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Written by Barry Kowal   
Jul 26, 2020 at 05:56 PM

Hello people,
    we have ten (10) birthdays and three trivia facts on this date.Two singers,
a deceased actress,a murdered beauty queen,three living actresses,a model,
a deceased actor and a retired professional basketball player.
    Let's start with the three trivia facts.


August 6:On Monday,August 6,1945 the USA unnecessarily dropped an atomic bomb on the
city of Hiroshima in Japan.The USA is the only country ever to use nuclear weapons
and now they scream holy hell should some other country try to make one.


August 6:On Saturday,August 6,1960 in response to a United States embargo against
Cuba,Fidel Castro nationalized American and foreign-owned property in the nation.


August 6:On Monday,August 6,1962 Jamaica became an Independent Nation and a member
of the British Commonwealth.Jamaica becoming an Independent Nation, now meant that
Britain,no longer controlled the affairs of the country.It was now the responsibility
of the newly elected Prime Minister and the locally elected Cabinet.
Jamaican Independence 01.jpgJamaican Independence 02.jpg


1) Born on Sunday,August 6,1972 in Watford,Hertfordshire,England is a singer-songwriter,
clothes designer,author and actress.Since 1996,she has sold more than 90 million
records,of which 15 million were as a solo artist (5 million albums and 10 million
singles),and a further 75 million during her tenure with what some claim to be the
greatest girl group of all time.This group had 11 number ones in the UK.After the
group disbanded our birthday girl had 4 solo number ones in the UK.She was the oldest
of the five member girl group.

Geri Halliwell.jpg

Geri Halliwell

 2) Born on Tuesday,August 6,1946 in New York City is the lead singer of an all girl group that had a song that spent seven (7) weeks at #1 on Radio Station WABC from New York City and was the song that WABC ranked as the #3 song for the entire year of 1963.

Judy Craig.jpg

 3) Born on Sunday,August 6,1911 in Jamestown,New York,USA (Died:April 26,1989 in
Los Angeles) was an actress,comedian,model,film-studio executive and producer.She
was the star of the self-produced sitcoms "I Love Lucy","The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour",
"The Lucy Show","Here's Lucy" and "Life with Lucy".

Lucille Ball.jpg

 4) Born on Monday,August 6,1990 in Atlanta,Georgia,USA (Died:December 25 or 26,1996 in Boulder,Colorado,USA) was a child beauty queen who was killed in her family's home in Boulder,Colorado.Her death was ruled a homicide.The case generated nationwide public and media interest,in part because her mother (herself a former beauty queen) had entered the birthday girl in a series of child beauty pageants.The crime is still unsolved and remains an open investigation with the Boulder Police Department.

JonBen??t Ramsey.jpg

 5) Born on Friday,August 6,1976 in Perth,Australia is an Australian-American actress.A former national rollerskating champion and model in Australia,she began her acting career playing Angel Parrish on the Australian soap opera "Home And Away" from 1993 to 1996.
   After moving to the United States she made her film debut in the neo-noir science fiction feature "Dark City" (1998) and later appeared in supporting roles in Steven Soderbergh's crime film "The Limey" (1999) and David Lynch's "Mulholland Drive" (2001).

Melissa George.jpg

Melissa George

 6) Born on Monday,August 6,1962 in Moulton,Alabama,USA is a model and actress. She was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month in January,1988 and became Playmate of the Year 1989.She was born in Alabama and raised in Nevada and British Columbia.She is most known for marrying Playboy founder Hugh Hefner in 1989,an event which sparked worldwide media attention.The comic strip Doonesbury referred to the event as the belated end of the 1970s.The Hefners had two sons together:Marston Glenn Hefner (shares birthday with his father: April 9,1990) and Cooper Bradford Hefner (September 4,1991).After nine years of marriage,she and Hefner separated although remained married.Hugh Hefner was quoted, "I would've been happy to divorce her when we separated,but she wanted to remain married for our boys." Conrad then moved into a house next door to the Playboy Mansion.After an 11-year separation,Hefner filed for divorce stating irreconcilable differences in September 2009 after his youngest child turned 18.
    Her sole foray into acting was a guest appearance on an episode of TV series
"Highway to Heaven." She has been featured in numerous "Playboy" videos and even had a "Playboy" newsstand special edition completely dedicated to her.A vegetarian and avid snowboarder,she has worked for PETA and various animal rescue groups in
Los Angeles,California.She filed a lawsuit against Hugh Hefner in August,2009.

Kimberley Conrad.jpg

Kimberley Conrad

 7) Born on Saturday,August 6,1977 in Brno,Czech Republic is a model and actress.
She was a professional gymnast for ten years;she was on the Czech national team
for five years and was the Czech national champion for four years.She studied economics in school.She was discovered by a scout while out running and did her first modeling photo shoot in 1996.She first contacted "Penthouse" in 1998;she was eventually chosen as the Pet of the Month in the April,1999 issue of the famous men's magazine and was named Pet of the Year in 2001.Among the numerous publications she has graced the covers of and/or posed for pictorials in are "Maxim," "Stuff," "FHM," "Perfect 10," "Ironman," "Nuts," "QUO," "Gallery," "Perfection," and "Esquire." Moreover,she has not only worked as a model for both the latex fashion label Atsuko Kudo and the lingerie label Shirley of Hollywood,but has also appeared in a couple of adult films for noted porn director Andrew Blake.She appeared in the 2000 movie "Secret Paris".
      She lives in London,Los Angeles and her old hometown of Brno.

Zdenka Podkapova.jpg

Zdenka Podkapova

  8) Born on Wednesday,August 6,1930 in Los Angeles is a model.She was Playboy
magazine's Playmate of the Month for its November 1955 issue.

Barbara Cameron.jpg

Barbara Cameron

9) Born on Monday,August 6,1917 in Bridgeport,Connecticut,USA (Died:July 1,1997
in Santa Barbara,California,USA) was a film actor,director,author,poet,composer and
singer.His best-known films include "Out Of The Past" (1947),"The Night Of The Hunter"
(1955) and "Cape Fear" (1962).He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best
Supporting Actor for "The Story Of G.I. Joe" (1945).

Robert Mitchum.jpg

10) Born on Friday,August 6,1965 in Key West,Florida,USA is a retired professional
basketball player,who played center for the San Antonio Spurs in the National
Basketball Association (NBA) for his entire career.Based on his prior service as an officer in the United States Navy,he earned the nickname "The Admiral".
    He is a 10-time NBA All-Star,the 1995 NBA MVP,a two-time NBA Champion (1999 and 2003),a two-time Olympic Gold Medal winner (1992,1996),a two-time Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame inductee (2009 for his individual career,2010 as a member of the 1992 United States men's Olympic basketball team) and a two-time U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame inductee (2008 individually,2009 as a member of the 1992 Olympic team).He is widely considered one of the greatest centers in both college basketball and NBA history.To date,he is the only player from the Naval Academy to play in the NBA.

David Robinson.jpg 
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