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Written by Barry Kowal   
Jul 11, 2020 at 05:50 PM

Hello people,
     We have eleven (11) birthdays on this date:four singers,a jazz pianist,
a deceased basketball player,three actresses,a journalist and royalty.
    Let's start with the four singers.


 1) Born on Sunday,August 21,1938 in Houston,Texas,USA (died:March 20,2020 in Sandy Springs,Georgia,USA)is a singer,songwriter,actor,record producer and entrepreneur.He is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.He has had two #1 singles on the US Billboard Hot 100.One was a duet and the other spent six weeks at the top only to get knocked out of the top spot by a Beatle.

Kenny Rogers.jpg

 2) Born on Tuesday,August 21,1979 in New York City is a singer,songwriter and chef.She had a song that peaked at #1 in Ireland and #1 on the US Billboard R&B charts in 2003.The same song peaked at #3 on the US Billboard Hot 100,and peaked at #2 in both the UK (OCC) and Australia (ARIA).She has been recognised at the Brit Awards,Q Awards,NME Awards and Grammy Awards ceremonies.She has sold six million records worldwide and has had success in the United Kingdom,where ten of her singles have peaked within the top ten of the UK Singles Chart.
    From 2005-2010 she was married to rapper "Nas".



 3) Born on Thursday,August 21,1941 in Hazel,Kentucky,U.S.A. is a singer-songwriter.She was one of the first female singer-songwriters of the rock 'n' roll period.In 1969 she had a song that peaked at #4 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Jackie DeShannon.jpg

 4) Born on Thursday,August 21,1952 in Ankara,Turkey (died:December 22,2002 in Broomfield,Somerset,England)was a British musician,singer,songwriter,composer, actor and radio host who was best known as the co-founder,lyricist,rhythm guitarist and co-lead vocalist of a very famous punk rock band that formed in 1976.The band had a #1 single in the UK in 1991.
Joe Strummer.jpg

 5)Born on Sunday,August 21,1904 in Red Bank,New Jersey,USA (died:April 26,1984 in
Hollywood,Florida,USA) was a jazz pianist,organist,bandleader and composer.In 1947
he had a #1 song on the US Billboard "Best Selling Popular Retail Records'" chart
(main Billboard weekly singles chart before the Hot 100).

Count Basie.jpg

 6)Born on Friday,August 21,1936 in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania,USA
(died:October 12,1999 in Los Angeles) was a basketball player.He played for the
Philadelphia/San Francisco Warriors,the Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles
Lakers of the National Basketball Association.
   He holds numerous NBA records in scoring,rebounding and durability categories.He is the only player to score 100 points in a single NBA game or average more than 40 and 50 points in a season.He also won seven scoring,eleven rebounding,nine field goal percentage titles and led the league in assists once.He is the only player in NBA history to average at least 30 points and 20 rebounds per game in a season,which he accomplished seven times.He is also the only player to average at least 30 points and 20 rebounds per game over the entire course of his NBA career.Although he suffered a long string of professional losses,he had a successful career,winning two NBA championships,earning four regular-season Most Valuable Player awards,the Rookie of the Year award,one NBA Finals MVP award and being selected to 13 All-Star Games and ten All-NBA First and Second teams.He was subsequently enshrined in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1978,elected into the NBA's 35th Anniversary Team of 1980 and chosen as one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History of 1996.

Wilt Chamberlain.jpg

 7) Born on Tuesday,August 21,1956 in Liverpool,United Kingdom is an English-Canadian actress.She is best known for her role as Samantha Jones on the HBO comedy series "Sex And The City",for which she received five Emmy Award nominations and four Golden Globe Award nominations,winning the 2002 Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

Kim Cattrall.jpg

Kim Cattrall

 8) Born on Wednesday,August 21,1968 in Spokane,Washington,USA is a glamour model,
television and feature film actress and professional ballroom dancer and instructor.She was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month for December 1992 and has appeared in Playboy videos.She went on to serve as a Playboy ambassador for several years.Among her television credits,she had a role as a lifeguard in the widely popular Primetime hit "Baywatch",which is now in syndication.Her film credits include a role as a fembot in an installment of the blockbuster hit and feature film franchise "Austin Powers:International Man of Mystery". As a professional dancer,she was twice named as a U.S. National Pro-Am Ballroom Dance Champion.In February 2018,she was recruited to serve as chief branding officer for Playmates for a Peaceable Planet.
   In April 2018 the British newspaper the Daily Mail reported that she claimed she had an extramarital affair with US President Donald Trump in 1993 while Trump's wife at the time,Marla Maples,was pregnant with Tiffany Trump.

Barbara Moore.jpg

Barbara Moore

 9) Born on Monday,August 21,1972 in North Hollywood,California,USA is a model and
actress.She grew up in Los Angeles.She has seven sisters and two brothers.She not
only attended college and both business and cosmetology school,but also worked as a loan processor prior to meeting "Playboy" magazine founder and editor Hugh M.
Hefner.She was the Playmate of the Month in the March,2002 issue of "Playboy." She
has been featured in many "Playboy" videos and has made guest appearances as herself on episodes of the TV shows "Howard Stern," "Late Night Poker," and "The Girls Next Door." She had a small part as a hooker in the action thriller "Shattered Lies."Starting in September,2004 she hosted the radio program "Two Chicks and a Bunny" with Kerri Kasem and Galen Brown;she eventually left the show in April, 2006.In November,2006 she was featured along with fellow Playmates Karen McDougal and Katie Lohmann in the "Celebrity Playmate Gift Guide" pictorial in "Split" magazine.She continues to participate in various charity efforts,including March of Dimes and Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.She is also working on her first novel, "I Marry Me."

Tina Jordan.jpg

Tina Jordan

10) Born on Friday,August 21,1992 in Damascus,Syria is an independent journalist. He hosts regular live broadcasts and video reports on his YouTube channel.His coverage focuses primarily on US politics,international relations and the Middle East,rooted in anti-imperialism.He has built a large following online,amassing million of views on his YouTube channel and Twitter.
   His parents served in various United Nations Peacekeeping and Observer missions and were among the UN Peacekeepers awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1988.Owing to his parents??? professional mobility,he has lived in Syria,Pakistan,Switzerland and Austria.He was educated at various international schools and completed his high school education at a French lyc??e,graduating with a Baccalaur??at in Economics and Social Sciences (High Honours and European section).He speaks four languages fluently: English and Arabic (mother tongue), French from secondary education and German,having lived in Austria.
   He is one of the few independent journalists who covered the Julian Assange extradition hearing at the Old Bailey in London,in addition to his exclusive  reporting on the Iran nuclear talks.He has been featured on Black Agenda Report,Al Mayadeen,Alikhbaria,Press TV,The Canary and various other international news outlets.
Richard Medhurts 01.jpgRichard Medhurts 02.jpg

11) Born on Wednesday,August 21,1963 in Rabat,Morocco on July 23,1999 upon the death of his father he became the King of Morocco.

Mohammed VI of Morocco.jpg   
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