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Written by Barry Kowal   
Jun 13, 2020 at 06:36 PM

Hello people,
     We have fourteen (14) birthdays on this date.Two singers,a business magnate,two actresses,two actors,four models,a television host and two politicians.
     Let's start with the singer.


 1) Born on Tuesday,July 18,1939 in New York City is a singer,songwriter whose work has incorporated elements of doo-wop,rock and R&B styles-and most recently, straight blues.Born of Italian extraction he typified New York City music.In 1961 he had a song that peaked at #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100.That same year radio station WABC (at that time the most listened to radio station in the USA-covered 38 states) from New York City ranked that same song as the #1 song for the entire year of 1961.

Dion Di Mucci.jpg

 2) Born on Friday,July 18,1941 in Eufaula,Alabama,USA is a singer and former
politician,and is the lead singer of a very popular Motown girl group that had a song that peaked at #2 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Martha Reeves.jpg

 3) Born on Tuesday,July 18,1950 in London is a business magnate,investor,author and philanthropist.He founded the Virgin Group,which controls more than 400 companies.

Richard Branson.jpg

 4) Born on Friday,July 18,1980 in Huntington Woods,Michigan,USA is an actress.From 2012 to 2016,she starred as Jeannie van der Hooven,the female lead on the Showtime series "House Of Lies".Since 2016,she has starred in the main role of Eleanor Shellstrop on the NBC comedy series "The Good Place".

Kristen Bell.jpg

Kristen Bell

 5) Born on Tuesday,July 18,1961 in Evanston,Illinois,USA is a film,television and
theater actor and musician.She received an Academy Award nomination for her role as Evelyn Nesbit in the 1981 film "Ragtime".

Elizabeth McGovern.jpg

Elizabeth McGovern

 6) Born on Tuesday,July 18,1967 in Alameda County,California,USA is an actor,
producer,director and screenwriter.He is well known for his portrayals of Dominic
Toretto in "The Fast And tThe Furious" film series,Richard B. Riddick in "The
Chronicles Of Riddick" series and Xander Cage in the "xXx series".
Who turns 53 years old today?

Vin Diesel.jpg

Vin Diesel

7) Born on Thursday,July 18,1940 in Los Angeles is an actor,producer and director,
best known for his roles in film and television,including sitcoms and soap operas.
In 1983 he teamed with producer Aaron Spelling's prime-time soap opera,"Hotel",for
ABC.On this show he played Peter McDermott,a hotel manager who tried to help
everyone solve their problems while letting love come into his own life at the same
time.He is the husband of Barbra Streisand.
James Brolin.jpg
James Brolin
8) Born on Saturday,July 18,1992 in Copenhagen,Denmark is a model who attended the
University of Copenhagen as a psychology major.She started modeling in her late
teens in 2010 and lived for a year in London,England where she worked as a model.
After sending photos to and doing a test shoot for Playboy,she became a Playboy
Cyber Girl.
Anna Opsal.jpg

Anna Opsal

9) Born on Sunday,July 18,1982 in Chandler,Arizona,USA is a model and actress who
was the Penthouse Pet for November 2006.She is a former student nurse,pole dancer
and signed an exclusive contract with Vivid Entertainment as Vivid Girl.
She was nominated for an AVN Award in 2009.
Brea Lynn.jpg

Brea Lynn
10) Born on Tuesday,July 18,1978 in San Clemente,California,USA is a model and actress.
The daughter of a forest ranger,she spent a great deal of time in the wilderness.At
age 18 she had a child.After graduating high school she began her career as a dancer
in Las Vegas using the name Wildcat (as a tribute to the many years she spent growing
up in the wilderness).Wildcat was also the name she used when she first began making
adult films.She became a contract girl for Vivid Entertainment in 1999.She built a
name for herself through her appearances on The Howard Stern Radio Show (1998),The
Man Show (1999) and Wild On... (1997). In December 2001 she was Penthouse magazine's
Pet Of The Month.The next year she worked on the mainstream film This Girl's Life
(2003),which inspired her to make a career change.She stopped making adult movies and
began to pursue a mainstream film career.On July 23, 2005,she was married.In December
of that year,while she was working on "Villikon Chronicles: Genesis Of Evil (2005)",
she and her new husband were involved in a serious automobile accident.She suffered
severe fractures to her skull and was airlifted to the Englewood,Colorado,trauma
center due to bleeding in her brain.After spending a great deal of time recuperating,
She was able to continue working on "The Villikon Chronicles" and even became a producer
of that project.She is now acting under her real name.

Cheyenne Silver.jpg

Cheyenne Silver

11) Born on Tuesday,July 18,2000 in Winder,Georgia,USA is a model and actress.She
appeared as "Scarlett Steele" in three episodes of the 2016 Comedy TV series
"Secret Identity Show".She was the Playboy Playmate Of The Month for May 2020.

Savannah Smith.jpg

Savannah Smith

12) Born on Saturday,July 18,1964 in Asbury Park,New Jersey,USA is a television
host,author,fashion designer and media personality.She has hosted a nationally
syndicated television talk show since 2008.Prior to television,she was a radio DJ
and host and quickly became known in New York as a "shock jockette".

Wendy Williams.jpg

13) Born on Thursday,July 18,1918 in Mvezo,South Africa (Died:December 5,2013 in
Johannesburg,South Africa) was an anti-apartheid revolutionary,political leader and philanthropist.He served 27 years in prison,and also served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999.

Nelson Mandela.jpg

14) Born on Monday,July 18,1921 in Cambridge,Ohio,USA (Died:December 8,2016 in
Columbus,Ohio,USA) was a United States Marine Corps aviator,engineer,astronaut and
United States Senator from Ohio.In 1962,he became the first American to orbit the
Earth,circling it three times.
   A member of the Democratic Party,he first won election to the Senate in 1974 and served for 24 years until January 1999.In 1998,while still a sitting Senator, he became the oldest person to fly in space as a crew member of the Discovery space shuttle and the only person to fly in both the Mercury and Space Shuttle programs.He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012.

John Glenn.jpg
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