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Written by Barry Kowal   
May 23, 2020 at 06:54 PM

Hello people,
   We have fifteen (15) birthdays and an historical fact today;three singers,two actors,a politician,a monarch and four actresses
and four models.
    Let's start with the singers.


historical event) In the spring of 1954,McCarthy picked a fight with the U.S. Army,charging lax security at a top-secret army facility.The army responded that the senator had sought preferential treatment for a recently drafted subcommittee aide.Amidst this controversy,McCarthy temporarily stepped down as chairman for the duration of the three-month nationally televised spectacle known to history as the Army-McCarthy hearings.

   The army hired Boston lawyer Joseph Welch to make its case.At a session on June 9,1954, McCarthy charged that one of Welch's attorneys had ties to a Communist organization.As an amazed television audience looked on,Welch responded with the immortal lines that ultimately ended McCarthy's career: "Until this moment,Senator,I think I never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness." When McCarthy tried to continue his attack, Welch angrily interrupted,"Let us not assassinate this lad further,senator.You have done enough.Have you no sense of decency?"

   Overnight,McCarthy's immense national popularity evaporated. Censured by his Senate colleagues,ostracized by his party and ignored by the press,McCarthy died three years later,on May 2,1957 at 48 years old and a broken man.

Joe McCarthy.jpg

 1) Born on Saturday,June 9,1934 in Detroit (Died:January 21,1984 in Mount Holly,
New Jersey,USA) was a soul singer and performer.A tenor with a four-octave range,he was a prominent figure in the transition of rhythm and blues into soul.He was considered a master showman,earning the nickname "Mr. Excitement",and one of the most dynamic singers and performers in pop,R&B and rock & roll history.
    In 1963 he had a song that peaked at #5 on the US Billboard Hot 100.In 1960 he
recorded the song that Cash Box Magazine ranked as the #22 song of the year on Cash Box Magazine's year-end chart.

Jackie Wilson.jpg

  2) Born on Friday,June 9,1972 in Kansas City,Missouri,USA is a singer,songwriter and musician.He is best known as the lead vocalist,guitarist and only constant member of a rock band that in 2002 had a song that peaked at #5 on the US Billboard Hot 100.
Wes Scantlin.jpg
  3) Born on Friday,June 9,1967 in Santa Barbara,California,USA is a singer, songwriter,actor and composer,known for appearing in "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" (1992),"Empire Records" (1995) and "Jobs" (2013).He played bass for a band that in 1992 had a song that peaked at #11 on the Canadian (RPM) weekly single charts.
Dean Dinning.jpg

 4) Born on Sunday,June 9,1963 in Owensboro,Kentucky,U.S.A. is an actor,producer and musician.He has been nominated for 3 Academy Awards and won the Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actor.He rose to prominence on the 1980s television series "21 Jump Street",becoming a teen idol.From 2015-2017 he was married to actress Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp.jpg

 5) Born on Friday,June 9,1961 in Edmonton,Alberta,Canada is a Canadian-American
actor,author,producer and activist with a film and television career spanning from
the 1970s.He starred in the "Back To The Future" trilogy where he portrayed Marty
McFly.Other notable roles have included Mike Flaherty on the ABC sitcom "Spin City" (1996-2000) and his portrayal of Alex P. Keaton on the American sitcom
"Family Ties:.He has won five Emmy Awards,four Golden Globe Awards and two Screen
Actors Guild Awards.

Michael J. Fox.jpg

 6) Born on Wednesday,June 9,1954 in Hartford,Connecticut,USA is is an
American-born Canadian politician.She served as leader of the Green Party of Canada from 2006 to 2019 and Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands since 2011.An environmentalist,author,activist and lawyer,she served as the Executive Director of the Sierra Club of Canada from 1989 to 2006.

Elizabeth May.jpg

 7) Born on Tuesday,June 9,1981 in Jerusalem,Israel is an actress and film producer with dual Israeli and American citizenship.She is best known for her roles as Padme Amidala in the Star Wars prequel trilogy and Nina Sayers in "Natalie Portman" (2010);she won an Academy Award,Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award, among other accolades, for her performance in the latter.

Natalie Portman.jpg

Natalie Portman

 8) Born on Monday,June 9,1969 in Pittsburg,Pennsylvania,USA is an actress and model.The brown-eyed and auburn-haired beauty was the Pet of the Month in the May,1993 issue of "Penthouse." She was named the Pet of the Year in 1995.She subsequently appeared in several "Penthouse" videos.She made the transition from adult magazine model to adult film actress in the mid 90s.She was renowned for her dynamic style and highly distinctive V-shaped triangle of pubic hair.She's most famous part in a hardcore feature was as the Seductress in Philip Mond's acclaimed big budget spectacle "Zazel: The Scent of Love." Her sole mainstream movie gig was a small role as a hooker in "Wild Things." She stopped acting in the late 90s and now reportedly works as a make-up artist.

Gina LaMarca.jpg

Gina LaMarca

9) Born on Thursday,June 9,1983 in Phoenix, Arizona,USA is an actress and model.
She played soccer and volleyball,ran track and was a cheerleader in grade school
while growing up in Dallas,Texas.Her first job was as a receptionist at a fitness
center.Sheworked as a bartender in Texas prior to her involvement in the adult
entertainment industry.She first began working in the sex industry at age twenty-one
in January, 2005;her friend and fellow porn starlet Taryn Thomas helped her get into
said industry.She won the F.A.M.E. Award for Favorite Rookie Starlet of the Year in
2006 and was nominated for an AVN Award for Best New Starlet in 2007.The green-eyed
stunner was the Pet of the Month in the April,2008 issue of Penthouse. (Other men's
magazines she has been featured in are Club,Cheri,Hustler and Genesis.)She also signed
an exclusive performance contract with the top company Wicked Pictures in April,2008.
She has since gone on to win additional AVN Awards for Best Group Sex Scene in 2010
and The Fan Awards-Best Body in 2011.She appears as "Mira" in the 2009 movie titled

Alektra Blue.jpg

Alektra Blue

10) Born on Thursday,June 9,1938 in New York City is an actress and model.She's of
German descent.Her father was a lieutenant with the New York City police department.
She graduated from the World Secretarial School in New York and worked as a legal
secretary for a big league patent attorney for 18 months.In August,1957 she joined
the chorus line of the El Rancho in Las Vegas,Nevada-she went on to be featured in
the tabloid revue "Scandalettes" at the El Rancho-and was a showgirl at Ciro's. She
was working as a showgirl at Frank Sennes' "Moulin Rouge" in Hollywood,California
when she was spotted by a William Morris Agency representative for George Gobel's
new stage production "Riviera Revue." Hanold graced the cover of the February,1959
issue of "Photo Life" magazine and was the Playmate of the Month in the June,1959
issue of "Playboy." Moreover,she also acted in a handful of films and TV shows
throughout the 50s and 60s.She married oil tycoon Rulon Keaton Neilson in 1967;the
couple had three daughters altogether.She now lives in Salt Lake City,Utah and remains
prominent in charities and gala events held in the Salt Lake City.She appears as
"Princess Marcuzan" in the 1965 movie titled "Frankenstein Meets The Spacemonster".

Marilyn Hanold.jpg

Marilyn Hanold

11) Born on Thursday,June 9,1672 in Moscow was a monarch of the Tsardom of Russia and later the Russian Empire from 7 May [O.S. 27 April] 1682 until his death in 1725,jointly ruling before 1696 with his elder half-brother,Ivan V.Under his reign,Russia was modernised and grew into a European power.
   His reforms had a lasting impact on Russia and many institutions of the Russian government trace their origins to his reign.He adopted the title of Emperor in place of the old title of Tsar in 1721,and founded and developed the city of Saint Petersburg,which remained the capital of Russia until 1917.
Peter The Great.jpg

12) Born on Friday,June 9,1939 in Marietta,Mississippi.USA is a model.She is Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for December 1959.She also became the first "official" Playmate of the Year for 1960.

Ellen Stratton.jpg

Ellen Stratton

13) Also born on Friday,June 9,1939 but in New York City is a model.She was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for its August 1962 issue.She also appeared in the issues for January 1963,July 1963,October 1964 and August 1966.

Jan Roberts.jpg

Jan Roberts

14) Born on Saturday,June 9,1990 in Caracas,Venezuela is a model.She is Penthouse
magazine's Pet of the Month for February 2021.

Antonella La Sirena.jpeg
Antonella La Sirena
15) Born on Wednesday,June 9,1993 in Sydney,Australia is a model and actress.She is Miss January 2021 on my website.

Sally Charles.jpg

Sally Charles
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