico,USA is a singer who had
did a cover version of an original "Doors" song.The cover version peaked at #3 on
the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1968.

Jos?? Feliciano.jpg

 6)Born on Wednesday,September 10,1980 in Kearny,New Jersey,USA is a musician.He is best known as the bassist of a rock band that had a song that peaked at #1 in the UK (OCC Chart) in 2006.

Mikey Way.jpg

 7)Born on Thursday,September 10,1964 in Hangzhou,China is a business magnate, investor and philanthropist.He is the co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group,a multinational technology conglomerate.

Jack Ma.jpg

 8)Born on Tuesday,September 10,1968 in Hatfield,United Kingdom is a film director,film producer,screenwriter,pub landlord and businessman,known for his crime films.From 2000-2008 he was married to Madonna.

Guy Ritchie.jpg

 9)Born on Tuesday,September 10,1974 in White Hall,Alabama,USA is a retired professional basketball player.In his NBA career,he played with the Washington Bullets/Wizards,Orlando Magic,Detroit Pistons,Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers.
   He won the NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award four times,a record he shares
with Dikembe Mutombo.In nine seasons with the Pistons (2000-2006; 2009-2012),he made two NBA Finals appearances (2004 and 2005) and won a championship with the Pistons in 2004.

Ben Wallace.jpg

10)Born on Saturday,September 10,1960 in Grayshott,United Kingdom is an English-Italian actor who has received an Academy Award,a Golden Globe Award,two BAFTA Awards and three Screen Actors Guild Awards,as well as the Volpi Cup for Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival.In 2010,his portrayal of King George VI in Tom Hooper's "The King's Speech" won him the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Colin Firth.jpg

11) Born on Tuesday,September 10,1929 in Latrobe,Pennsylvania,USA (Died:September
25,2016 in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania,USA)was a professional golfer who is generally
regarded as one of the greatest and most charismatic players in the sport's history.
   Dating back to 1955,he won numerous events on both the PGA Tour and the circuit
now known as PGA Tour Champions.Nicknamed "The King",he was one of golf's most
popular stars and seen as a trailblazer,the first superstar of the sport's television age,which began in the 1950s.
   In a career spanning more than six decades,he won 62 PGA Tour titles from 1955 to 1973.As of today,he is fifth on the Tour's all-time victory list, trailing only Sam Snead,Tiger Woods,Jack Nicklaus and Ben Hogan.He won seven major titles in a
six-plus-year domination from the 1958 Masters to the 1964 Masters.He also won the
PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998 and in 1974 was one of the 13 original
inductees into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Arnold Palmer.jpg

12)Born on Wednesday,September 10,1986 in Dallas,Texas,USA (Died:April 17,2020 in
Austin,Texas)is a model and the Playboy Playmate of the Month for March 2011.In
2016 she was arrested for drunk driving with a golf cart in Orange County,California.

Ashley Mattingly.jpg

Ashley Mattingly

13) Born on Monday,September 10,1934 in Hibbing,Minnesota,USA (Died:December 14,1985
in Houston,Texas,USA) was an American professional baseball right fielder.He is best
known for setting a new major league baseball single-season home run record with 61
home runs in 1961;the record remained unbroken until 1998.

Roger Maris.jpg

14) Born on Friday,September 10,1920 in Krasnystaw,Poland (Died:July 23,2016 in
Ellenville,New York,USA) was a Polish immigrant who came to the USA in 1947 and he
is my father.

Joseph Kowal.jpg

Joseph Kowal

15)Born on Wednesday,September 10,1952 in Freeport,New York,USA is a good woman,an
American political activist,best known for co-founding Code Pink along with activist and author Kevin Danaher,the fair trade advocacy group Global Exchange.She was also the Green Party candidate in California in 2000 for the United States Senate,receiving the highest raw vote total of any Green Party U.S. Senate candidate in American history.She currently contributes to OpEdNews and The Huffington Post. 
  In 2003,The Los Angeles Times described her as "one of the high profile leaders" of the peace movement.
Medea Benjamin.jpg

16)Born on Saturday,September 10,1949 in New York City is an asshole,journalist, author and former television host.He is the author of several books and hosted "The Radio Factor" (2002-2009) on FOX News.Since 2017,he has hosted the "No Spin News" podcast,which he founded after being fired from Fox.
   His media career took a major blow after various New York Times investigations
revealed that he had paid half a dozen women nearly $50 million to settle various
sexual harassment lawsuits.After the first New York Times investigation revealed that he and Fox News had settled five sexual harassment lawsuits totaling $13 million,Fox News terminated his employment in April 2017.

Asshole,Bill O'Reilly.jpg

17)Born on Thursday,September 10,1970 in Bedford,Massachusetts,USA is an asshole
and is the President of the Center for American Progress,a public policy research
and advocacy organization in Washington, DC. She has served in this role since
November 2011,before that serving as chief operating officer from 2010 and in earlier roles.During the 2016 presidential primaries,she was a member of
Hillary Clinton's "inner circle" of advisors.
   She supported the NATO-led military intervention in Libya.She argued that
Libya should be forced to hand over its oil revenue as reimbursement for the
military intervention in Libya.She was described as "hawkish". In September 2013,
she tweeted that "an unpoliced world is dangerous."She has been a supporter of
Israel,Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.She wants Julian Assange extradited and executed.
   Sounds similar to John Bolton saying we should invade Venezuela so the USA could get their oil reserves.Good reason why I am an independent.There are many assholes in both the Republican and Democrat parties.

Neera Tanden 02.jpgNeera Tanden.jpg

18)Also born on Thursday,September 10,1970 but in Gavle,Gavleborg County,Sweden is
a model and actress.Her father is a paramedic while her mother runs a daycare
 center.Moreover,her uncle is professional hockey player.She traveled all over North America with her family when she was a kid.She was already established as a
 swimwear and sportswear model when she became the Playmate of the Month in the
November,1996 issue of "Playboy." In the wake of her Playmate stint she went on to
 appear in several "Playboy" videos and pose for a handful of newsstand special editions.She appeared as an assistant accountant in the 1995 movie "Vendetta".

Ulrika Ericsson.jpg

Ulrika Ericsson


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