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Written by Barry Kowal   
Jul 05, 2020 at 05:41 PM

Hello people,
      We have ten (10) birthdays and a trivia question on this date:a politician,
two singers,a producer,two actresses and four models.
Let's start with the trivia question.

 Trivia 1)August 27:On Tuesday,August 27,1991 Moldova gained it's independence.
220px-Stamp_of_Moldova_md394-6a 02.jpgAugust 27,1991 Moldova gained it's independence.jpg

1)Born on Thursday,August 27,1908 in Stonewall,Texas,USA (died:January 22,1973 in
Stonewall,Texas,USA) was the 36th presidentof the USA.He was president from 1963-69.

Lyndon B. Johnson.jpg

 2) Born on Friday,August 27,1937 in Chicago is a pop music singer and actor.Working in show business as early as 1949,he became an overnight sensation and instant teen idol when he appeared on Kraft Television Theater in January 1957 as "The Singin' Idol".A song from the show,reached #2 on the US Billboard's Singles Chart and #2 on Cash Box Magazine's singles chart.

Tommy Sands.jpg

 3) Born on Thursday,August 27,1992 in Bonn,Germany is a German singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles.In 2022 she was part of a duo that went to #1 in Australia,Austria,Belgium,Bulgaria,Canada,Greece,Hungary,India,Ireland,Israel,
Lithuania,Luxemborg,Malaysia,Netherlands,New Zealand,Romania,Singapore,Slovakia,UK and the US Billboard Hot 100.
Kim Petras.jpg

 4) Born on Tuesday,August 27,1968 in Gateshead,England,United Kingdom is a producer and model.She had always desired to be a schoolteacher,but went on to private secretarial college instead.After her mom entered her in a modeling contest that she ended up winning,she decided to change her career direction.She has over 250 movies to her credit and runs her own production company,which releases a new feature every month.Titles are available worldwide or can be found on her personal shopping site.Her first movie was in 1990 and she has maintained a successful career over the years,including many nominated self-produced features.In 1992 she won an AVN award and has been nominated many times over the years.Dirty Deeds (1997) was her own production and was nominated for "Best Big Boob Feature" in January 1999.In 2003 Catfight Club (2003) was nominated for Best Specialty of the Year.She was a resident columnist for "Swank" Magazine for over five years and also wrote columns for "LIPS" and articles for "Erotic Film Guide" for over two years.She can also be found writing a quarterly article for
  She has been modeling since 1989 and has been photographed by famed photographer
Ellen Von Unwerth (Guess jeans).She has had many interviews and articles published in British tabloids and womens magazines such as "The Independent", "The Daily Sport","Best", "The Sun", "The Star" and "The News of the World".Her magazine career has spanned 15 years and is going strong.She has appeared in over 100 magazines,on covers and in pictorials,worldwide including the cover and centerfold of the June 1994 issue of "Penthouse". She was the first well-known adult-film actress to win the title of Penthouse Pet of The Month.She also appeared in Penthouse UK.
Taylor Wayne.jpg

Taylor Wayne

 5) Born on Tuesday,August 27,1963 in Woodland Hills,California,USA is an actress
and model.She graduated Magnu Cum Laude from college.She was working at a Pioneer
Chicken outlet in Phoenix,Arizona when she was discovered by "Playboy" magazine
through their Great 30th Anniversary Playmate Search.She was the Playmate of the Month in the May,1984 issue of "Playboy." She appeared in one "Playboy" video and posed for several "Playboy" newsstand special editions.She portrayed federal agent
Pattycakes in three enjoyably lowbrow action exploitation movies for writer/director Andy Sidaris: "Hark Ticket to Hawaii," "Picasso Trigger," and "Savage Beach." She now works as a social worker in Phoenix,Arizona.

Patty Duffek.jpg

Patty Duffek

 6) Born on Friday,August 27,1976 in Ottawa,Ontario,Canada is a Canadian actress
and voice artist.She is known for portraying Dr. Elliot Reid on the NBC/ABC comedy
series "Scrubs" the second Rebecca "Becky" Conner and Andrea on the ABC sitcom

Sarah Chalke.jpg

 7 & 8) Also born on Friday,August 27,1976 in Los Angeles are models and identical twins.They are the are the Playboy Playmates for January 2000 and the third set of identical twins to appear as Playmates.

Carol and Darlene Bernaola.jpg

Carol and Darlene Bernaola

 9) Born on Thursday,August 27,1992 in San Diego,California,USA is a former university student,model and Miss February 2015 on my website.

Kali Murphy.jpgKali Murphy 02.jpg

Kali Murphy

 10) Born on Wednesday,August 27,1947 in New York City is an actress and model,best
known for her role as the Bond girl Anya Amasova in "The Spy Who Loved Me".

Barbara Bach.jpg

Barbara Bach 

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