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Written by Barry Kowal   
May 12, 2020 at 06:30 PM
Hello people, 
We have twelve (12) birthdays an historical fact today;two actresses,
three singers,two models,a daughter,a politician and two actors.
Let's start with the
historical fact.

Historical fact)On Tuesday June 20,1967,Muhammad Ali was convicted of draft evasion sentenced to five years in prison,fined $10,000 and banned from boxing for three years.


 1) Born on Tuesday,June 20,1967 in Honolulu but raised in Australia is an actress
who starred in such films as "Dead Calm","Bangkok Hilton","Far and Away" (1992),
"Batman Forever" (1995),"Moulin Rouge!" (2001) and "The Hours (2002).She was married for 11 years to an actor who starred in the movie "Top Gun".Since 2006 she has been married to a New Zealand country singer who was a judge on "American Idol".

Nicole Kidman.jpg

Nicole Kidman

 2) Born on Saturday,June 18,1931 in Lowell,Massachusetts,USA (Died:May 1,2021 in New York City) was an actress,director,producer,teacher and activist.She performed in more than 130 stage productions,more than 60 films and in 50 television series. Best known as a screen actress,she started her career in theater.Not long after her arrival in New York City,she won an Obie Award for Best Actress in 1963 for her off-Broadway performance in Bertolt Brecht's Man Equals Man.
   She later moved to film acting and won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe, among other accolades, for her performance in "Moonstruck" (1987).She received another Golden Globe nomination for "Sinatra" (1992) and Emmy Award nominations for "Lucky Day" (1991),"More Tales Of The City" (1998) and "Joan of Arc" (1999).
Olympia Dukakis.jpg

 3) Born on Thursday,June 20,1974 in Muncie,Indiana,USA is a model and actress.She
hopped a plane to Los Angeles shortly after graduating from high school.She then got a job as a nanny in Malibu.She was still working as a nanny when she became the Playmate of the Month in the January,1997 issue of "Playboy".She was also the
Playmate of the Month in the German edition of the January,1997 issue of "Playboy"
and graced the cover of the February,1997 issue of the same famous men's magazine.
She has appeared in many "Playboy" videos and posed for a handful of "Playboy"
newsstand special editions.Her favorite pastimes are reading,horseback riding, scuba diving,exploring and antique hunting for old toys and novelties.Moreover,she has acted in two movies:She had a part in the comedy romp "Boat Trip" (2002) and a more sizable role in the offbeat indie feature,"It Is Fine!Everything Is Fine." (2007).

Jami Ferrell.jpg

Jami Ferrell

4) Born on Saturday,June 20,1942 in Inglewood,California,USA is the lead singer
of a very popular group that was at the height of their success during the 1960s,
had three (3) numbers ones on the Billboard Hot 100 during the 1960s then having
one more number one over 20 years later in 1988.The group was very popular because
their success was premised upon songs that typified the southern California 1960s
lifestyle,with songs about the beach,cars,girls and surfing.

Brian Wilson.jpg

 5) Born on Monday,June 20,1977 in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania,U.S.A. is a singer-songwriter whose musical style encompasses folk,rock,and soul.In 2011 he an album that peaked at #1 on the US Billboard 200.
Amos Lee.jpg

 6) Born on Monday,June 20,1949 in Tuskegee,Alabama,USA is a singer,songwriter,
actor and record producer.Beginning in 1968,he was a member of a very popular funk
and soul band and then launched a solo career in 1982.With this band he had two #1
singles on the US Billboard Hot 100 and four (4) solo #1s on the Hot 100.He sang a
duet with a very famous female Motown singer in 1981.This song spent nine (9)
weeks at #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Lionel Richie.jpg

 7) Also born on Monday,June 20,1949 but in Phoenix,Arizona,USA is a model.She was
Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for the September 1973 issue.

Geri Glass.jpg

Geri Glass

 8) Born on Monday,June 20,1988 in St. Louis,Missouri,USA is a model.She was the
Penthouse Pet of the Month for the February 2008 issue.
Cali Taylor.jpg

Cali Taylor

 9) Born on Sunday,June 20,1948 in Los Angeles is a former singer,actor,film
producer and memoirist.She is the youngest child of the "Chairman Of The Board"
and his first wife,Nancy Barbato.
    From 1974-76 she was married to record producer Wes Farrell.

Tina Sinatra.jpg

10) Born on Wednesday,June 20,1928 in La Trinite-sur-Mer,France is a French
politician who has served as Honorary President of the National Front since January 2011 and a Member of the European Parliament from France since 2004,previously between 1984 and 2003.He previously served as President of the National Front from 1972 to 2011.He was expelled from the party by his daughter in 2015,after new controversial statements.

Jean-Marie Le Pen.jpg

11) Born on Friday,June 20,1952 in Affton,Missouri,USA is an actor.Early in his
career,he was best known for playing Dan Conner on the ABC TV series "Roseanne",for which he won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in 1993.

John Goodman 02.jpeg

12) Born on Sunday,June 18,1909 in Battery Point,Tasmania,Australia (Died:October
14,1959 in Vancouver,B,C.,Canada) was an Australian-born actor who achieved fame in Hollywood after 1935.He was known for his romantic swashbuckler roles in Hollywood films,as well as frequent partnerships with Olivia de Havilland.He became a US citizen in 1942.From 1950 until his death he was married to Patrice Wymore.

Errol Flynn.jpg 

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