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Written by Barry Kowal   
Apr 17, 2020 at 12:27 PM


  Hello People,

Many of the citizens in western democracies consider communists more deplorable
than child molesters and serial murderers.This is understandable.In the USA from the
time you are born you are taught that the USA is the best.The media will smear
anyone who says anything positive about countries like Russia,China or Cuba.In 2019,
Bernie Sanders mentioned the fact that China lifted over 800 million people out of
extreme poverty and he was heavily
attacked by politicians and the media.

In Cuba all the citizens get free health care and free education up to the PH.D.
level.This will never get mentioned in the western media.So it is no surprise why
so many westerners despise communism like they do.

I used to think the same way.I have been to 188 countries around the world
visiting countries like Vietnam,Iran,Russia and Cuba.I met people from
these countries,listened to them and looked them in the eyes.Now,I can clearly and
unequivocally beyond any reasonable doubt say.The greatest threat to peace and
stability in this world is not Russia,it is not China,it is not North Korea,it is
not Iran,it is the USA.


Before I continue two good books to read from 2019 are "Understanding Communism"
and "Understanding Marxism",The author of both books is Professor Richard D.Wolff.
He is is an American economist,known for his work on economic methodology and class
analysis.He is Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Massachusetts
Amherst and currently a Visiting Professor in the Graduate Program in International
Affairs of the New School University in New York.He has also taught economics at
Yale University,City University of
New York,University of Utah,University of Paris I (Sorbonne)
and The Brecht Forum in New York City.


  If you ever have a course at university in government theory you will know that
capitalism has its good points and communism has its good points.Either one carried to an extreme is detrimental.Many Scandinavian countries know how to balance both capitalism and socialism.However in the USA capitalism is being carried to the extreme.

   Forms of socialism in one way or another have existed for many years in the USA.What do you think "Minimum Wage" laws,"Child Labor" laws and social security are.They are all forms of socialism.Most people have no objections to these laws unless you are a rich sadistic billionaire who has no problem with exploiting other human beings.

In the USA I hear most middle class Americans gripe at such programs as welfare
and food stamps.How blind sighted.Last year Trump gave a one billion dollar tax cut to the top 1%.You see the government needs money to run.When the government does not get money from the top 1% that means the bottom 99% has to pick up the slack.But capitalists won't complain about this.

Not to be partisan.In 2008 banks loaned money to people who they knew could not
repay these loans.As a result the home owners defaulted.Rather than bail out the
homeowners Obama used taxpayer money (money from the bottom 99%) to bail out the
banks resulting in over 5 million people getting thrown out on the street.
Mainstream media will not talk about this.

Now because of the COVID-19 crisis Trump gives a one trillion dollar bail out to
cruise line and airline companies.Hold on a second.To avoid paying taxes many of the cruise line companies are registered outside the USA.Now American taxpayers have to bail them out.Also many of these airline companies rather than expand their businesses or increase their employees salary they chose to buy back their own stocks to increase the stock's value.So much of their money is tied up in stock buy backs.They are not losing money because of the COVID-19 crisis.Yet American taxpayers have to bail them out.You will not hear capitalists complain about this.

What is the epitome of capitalism is the hubris.After all capitalism is about
winning and capitalists will resort to any means to obtaining that goal.Many
westerners truly believe their economic system is the best and any other system
should be wiped off the face of the earth.In 1950 the USA killed 20% of the North
Korean population because they would not (still don't) embrace the economic system
the USA desires.

In 1953 the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Mohammad
Mosaddegh in Iran wanted to nationalize the oil companies.The USA and UK would not
tolerate this and staged a coup d'etat resulting in them installing a dictator The
Shah {Mohammad Reza Pahlavi) as their leader.

In 1973 the USA installed another dictator Augosto Pinochet as the leader of
Chile after staging a coup d'etat against the democratically elected government
of President Salvador Allende.

Vietnam chose to have a different economic system from that of the USA and that
resulted in over 3 million Vietnamese and more than 58,000 Americans dying.

The USA claims to advocate democracy but yet the USA provides military assistance
to 73 Percent of the World's dictatorships.

Many western countries promote enormous propaganda about Communist countries.
China now has the second biggest economy in the world and is destined in the near
future to overtake the USA.Furter,the Chinese private sector contributes more than
60 percent of China's GDP growth and brings in over half
of China's fiscal revenue.

  You listen to some American red neck talk and he will say how authoritarian is
China's one party system is.China does have a one party but it is not as monolithic as many believe.The party has about 80 million members (about the population of Germany) and they come from all different backgrounds.When they meet in Beijing they come to discuss and conduct business.Unlike western countries where in their parliaments they exchange insults.In China once a law is passed it is enacted from the top down.In western governments you have one party wanting this and another wanting that and nothing gets done.

  Further,in western countries like the USA you really don't have a democracy.The
two major political parties have been hijacked by the wealthy.Both Democrats and Republicans first priority is to keep their donors happy.They both like war,they both support banks,support big Pharma and enjoy fucking the poor.If anyone deviates they will get thrown under the bus.Just look at Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard.Even AOC who prides herself in not accepting corporate donations has capitulated.Nancy Pelosi gave her a job on the "House Ways And Means Committee".She was told by Pelosi to get in line and support demented Joe Biden in the 2020 election or risk losing her job.What good is it to reject corporate money when you are going to be just another brick in the wall.

With the COVID-19 crisis whether or not there will be an election in November is a good question.I myself will not vote for a narcissistical orange buffoon or someone who has dementia.Who will win the election will sadly depend on how many and who will die from the COVID-19 crisis.The more Trump supporters who die the more likely our 46th president will be someone suffering from dementia.

This COVID-19 crisis is really displaying capitalism at its zenith.Many people
are losing their jobs.So they can't pay their rent,then the landlords can't pay
their mortgages.Then many small banks will be losing money and they will get sucked up by the bigger banks.The very very wealthy will be able to sustain the COVID-19 crisis.However,there are many rich people who will become middle class.Many middle class will become working class.Many working class people will become poor and many poor will become extremely poor.Then there will be a fire sale for the very rich and they will buy up all these properties.Then make a lot of money when the COVID-19 crisis ends.Some say after this crisis about 100,000 people will own all the property in the USA.We are heading back to the days of feudalism with the "lord of the manor" and the serf.

The word communism comes from community.In communism whatever is good for all the
people is most important.In capitalism the rights of the individual are of
paramount importance.In the aftermath of a school shooting in the USA where many
small children died,a capitalist politician's primary concern was whether or not the government will try to take her guns away.In a communist country having small children being safe at school trumps (no pun intended) an individual's right to possess an AK-47.

Capitalists believe "there are winners and there are losers".While a communist
thinks "why can't we all be winners".
     Before I close I will leave with this antidote.
     You have two tables with a pie at each table.Each pie has 6 slices.At one table you have six communists and at the other table you have 6 capitalists.At the table with the 6 communists they will share the pie allowing one piece for each person.At the other table one of the capitalists will try to kill the other 5 capitalists,so they can have the entire pie all to themselves.Or all 6 capitalists may have a shoot out (like the one at the OK Coral) and none of 
the capitalists will get any of the pie.

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