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Written by Barry Kowal   
Jun 01, 2015 at 02:04 PM

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Anyone with a heart or with a conscience watching the video of Ex-police officer
Derek Chauvin murdering George Floyd in Minneapolis in broad daylight on May 25,2020 could not help being outraged.


What makes the video so shocking is that there were three other officers who just
stood guard around Derek Chauvin to make sure no one would interfere.even though on
lookers were demanding to let him breathe because he is going to die. Further,the
four officers knew they were being videoed managed to smile for the camera.

However,this incident is just a symptom of a systemic problem.White people lynching
blacks has been going as long as America has existed.More recently,in July of 2014
in a similar incident that occurred in New York City when Eric Garner was choked to death
like Floyd after 11 times repeating the words "I can't breathe".You'd think with a
black president like Barack Obama and a black attorney general Eric Garner would get
some justice.
Fuck no the homicidal cop was not even charged.Barack Obama is nothing more than
the white man's dupe. 

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Also in Minneapolis in July of 2016 Philando Castile,a 32-year-old African American man,was stopped while driving and fatally shot seven times by a 29-year-old police officer in front of his girlfriend and her 7 year-old son.The cop was never convicted.

As a result many teachers and citizens protested and the police doubled down and
began arresting the protesters.

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Then Donald Trump became president and the situation multiplied with his racist
remarks (bad people are coming from from Mexico,we should ban Muslim from coming to this country,African countries are shit holes,colored members of congress should go back to where they came from) and his actions benefiting the top 1%.It is now not just Trump.Even the Democrats have capitulated to the whims of the oligarchs.The CARES Act of 2020 saw the biggest wealth take over by the oligarchs while giving crumbs to the average American.Even people like Bernie Sanders and AOC (how she has capitulated) voted for the bill.Then now you have within the past three months about 40 million Americans filing for unemployment. Jeff Bezos makes 24 BILLION dollars in three weeks,pays no taxes and fires Amazon workers who try to unionize.Mimicking Marie Antoinette,Nancy Pelosi was informed that millions of Americans do not have health care.Her response was maybe we can sell them some.When Marie Antoinette was told the French people do not have bread.She replied "Let them eat cake".In 2020 Nancy Pelosi responds by saying we will sell them some cake.

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In 1962,the 35th President of the USA John F. Kennedy famously said,"Those who
make peaceful revolution impossible,make violent revolution inevitable."
The situation now for protests and riots currently going on now across the USA
are much different than civil unrest in the past.For one in the aftermath of the
murders of Eric Garner and Philando Castile the public took to the streets and
peacefully protested only to have their pleas fall on deaf ears by the ruling elite.
The economic gap has grown exponentially in the USA.There are many people now out
of work,so many have little to lose.Many of the people now protesting are white.
This weekend there have been protests in over 30 US cities and it has even expanded
outside the USA to countries like Canada,the UK,Germany,Denmark
and Belgium.Donald Trump is now hiding out in a bunker.

You know I saw a sign on the side of a police car in the USA that read "to
protect and to serve". The first question that came into my mind was "to protect and
to serve who?"The police aren't serving the interests of the ordinary citizen.They
are serving the interests of the ruling class.Basically,the police and military are
puppets of the oligarchy.You know most police officers and people serving in the
armed forces are working class people.All governments in the past have collapsed
when they lose the support of their security forces.This is what happened with the
czars In Russia,with the Shah in Iran.Many of these police officers and people
serving in the armed forces in the USA now have family members losing their jobs and
homes.When Donald Trump orders them to kill their brother or sister what will they
do.As I said before once governments lose the support of their security forces it is
the end of the road.


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