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Written by Barry Kowal   
Aug 27, 2020 at 06:18 PM

Hello people,
   We have fourteen (14) birthdays on this date;two singers,six actresses,three models,two actors and an outlaw.
   Let's start with the singers.


 1) Born on Thursday,September 5,1946 in Stone Town,Tanzania (Died:November 24,1991 in London) was a British singer,songwriter and record producer,best known as the lead vocalist of a very,very famous rock band.This band had a song that spent 14 weeks at #1 in the UK.Only three (3) songs in the UK have spent more time at #1.I was in London in November of 1999 and watching the BBC and this song was ranked as the #1 song of the millennium.If you go to my website and view my Top 6500 of all-time you will find this song in the Top 25 of all-time

Freddie Mercury.jpg

 2) Born on Sunday,September 5,1943 in New York City (Died:April 1,2014 in New York City) was the lead singer of a group that had a song that peaked at #2 on the
US Billboard Hot 100 in 1959.

Joe Speedo Frazier.jpg

 3) born on Wednesday,September 5,1973 in Certaldo,Italy is an Italian-born American activist,former actress,author,model and singer.
    After her film debut as a brief role in the comedy "Encino Man" (1992),she achieved wider recognition for her performance in Gregg Araki's dark comedy "The Doom Generation"(1995),receiving an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Debut Performance.She had her breakthrough in the horror film "Scream"(1996) and subsequently headlined the films "Going All The Way" (1997),"Devil In The Flesh" (1998) and "Jawbreaker" (1999).

Rose McGowan.jpg

Rose McGowan

 4)Born on Thursday,September 5,1940 in Chicago,Illinois,USA (Died:February 15, 2023 in Los Angeles)was an American actress and singer.She first won attention for her role in "Fantastic Voyage",after which she won a contract with 20th Century Fox.They lent her contract to a British studio,for whom she made "One Million Years B.C".She had only three lines in the film, yet images of her in the doe-skin bikini which she wore became best-selling posters that turned her into a celebrity sex symbol. 

Raquel Welch.jpg

Raquel Welch

 5)Born on Saturday,September 5,1970 in Edmonton,Alberta,Canada is an actress best
known for her role as the character Lucy in the television series "Trailer Park Boys".

Lucy Decoutere.jpgLucy Decoutere 2.jpg

Lucy Decoutere

 6)Born on Sunday,September 5,1982 in Las Vegas,Nevada,USA is an actress and model
best known for her role as the character Lucinda in the 2007 television movie "Weekend Seductress".She also was the Penthouse Pet Of The Month for September 2002.

Jassie Lewis.jpg

Jassie Lewis

7)Born on Saturday,September 5,1964 in Port of Spain,Trinidad and Tobago is an
actress and model.She's of Brazilian descent.She was the Pet of the Month in the  
April,1987 issue of "Penthouse." She was the Pet of the Year Runner-Up in 1989.She
appeared in a handful of movies made in the early to late 90s:she was especially  
sexy and enticing as the alluring Traci Collins in the steamy soft-core opus "The
Other Woman" and likewise memorable as lovely,yet lethal vampire prostitute Tallulah
in the enjoyably lowbrow tongue-in-cheek horror romp "Bordello of Blood."

Juliet Reagh.jpg

Juliet Reagh

8)Born on Wednesday,September 5,1951 in Dexter,Missouri,USA is an actress and model.
She grew up in St. Louis with her younger brother and two younger sisters.She was her
high school's Homecoming Queen.She studied history and political science at Southern
Illinois University.She worked as a Bunny at the Playboy Club in St.Louis as well as
appearing in television and print advertisements.She was the Playmate of the Month
in the November,1976 issue of "Playboy".She was named Playmate of the Year in 1977
and given the award by Alice Cooper.She married tennis player Jimmy Connors in
October,1978; the couple have two children.She is featured on the back glass of the
famous "Playboy" pinball machine which was released at the end of 1978;she's the brunette
on the left of "Playboy" editor/publisher Hugh Hefner.This pinball machine sold 18,250
units altogether.She appeared as "Pussycat in a 1977 episode of "Starsky and Hutch".
Recently,her own brand of sweet pickles were available online.

Patti McGuire.jpg

Patti McGuire

 9)Born on Wednesday,September 5,1990 in Prague,Czech Republic is a model and Miss
2016 on my website.

Iva Srutkova.jpg

Iva Srutkova

10)Born on Saturday,September 5,1992 in Donetsk,Ukraine is a model,actress and the
runner-up for Miss 2016 on my website.

Zania Burlechenko.jpg

Zania Burlechenko

11)Born on Thursday,September 5,1991 in Los Angeles,USA is a fitness model and social media celebrity.She rose to fame on Instagram due to her gorgeous photos and sizzling videos.So far,she has amassed more than 254K followers on the platform.
   She was the Penthouse Pet Of The Month for June 2022.
Alex Kay.jpg
Alex Kay

12)Born on Wednesday,September 5,1951 in Kennedy Township,Pennsylvania,USA is an
actor,producer and director.He earned acclaim for his dramatic portrayal of the
title character in Tim Burton's "Batman" (1989) and "Batman Returns" (1992).

Michael Keaton.jpg

13)Born on Thursday,September 5,1929 in Oak Park,Illinois,USA is an actor and
stand-up comedian noted for his deadpan and slightly stammering delivery.In 1960 he recorded a comedy album that spent 14 weeks at #1 on the US Billboard Monaural album chart.During the 1980s he played Vermont innkeeper Dick Loudon on a very popular TV series.

Bob Newhart.jpg

14) Born on Sunday,September 5,1847 in Kearney,Missouri,USA (Died:April 3,1882 in
Saint Joseph,Missouri,USA) was an outlaw,bank and train robber,guerrilla and leader of a gang.Raised in the "Little Dixie" area of western Missouri he and his family maintained strong Southern sympathies.
    After the US Civil war,as members of various gangs of outlaws,he and his brother robbed banks,stagecoaches and trains across the Midwest,gaining national fame and often popular sympathy despite the brutality of their crimes.The brothers were most active as members of their own gang from about 1866 until 1876,when as a result of their attempted robbery of a bank in Northfield,Minnesota,several members of the gang were captured or killed.
   Despite popular portrayals of him as an embodiment of Robin Hood,robbing from the rich and giving to the poor,there is no evidence that he and his gang shared any loot from their robberies.Scholars and historians have characterized him as one of many criminals inspired by the regional insurgencies of ex-Confederates following the Civil War,rather than as a manifestation of alleged economic justice or of frontier lawlessness.He continues to be one of the most iconic figures from the era,and his life has been dramatized and memorialized numerous times.

Jesse James.jpg  
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