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Written by Barry Kowal   
Apr 17, 2020 at 06:07 PM

Hello people,

   we have eighteen (18) birthdays today;a technology entrepreneur,six singers,
a filmmaker,six actresses,a model,a politician,a retired US football player
and a revolutionary.
   Let's start with the technology entrepreneur.

 1) Born on Monday,May 14,1984 in White Plains,New York,U.S.A. is a technology
entrepreneur and philanthropist best known for co-founding and leading Facebook,as
its chairman and chief executive officer.In 2018 according to Forbes Magazine he has a net worth of 74.2 billion USD.

Mark Zuckerberg.jpg

 2) Also born on Monday,May 14,1984 but in Witham,United Kingdom is a singer-songwriter,television presenter and actor.He first came to national attention for coming second in the sixth series of The X Factor in 2009.He has had three #1 singles in the UK between 2011 and 2012.

Olly Murs.jpg

 3) Born on Tuesday,May 14,1996 in Amstelveen,Netherlands is a Dutch DJ,singer and
record producer.In 2013 he had a #1 single on the UK Weekly single charts.

Martin Garrix.jpg

 4) Born on Thursday,May 14,1936 in New York City (Died:December 20,1973 in Los Angeles) was a singer,songwriter,multi-instrumentalist and actor in film and television.He performed jazz,pop,rock and roll,folk,swing and country music.
He had a song,originally written in 1928,that spent 9 weeks at #1 on US Billboard
Magazine.The song was Cash Box Magazine's #1 single for the entire year of 1959.In
2018 Billboard ranked the 600 best songs on the US Billboard Hot 100 (1958-2018).
That same song came in at #3.
     From 1960-67 he was married to Sandra Dee.

Bobby Darin.jpgBobby Darin 02.jpg

5) Born on Saturday,May 14,1966 in Paris is a singer.He was half of a duo that had
three #1 singles on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1989.

Fab Morvan.jpg

6) Born on Monday,May 14,1979 in Akron,Ohio,U.S.A. is a singer-songwriter and
record producer,best known as the guitarist and vocalist of a very popular
blues rock band.The band had an album that peaked at #1 singles on the US Billboard
200 in 2014.
Dan Auerbach.jpg 
7) Born on Wednesday,May 14,1952 in Dumbarton,United Kingdom is a singer,songwriter,
record producer,actor,writer,music theorist and filmmaker,who was a founding member
and the principal songwriter,lead singer and guitarist of a very famous new wave
band.The band had a single that peaked at #9 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1983.
David Byrne.jpg

8) Born on Sunday,May 14,1944 in Modesto,California,U.S.A. is a filmmaker and
entrepreneur.He is best known as the creator of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones

George Lucas.jpg

 9) Born on Wednesday,May 14,1969 in Ivanhoe,Victoria,Australia is an actress and
theatre director.She has received many accolades,including two Academy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards and three BAFTA Awards.
    Her most commercially successful films include "The Talented Mr. Ripley" (1999),Peter Jackson's "The Lord Of The Rings" trilogy (2001-2003) and "The Hobbit" trilogy (2012-2014)

Cate Blanchett.jpg

10) Born on Sunday,May 14,1995 in Gothenburg,Sweden is an actress and model of
Indian and Australian heritage.She is known globally for her work for Victoria's
Secret.She has been involved in sports since an early age.She played soccer with
Nasets SK in Gothenburg and tennis since she was seven years old.
She attended Nasetskolan and Goteborgs Hogre Samskola.At age 13, she was discovered
by a model agent outside a coffee shop in Gothenburg.Initially,her parents were
opposed to her working as a model but she eventually started modeling one year later.
One of her first modelling jobs was for H&M.
She was the Playboy Playmate of the Month for September 2016.She appeared as herself
in the 2016 movie "Enrique Iglesias Featuring Wisin:Duele el Corazon."

Kelly Olivia Gale.jpg

Kelly Olivia Gale

11) Born on Friday,May 14,1976 in Honolulu,Hawaii,U.S.A. is an actress and model.Her father is Hawaiian and her mother is of mixed French,Irish and German descent.She moved with her mother to Michigan after her parents divorced when she was three.She eventually moved a second time to California.She was the Playmate of the Month in the June,2002 issue of "Playboy." She has appeared in several "Playboy" videos and posed for a handful of newsstand special editions.Moreover, she has been working as a make-up artist since she was eighteen.
       She appeared as herself in the 2003 video "Hip Hop & Rock."

Michele Rogers.jpg

Michele Rogers

12) Born on Saturday,May 14,1977 in Providence,Rhode Island,U.S.A. is an actress and
model.She began performing at age six,acting and singing in school plays.A few years
after graduating from high school she moved to southern California.One day she accompanied
a friend who was hoping to get a job modeling at the studio of photographer Suze
Randall,but when Randall saw Sweet's fresh All-American look,she chose her instead.
She began modeling for Randall and soon afterwards was chosen for a centerfold spread
in "Penthouse" magazine, and Penthouse Pet Of The Month for August 1998 that led to
jobs in scores of men's magazines.She moved to Milan, Italy,in 1999 as a high-fashion
model for the famous Elite Agency.Upon returning to the U.S. several months later,she
started her own business and launched her own website.She still models for various
lingerie companies,calendars, etc., and has made numerous appearances on television.
She appeared as "Angela Adams" in the 2001 movie "Survivors Exposed."

Aimee Sweer.jpg

Aimee Sweet

13) Born on Tuesday,May 14,1974 in Las Vegas,Nevada,U.S.A. is an actress and model.She's of Irish and Swedish ancestry and originally planned on being an elementary school teacher.She worked as a cigarette girl in one of the casinos in her hometown before getting a job as a swimsuit model.She went on to pose for catalogs,appear in a country music video and act in a few local TV commercials.She was the Playmate of the Month in the September,1996 issue of "Playboy." She graced the cover of the October,1996 issue of the famous men's magazine Moreover, she was featured in several "Playboy" videos and posed for a handful of "Playboy" newsstand special editions.
    She appeared as herself in the 1996 video "Playboy:Fast Women."

Jennifer Lynn Allan.jpg

Jennifer Lynn Allan

14) Born on Thursday,May 14,1959 in Wichita Falls,Texas,U.S.A. is an actress and model.
She grew up in Coral Gables,Florida.She began dancing at age three;at age six she was
already a trained professional dancer and at age seven she was performing in a Miami
Beach hotel.She graduated from Coral Gables High School in 1976.She was the Playmate
of the Month in the September,1982 issue of "Playboy." At the time of her "Playboy"
pictorial she was also pursuing a singing career;she recorded a single that was a
cover of the hit 60s song "Any Way That You Want Me." Moreover,she was married to
promoter Ian Spero and was the vice president of Spero International,which was a
promo company that specialized in modeling and entertainment.Her lone foray into
film acting was a part in the ill-received flop comedy sequel "Smokey and the Bandit
Part 3." In addition,she also appeared as herself in several "Playboy" videos.She
now resides in Vero Beach,Florida and works for the company Omni Financial.

Connie Brighton.jpg

Connie Brighton

15) Born on Sunday,May 14,1950 in Jersey City,New Jersey,U.S.A. is a model.She was
Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for its February 1970 issue.

Linda Forsythe.jpg

Linda Forsythe

16) Also born on Sunday,May 14,1950 but in Chicago,Illinois,USA is a physician,
activist and politician.She was the Green Party's nominee for President of the
United States in the 2012 and 2016 elections.In the 2016 election she received over
one million votes.One of them was mine.
Jill Stein.jpg

17) Born on Sunday,May 14,1989 in Amherst,New York,U.S.A. nicknamed "Gronk", is a
retired American football tight end who played his entire professional career for the New England Patriots of the National Football League.He was a three-time Super Bowl champion (XLIX,LI,LIII),a five-time Pro Bowl,four-time First Team All-Pro selection and was the highest ranked tight end in the NFL Top 100 Players five times.
    He has set several NFL records,including being the only one of his position to
ever lead the league in receiving touchdowns (17) in 2011.He also has the most career postseason receiving yards by a tight end (1,163) and is the only tight end in NFL history to reach 1,000 or more yards.
Rob Gronkowski.jpg

18) Born on Monday,May 14,1928 in Rosario,Argentina (Died:October 9,1967 in La Higuera,
Bolivia) was a Marxist revolutionary,physician,author,guerrilla leader,diplomat and
military theorist.A major figure of the Cuban Revolution, his stylized visage has
become a ubiquitous countercultural symbol of rebellion and global insignia in popular

Che Guevara.jpg


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