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Written by Barry Kowal   
Jul 21, 2020 at 06:53 PM

Hello people,
    we have twelve (12) birthdays on this date,four actresses,two models,a political commentator,a religous wacko,a podcast host,an actor,a singer and a wife.
   Let's start with the actresses.

 1) Born on Wednesday,August 11,1965 in St. Matthews,South Carolina,USA is an actress and producer.She was the first black actress to be nominated for three Academy Awards,winning one and is the only black person to achieve the Triple Crown of Acting.

Viola Davis.jpg
 2) Born on Sunday,August 11,1974 in San Jose,California,USA is an actress and model.She is the daughter of a Norwegian father and a Vietnamese mother.Her strikingly exotic looks served to get her foot in the door in the strip-club scene in North Carolina,where she started out when she was in her early 20s.Those looks garnered her a following on the strip club circuit.She soon came to the realization that the exposure of being a porn star would do even more to help her stripping career,so on a trip to Los Angeles in 1999 she got in touch with Vivid Video,one of the largest adult-film production companies and was quickly signed to an exclusive contract.She made her hardcore debut later that year.Her main focus is on her career as a top stripper,but she regularly travels back to Los Angeles to shoot a few videos just to keep her name,among other things, in her fans' minds.
   She was the Penthouse Pet Of The Month for December 2002 and appeared as "Amy" in the 2002 movie "Swirl".
Kira Kener.jpg

Kira Kener

 3) Born on Tuesday,August 11,1959 in Grossmont,California,USA is an actress and
model.Her father was a cowboy.She was the Playmate of the Month in the April,1982
issue of "Playboy." Her story about becoming a Playmate inspired the 1984 TV movie
"I Married a Centerfold." She is also an accomplished equestrienne.She lives on a
fifteen acre ranch in Idaho with her husband Walter Wiems,son and daughter;she and
her husband run a drafting company.
    She appears as herself in the 1983 video "Playboy Video Playmate Review".

Linda Rhys Vaughn.jpg

Linda Rhys Vaughn

 4) Born on Wednesday,August 11,1971 in Tucson,Arizona,USA is an actress and model.An only child,she grew up around St. Simon's Island in Georgia and was an
accomplished equestrienne who won many awards at hunter jumping shows as a kid.She
moved with her mother to Naples,Florida after her parents divorced when she was 16.She was on the diving team in high school.She won a swimwear pageant at age 18.She was the first runner-up at the National Finals for the Venus Swimwear Model Search.A photographer noticed her and asked her if you wanted to pose for "Playboy." She was the Playmate of the Month in the March,1991 issue of "Playboy." She went on to appear in several "Playboy" videos and posed for various "Playboy" special edition publications.Her sole foray into film acting was a part as "Crystal" in the enjoyably lowbrow comedy romp "Can It Be Love." She has done TV commercials for Disney World,Toyota Celica and Ford "Splash" trucks.She took a hiatus from modeling in 1997 and worked as a paralegal for several litigation attorneys.She returned to modeling in 2004.Moreover,she has worked as an assistant to a sushi chef,enjoys ballroom dancing and works out two hours a day to stay in shape.She lives in Fort Myers,Florida.

Julie Anne Clarke.jpgJulie Anne Clarke 2.jpg

 5) Born on Thursday,August 11,1938 in New York City is an actress and model.She
was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for its August 1960 issue.

Elaine Paul.jpg

 6) Born on Saturday,August 11,1945 in Santa Monica,California,USA is a model.She
was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for its June 1967 issue.Her centerfold(shot on a beach while building a sandcastle in the nude) was photographed by Peter Gowland.
  In the aftermath of her centerfold appearance it was revealed that she had been
convicted on prostitution charges in Santa Monica,California.Esquire magazine presented her with one of its Dubious Achievement Awards.The accompanying caption read "for Joey Gibson 1967 was a year of both promise and travail."

Joey Gibson.jpg

Joey Gibson

 7) Born on Tuesday August 11,1992 in Rapid City,South Dakota,USA is s an American
conservative political commentator,political operative,a moron and former television host.
   She is best known for hosting a program on "The Blaze".She previously hosted
"On Point with Tomi Lahren" on One America News Network (OAN).She received widespread attention in 2016,with The New York Times describing her
as a "rising media star" and BBC News calling her "the young Republican who is
bigger than Trump on Facebook".
    She was suspended from TheBlaze in March 2017 shortly after expressing her belief that women should have legal access to abortion.In May 2017 she began working in a part-time communications role for Great America Alliance,an offshoot of Great America PAC,a large pro-Donald Trump super PAC.
   Her commentaries have been described by critics as often racist,a label she disputes.Commentators have lampooned her as "White Power Barbie".She has been described as an"anti-feminist who admires strong women",whose positions on immigration are similar to those of Donald Trump.She has criticized African American people for various social issues,including drug abuse and unemployment. She has stated that while she does not consider herself a feminist,she believes in women's empowerment and looks up to various women from both the political left and the political right.
    In July 2016,she wrote a tweet comparing the "Black Lives Matter" movement to the "Ku Klux Klan".Tens of thousands of people signed a petition in response asking for her to be fired from TheBlaze.The petition was unsuccessful.In November 2016,she released a video on the protests against Donald Trump.In August 2016,she released a video criticizing NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick,who had been protesting racism by kneeling during the playing of the national anthem before football games.Little knowledge she has of systemic racism in the USA.She does not know (or maybe she doesthe US national anthem was wtitten by a slave owner applauding the USA from preventing slaves being liberated by the British during the War of 1812.

Tomi Lahren.jpg

 8) Born on Friday,August 11,1933 in Lynchburg,Virginia,USA (Died:May 15,2007 in
Lynchburg,Virginia,USA) was a religous wacko,Southern Baptist pastor,televangelist
and conservative activist.He was the founding pastor of the Thomas Road Baptist Church,a megachurch in Lynchburg,Virginia,USA.

Jerry Falwell.jpg

 9) Born on Friday,August 11,1967 in Newark,New Jersey,USA is a comedian,podcast
host and mixed martial arts color commentator.He has also worked as a television
host and an actor.
    He began his career in comedy in August 1988 in the Boston area.After relocating to Los Angeles in 1994,he signed an exclusive developmental deal with Disney,and appeared as an actor on several television shows including Hardball and NewsRadio.In 1997,he started working for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) as an interviewer and color commentator.He released his first comedy special in 2000.In 2001,he put his comedy career on hold after becoming the host of Fear Factor and resumed his stand-up career shortly after the show's end in 2006.In 2009,he launched his podcast which led him to "fame, wealth and podcast superstardom".

Joe Rogan.jpg

10) Born on Thursday,August 11,1983 in Melbourne,Victoria,Australia is an Australian actor.He first rose to prominence in Australia playing Kim Hyde 
in the Australian television series "Home And Away" (2004???2007) before beginning a film career in Hollywood.Hemsworth is best known for playing Thor in eight Marvel Cinematic Universe films,beginning with "Thor" (2011) and appearing most recently in "Avengers:Endgame" (2019), which established him among the world's highest-paid actors.
Chris Hemsworth.jpg
11) Born on Tuesday,August 11,1981 in Banff,Scotland,United Kingdom is a Scottish singer who recorded a song that in 2006 spent ten (10) weeks at #1 in Australia and was the #1 song for the entire year of 2006 in Australia.

12) Born on Monday,August 11,1975 in London is the First Lady Of Syria.Born and
raised in London to Syrian parents,she is married to the 19th and current President of Syria.

Asma al-Assad.jpg
Asma al-Assad
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