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Written by Barry Kowal   
Aug 24, 2020 at 06:05 PM
Hello people,   
    We have thirteen (13) birthdays on this date;three actresses,two models,four singers,a politician,a retired accountant,civil rights activist and a deceased actor.
    Let's start with the actresses.

 1)Born on Sunday,September 8,1957 in Greenwich,Connecticut,USA is an an actress,
screenwriter,author and political activist,who co-starred as Jody Banks on the
TV series "The Fall Guy" (1981-86).

Heather Thomas.jpg

Heather Thomas

 2)Born on Monday,September 8,1980 in New Orleans,Louisiana,USA is an actress and
model.She relocated to Los Angeles in pursuit of her dreams of becoming an actress
and model. Her great ambition led to her being booked as a leading model on the American Music Awards,on the runways of Baby Phat and Stuff Magazine and featured in a National Ad Campaign with the athletic apparel company Privacy Wear.She has also been featured in the pages of Maxim magazine.
    Her screen appearances include co-hosting VH1's Sex & Rock Roll,she is the leading lady in platinum selling recording artist music videos (50 Cents to Usher) and her commercial appearances include a Arby's spot that is presently airing nationally,sitcoms include UPN's The Parkers and FOX's Method and Red, and the movie "Hair Show," starring Monique. She's also the featured actress for the new 2005 Starz network  imaging campaign.
    She is Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for July 2000 and has appeared in Playboy videos.
    She has now turned her sights squarely on producing television shows.A talent that is being mentored by Hollywood producer Rushion McDonald of Nu-Opp Inc.She has two shows in development and a pilot being shot at the WB.The name of the pilot show is "Mobile Home Disaster," a reality makeover show for trailer park homes.
Neferteri Sheba Shepherd.jpg
Neferteri Sheba Shepherd

 3)Born on Wednesday,September 8,1971 in Los Angeles is an actress and model.She was raised by her mother after her parents divorced when she was four years old. At age fifteen she dropped out of high school and moved in with her boyfriend who owned an auto-parts business in the San Fernando Valley.She sent photos of herself to "Playboy" and was chosen to be the Playmate of the Month in the February,1991 issue of the famous men's magazine.She was named the 1992 Playmate of the Year in the Dutch edition of "Playboy." She went on to appear in a handful of "Playboy" videos and posed for many newsstand special editions.She has a sizable part as the sexy Hillary in the lowbrow comedy "Meatballs 4" and a role in "Best of the Best 2." She decided to become an artist in 1993.Her artwork has been displayed in galleries in Jacksonville,Florida,Santa Fe,New Mexico, Anchorage,Alaska, Westchester,California and Pasadena,California.She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles,California in 2001.She now lives and works as a painter and photographer in Santa Monica, California.

Cristy Thom.jpg

Cristy Thom

 4)Born on Wednesday,September 8,1943 in Minneapolis,Minnesota,USA is a model.She
was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for the November 1964 issue.She was
working as a Bunny at the Chicago Playboy Club when she appeared in the magazine's "Bunnies of Chicago" pictorial of August 1964.Her Playmate layout was published
 a few months later.

Kai Brendlinger.jpg

Kai Brendlinger

 5)Born on Friday,September 8,1989 in Rouen,Normandy-Upper France,France is a model.While studying law at the Bordeaux University,looking for a small job,she started working as a stripper in nightclubs,then was approached by an agent which organizes erotic shows in the cities of France that introduced her in the adult industry.She debuted in adult industry in the spring of 2009.
   In 2010,she starred in the music video of the song "Other City" by Tom Snare.The same year,she was spokesmodel of the real estate company,starring in an advertising campaign that raised some controversy because of being considered offensive.She received the Venus 
Award for Best New Starlet in 2010.
    She left the porn industry in late 2011 to pursue a career as a DJ.She is Miss June 2021 on my website at:
Jade Laroche.jpg

Jade Laroche

 6)Born Alecia Beth Moore on Saturday,September 8,1979 in Doylestown,Pennsylvania,
USA is a singer,songwriter,dancer and actress.She has had two (2) #1 singles on the US Billboard Hot 100.One of the two songs you can find in the top 30 of my all time top 6500.It is a duet she does with a member of the group "fun".



 7) Born on Friday,September 8,1989 in Stockholm,Sweden (Died:April 20,2018 in
Muscat,Oman) was a Swedish singer,musician,DJ,remixer and record producer.At 16,he
began posting his remixes on electronic music forums,which led to his first record
deal.In 2013 he had two #1 singles in the UK.


 8)Born on Tuesday,September 8,1987 in Minot,North Dakota,USA is a singer,rapper,
songwriter and actor.In 2015 he was part of a duet that spent 12 weeks at #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Wiz Khalifa.jpg

 9)Born on Monday,September 8,1980 in Houston,Texas,USA is a singer,rapper, songwriter and actor.In 2006 he was part of a duet that spent 5 weeks at #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100.
Slim Thug.jpg

10)Born on Monday,September 8,1941 in New York City is a politician who has been
serving as the junior United States Senator from Vermont since 2007.He should have been the 45th president but the Democrats rigged both the 2016 and 2020 primaries against him.

Bernie Sanders.jpg

11)Born on Thursday,September 8,1949 in Waterville,Maine,USA is a retired (CPA)
accountant.He likes viewing my website.

Ron Gilbert.jpg

Ron Gilbert

12)Born on Wednesday,September 8,1954 in Tylertown,Mississippi,USA is an American
civil rights activist.She was the first African-American child to desegregate the
all-white William Frantz Elementary School in Louisiana during the New Orleans
school desegregation crisis in 1960.

Ruby Bridges.jpg

13) Born on Tuesday,September 8,1925 in Portsmouth,UK (Died:July 24,1980 in London) was a British film actor,comedian and singer.He is best known as Chief Inspector Clouseau in "The Pink Panther" series of films.
Peter Sellers.jpg  
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