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Written by Barry Kowal   
Apr 19, 2020 at 01:05 PM

Hello people,
     We have thirteen (13) birthdays today;a singer,a baseball player,three actors.
a retired individual rhythmic gymnast,a comedian and six actresses.
   Let's start with the singer.


1) Born on Wednesday,May 12,1948 in Birmingham,United Kingdom is a singer and
musician whose genres include progressive rock,blue-eyed soul,rhythm and blues,blues rock,pop rock and jazz.He has had two #1 singles on the US Billboard Hot 100.One of those two songs was the song that Cash Box Magazine ranked as the #1 song for the entire year of 1986 on their year-end chart.

Steve Winwood.jpg

2) Born on Tuesday,May 12,1925 in St.Louis,Missouri,USA (Died:September 22,2015 in
West Caldwell,New Jersey,USA) was a professional baseball catcher,who later took on the roles of manager and coach.He played 19 seasons in Major League Baseball all but the last for the New York Yankees.He was an 18-time All-Star and won 10 World Series championships as a player-more than any other player in MLB history.He had a career batting average of .285, while hitting 358 home runs and 1,430 runs batted in.He is one of only five players to win the American League Most Valuable Player Award three times.He is widely regarded as one of the greatest catchers in baseball history,and was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1972.

Yogi Berra.jpg

3) Born on Thursday,May 12,1966 in Massapequa,New York,U.S.A. is an actor,producer
and author.He is known for appearing in films,including "Born On The Fourth Of July","Posse","Threesome","The Usual Suspects","Bio-Dome" and "The Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas".

Stephen Baldwin.jpg

4) Born on Saturday,May 12,1962 in New York City is an actor,director and writer.
He started his career as an actor and is well known for being a member of the acting Brat Pack of the 1980s,starring in "The Breakfast Club","St. Elmo's Fire", and acting in the 1983 hit movie "The Outsiders".He is also known for "Repo Man","The Mighty Ducks" and its sequels,"Stakeout","Maximum Overdrive","Bobby" (which he also wrote and directed),and his performances in Western films such as "Young Guns" and its sequel.

Emilio Estevez.jpg

5) Born on Tuesday,May 12,1959 in New York City is an actor of screen and stage
known for his roles as Luther Stickell in the "Mission:Impossible" film series,as
well as "Pulp Fiction","Don King:Only In America","Rosewood","Con Air","Dawn Of The Dead and "Bringing Out The Dead".

Ving Rhames.jpg

6) Born on Thursday,May 12,1983 in Tashkent,Uzbekistan is a retired individual
rhythmic gymnast,a model and film star and a politician.She is one of the most
decorated gymnasts in rhythmic gymnastic history,with 2 Olympic medals,14 World
Championship medals and 25 European Championship medals.
    From 2007 to 2014,she was a State Duma Deputy from the United Russia Party.In
September 2014,she became the chairwoman of the board of directors of the National
Media Group.

Alina Kabaeva.jpg

Alina Kabaeva

7) Born on Wednesday,May 12,1937 in New York City (Died:June 22,2008 in Santa
Monica,California,U.S.A.) was a stand-up comedian,actor,philosopher,author and
social critic.He was known for his black comedy and reflections on politics,the
English language,psychology,religion and various taboo subjects.He and his "seven
dirty words" comedy routine were central to the 1978 U.S. Supreme Court case
F.C.C. v. Pacifica Foundation,in which a 5-4 decision affirmed the government's
power to regulate indecent material on the public airwaves.Widely regarded as one of the most important and influential American stand-up comics of all time,he was
dubbed by one newspaper to be "the dean of counterculture comedians".

George Carlin.jpg

8) Born on Monday,May 12,1997 in Andalusia,Alabama,USA is an actress and model.She
has two brothers and two sisters and she's the middle child.Her ethnic background is Native American and Italian.She got involved in the adult industry after matching with an agent from Miami on Tinder,who suggested she should join him in Miami to do a trial scene.She felt she had nothing to lose and accepted the offer.Prior to entering the adult industry,she was going to school in Alabama, majoring in psychology and working two jobs-a receptionist at an eye doctor and a waiter at a sushi restaurant.
    She was the Penthouse Pet for September 2018.She appeared as one of the party girls in the 2019 movie "Teenage Lesbian".

Gianna Dior.jpg

Gianna Dior

9) Born on Saturday,May 12,1984 in Los Angeles is an actress and model.She's of
Filipino/Mexican descent and has a sister.She grew up as a tomboy in Los Angeles.
She earned a B.A. in public relations from California State University,Northridge
and worked a corporate job as an executive assistant.She has also studied Muay
Thai kickboxing.
     She was the Penthouse Pet for November 2012.She appeared as "Ulna" in the 2013 movie "Underworld".
Adrianna Luna.jpg

Adrianna Luna

10) Born on Tuesday,May 12,1981 in Deerfield,New Hampshire,USA is an actress and
model.She's of mixed Polish and French-Canadian descent.She originally planned on
acquiring a nursing degree prior to becoming a glamour model.She won Mystique's
5th Anniversary Model Safari contest in 2003.She was the "Playboy" Special Editions Model of the Year for 2005.Moreover,She was not only the "Playboy" Cyber Girl of the Week for the first week of June,2006 and the Cyber Girl of the Month for October,2006,but also the Pet of the Month in the April,2007 issue of "Penthouse."Among the other publications she posed for pictorials in and/or graced the covers of are "High Society,"Knockers," "Swank," "Mayfair," "Velvet," "Hustler's Taboo," "Lowrider," "Cheri," and "Men's World."She also appeared in over 30 soft-core adult movies. She appeared as "Erica" in the 2001 video "Erica's Debut".
     An avid horse lover,she regularly participates in equine rescue and rehabilitation operations,enjoys horseback riding,and owns a champion show horse.A devout born-again Christian as well as a dedicated animal rights activist,she announced her retirement from the adult entertainment industry on May 11, 2008.

Erica Campbell.jpg

Erica Campbell

11) Born on Monday,May 12,1969 in New York City is an actress and television director.
She is known for her roles as Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey on the NBC sitcom "The Facts
Of Life" (1979-88), and as Regine Hunter on the Fox sitcom "Living Single" (1993-98).

Kim Fields.jpg

12) Born on Sunday,May 12,1907 in Hartford,Connecticut,USA (Died:June 29,2003 in
Fenwick,Connecticut,USA) was an actress. Known for her fierce independence and
spirited personality,She was a leading lady in Hollywood for more than 60 years.She appeared in a range of genres,from screwball comedy to literary drama and she received four Academy Awards (a record for any performer) for Best Actress.In 1999,she was named by the American Film Institute as the greatest female star of Classic Hollywood Cinema.
     She won an Academy Award for her third picture,"Morning Glory" (1933).
     She masterminded her own comeback,buying out her contract with RKO Radio Pictures and acquiring the film rights to "The Philadelphia Story",which she sold on the condition that she be the star.In the 1940s, she was contracted to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer,where her career focused on an alliance with Spencer Tracy.The screen partnership spanned 25 years and produced nine movies.
  A 26-year affair with her co-star Spencer Tracy was hidden from the public.With
her unconventional lifestyle and the independent characters she brought to the
screen,she epitomized the "modern woman" in the 20th-century United States and is
remembered as an important cultural figure.

Katharine Hepburn.jpg

13) Born on Tuesday,May 12,1942 in Los Angeles is an actress and model.She was
Playboy magazine's Playmate of the month for its May 1962 issue.She pursued an
acting career,mostly appearing in B-movies and guest roles on television.She is
known for Emergency! (1972),The Phantom Planet (1961) and Police Story (1973).
She was married to Steve Ihnat,a character actor; they had two children.Ihnat died
in 1972 of a heart attack.

Marya Carter4.jpg

Marya Carter
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