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Written by Barry Kowal   
May 14, 2020 at 05:22 PM
Hello people, 
We have ten (10) birthdays today and a historical event;five singers,a politician,
a father,a journalist,a model and royalty.
Let's start with the historical event.

historical event)Thanks to Margaret Thatcher on June 18,1984.South Yorkshire saw some
of the worst violence at British Steel's coking plant in Orgreave,UK.Those clashes
saw about 10,000 striking miners go head-to-head with 5,000 police,and led to 93
pickets being arrested with 51 pickets and 72 police officers injured.

Margaret Thatcher 04.jpgMargaret Thatcher 01.jpgMargaret Thatcher 02.jpgMargaret Thatcher 03.jpg

1) Born on Thursday,June 18,1942 in Liverpool,England is a singer-songwriter,
multi-instrumentalist and composer.He was a member of a group that has had 21 #1
singles on the US Billboard Hot 100,more than any other recording act in Billboard
history.With this group,other groups,duets and as a solo recording act he makes
more entries on my all-time Top 6500 than any other recording act.
"Moscow girls really knock me out they leave the west behind"
Paul McCartney.jpg

Paul McCartney

2) Born on Friday,June 18,1971 in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania,USA is a singer,
businessman and the founding member of a very famous boy band.The band has had five (5) #1 singles on the US Billboard Hot 100 with one spending 12 weeks at the top,another spending 14 weeks at #1 and one spending 16 weeks (only one song has spent more weeks at #1 in US Billboard Hot 100 history) in the penthouse.

Nathan Morris.jpg 

3) Born on Friday,June 18,1976 in Ada,Oklahoma,USA is a country singer,songwriter
and television personality.He has had two (2) #1 albums on the US Billboard 200.
He is also known for his role as a judge on the televised singing competition
"The Voice". He has been on "The Voice" since its inception,and in six of sixteen
seasons (2-4,7,11,13), a member of his team has won.From 2011 to 2015,he was married to singer Miranda Lambert.

Blake Shelton.jpg

4) Born on Saturday,June 18,1988 in Columbus,Ohio,USA is a singer and musician.He
is best known as one half of the musical duo Twenty One Pilots,alongside Tyler Joseph.He contributes to drums and percussion.

Josh Dun.jpg

 5) Born on Sunday,June 18,1961 in Billericay,UK is a singer.She is noted for her powerful bluesy contralto voice.She came to prominence as half of the duo Yazoo, but has since mainly worked as a solo artist.Her worldwide album sales have reached a certified 23 million,with over 2 million singles sold.
   In 1985 she had an album that peaked at #1 in both the UK and New Zealand.
Alison Moyet.jpg

 6) Born on Saturday,June 18,1949 in Warsaw,Poland is a politician and lawyer and
the current leader of the Law and Justice party,which he co-founded in 2001 with
his identical twin brother,who was the Polish President from 2005-2010.

Jaros??aw Kaczy??ski.jpg

 7) Born on Thursday,June 18,1936 in Rachuonyo District,Kenya (Died:November 24,1982 in Nairobi,Kenya) was a Kenyan senior governmental economist and the father of the 44th President of the United States.

Barack Obama Sr..jpg

 8) Born on Sunday,June 18,1989 in Las Vegas,Nevada,USA is a hard hitting RT journalist who has covered a range of different topics from entertainment and feature stories to hard news and political pieces.Prior to joining RT,she hosted shows on, and Time INC.

Trinity Chavez.jpg

 9) Born on Saturday,June 18,1977 in Toronto is a model.She's of mixed French, German,Newfie and Native American descent.She attended Catholic school,was nicknamed "Motor Mouth" by her grandmother and was a tomboy growing up.She tried out for "Playboy" scouts when they were searching for models for the 50th Anniversary Playmate Hunt.She made her nude pictorial debut in the December,2003 issue of "Playboy." She was the Playmate of the Month in the April,2004 issue of the famous men's magazine.She has appeared in three "Playboy" videos and was the November calendar girl for the 2005 "Playmates at Play" swimsuit calendar.

Krista Kelly.jpg

Krista Kelly


10) Born on Tuesday,June 16,1901 in Peterhof,Petergof,Russia
(Assassinated:July 17,1918 in Ipatiev House,Russia) was the youngest daughter of
czar Nicholas II,the last sovereign of Imperial Russia and his wife,Tsarina Alexandra

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia.jpg  
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