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Written by Barry Kowal   
Jul 19, 2020 at 05:11 PM

Hello people,
    we have eight (8) birthdays and an historical event on this date:a deceased
politician,a deceased film director,a journalist, a former White House Press
Secretary,an economist,a model,an ice hockey player and a high-wire artist.
    Let's start with the historical event.


historical event}August 13:On Sunday,August 13,1961 the Berlin Wall was erected in

Berlin Wall was erected in Berlin.jpg

1) Born on Friday,August 13,1926 in Biran,Cuba (Died:Friday,November 25,2016 in
Havana).He is to Cuba like what Napolean is to France,like what George Washington is
to the USA.
At the time of his death many Cubans in Havana were just devastated.I was in Cuba
in 2004 for two weeks and nearly all Cubans I met regarded this man as if he were a
god.He created a revolution and in 1959 he overthrew the US puppet dictator Fulgencio
Batista.He was the leader of Cuba until the 21st century.He was the longest reigning
non-monarch leader of any country in the world during the 20th century. He ruled
during the terms of 10 US Presidents.He holds the Guinness World Book of Records
for giving the longest speech.He spoke for 7 hours and 10 minutes in Havana at the
3rd party Communist Party Congress in 1986.He survived over 600 assassination attempts.
When he became the leader of Cuba he took the Cuban people out of the grips of the
imperialistic pig situated 90 miles away across the Caribbean Sea. When he came to
power he kicked the Mafia out of the country.A feat never accomplished in the USA.
He provided free health care for all Cuban citizens.When I was in Cuba I asked a
Cuban woman if you wanted a breast augmentation would the government provide this
for you free upon demand.The woman responded "Si".
The person celebrating their birthday today also provided free education (all the
way to the Ph.D level) for all the citizens.Cuba also has the highest doctors per
capita of any country in the world.
He also was an inspiration to other Latin Americans leaders like Venezuelan Hugo
Chavez and Bolivia's Evo Morales.
Even Nelson Mandela said his success might not have been possible had it not been
for this man.
Fidel Castro.jpg

2) Born on Sunday,August 13,1899 in Leytonstone,Essex,England (Died:Tuesday,April
29,1980 in Bel-Air,California).He was an English and American film director and
producer,referred to as the "Master of Suspense".He pioneered many elements of the
suspense and psychological thriller genres.He had a successful career in British
cinema with both silent films and early talkies and became renowned as England's
best director.He moved to Hollywood in 1939,and became a U.S. citizen in 1955.
   He became a highly visible public figure through interviews,movie trailers,cameo appearances in his own films,and the ten years in which he hosted the his own television programme (1955-1965).He also fashioned for himself a recognisable directorial style.His stylistic trademarks include the use of camera movement that imics a person's gaze,forcing viewers to engage in a form of voyeurism.
   In addition,he framed shots to maximise anxiety,fear or empathy and used innovative forms of film editing.His work often features fugitives on the run alongside "icy blonde" female characters.In 1978,film critic John Russell Taylor described him as "the most universally recognizable person in the world" and "a straightforward middle-class Englishman who just happened to be an artistic genius".He received his knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II in the 1980 New Year Honours.
   He directed more than fifty feature films in a career spanning six decades and is often regarded as one of the most influential directors in cinematic history.Following a 2007 critics' poll by Britain's Daily Telegraph in which he was ranked Britain's greatest filmmaker, one scholar wrote: "Hitchcock did more than any director to shape modern cinema,which would be utterly different without him. His flair was for narrative,cruelly withholding crucial information (from his characters and from the audience) and engaging the emotions of the audience like no one else."Hitchcock first thriller, "The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog" 1927),helped shape the thriller genre in film. His 1929 film,"Blackmail", is often cited as the first British sound feature film,while "Rear Window" (1954), "Vertigo" (1958),"North by Northwest" (1959),and "Psycho" (1960) are regularly ranked among the greatest films of all time.

Alfred Hitchcock.jpg

3) Born on Saturday,August 13,1977 in Wautoma,Wisconsin,USA is a popular journalist and former news host associated with the RT America Network.She hosted the show "Watching The Hawks" with co-hosts Sean Stone and Tyrel Ventura.She is known for her work on "Night Of The Alien" (2011),"The Rage"(2017) and "Hell's Kitchen" (2005).

Tabetha Wallace.jpg

4) Born on Friday,August 13,1982 in Hope,Arkansas,USA is a campaign manager and
political adviser who served as the twenty-ninth White House Press Secretary under
President Donald Trump.

Sarah Sanders.jpg

5) Born on Tuesday,August 13,1946 in New York City is an economist.She served as the Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System from 2014-2018, previously serving as Vice Chair from 2010 to 2014.

Janet Yellen.jpg

6) Born on Tuesday,August 13,1963 in Syracuse,New York,USA is a model and actress.
She was chosen as Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for its November 1987
issue.Her Playboy centerfold is featured in the movie Die Hard and used as a point
of reference by John McLean as he navigates from the elevator shaft to the ventilation shaft.She is married to Robin Zander, the lead singer of American power pop band,"Cheap Trick."

Pamela Jean Stein.jpg

Pamela Jean Stein

7) Born on Friday,August 13,1993 in Salem,New Jersey,USA is a professional ice hockey winger for the Calgary Flames of the National Hockey League.He played for the NCAA Division I's Boston College Eagles from 2011 to 2014.He was selected by the Flames in the fourth round,104th overall,of the 2011 NHL Entry Draft.Nicknamed "Johnny Hockey,"he was the 2014 winner of the Hobey Baker Award as the best player in the NCAA,and during his first full NHL season in 2014???15,he was selected to play in the 2015 NHL All-Star Game and was a Calder Memorial Trophy finalistfor the NHL's best rookie.He won the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy as the NHL's most gentlemanly player for the 2016???17 season.

Johnny Gaudreau.jpg

8) Born on Saturday,August 13,1949 in Nemours,France is a high-wire artist who gained fame for his high-wire walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City,on the morning of August 7,1974 as well as his high wire walk between the towers of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris,1971.

Philippe Petit.jpg

Philippe Petit
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