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Written by Barry Kowal   
Feb 10, 2020 at 05:41 PM

Hello people,
    we have six (6) birthdays today and 3 trivia questions-two singers,a politician,
a film director,an actress and a son.
   Let's start with the trivia questions.



Trivia 1)Wednesday,March 20,2019:James Earl Carter became the US president who has
lived longer than any other president in US history.he became 94 years,5 months and 19 days old.He had just passed the previous record holder George H.W. Bush who died in 2018 at 94 years,5 months and 18 days old.
    He may hold that distinction for some time to come.The second oldest living
president George W,Bush is 22 years younger than Jimmy old.Jimmy may have lost the
1980 election to Ronald Reagan.But Reagan never saw his 94th birthday.So who is the winner.
Jimmy once said the secret to having a long life is to keep having goals.

Trivia 2)Monday,March 20,1995:A subway sarin gas attack occurred in Tokyo killing 13
people killing 13 people,severely injuring 50 (some of whom later died) and causing
temporary vision problems for nearly 1,000 others.

Trivia 3)Thursday,March 20,2003 the Iraq war began (Operation Iraqi Freedom) when
the USA illegally invaded the sovereign nation of Iraq.

1) Born on Tuesday,March 20,1917 in London (Died:June 18,2020 in Ditchling,United
Kingdom) is a singer,songwriter and actress,whose musical recordings and performances
were enormously popular during the Second World War.She has had #1 singles in both
the USA and UK.She had a #1 single on the US Billboard "Best Selling Popular Retail
Records" in 1952 and had seven #1 singles in the UK (Missing charts).She had the
first UK #1.She is the oldest person ever to have a #1 in both the UK and the USA.   In 2000 she was named the Briton who best exemplified the spirit of the 20th

There'll be bluebirds over   
 The white cliffs of Dover

2) Born on Monday,March 20,1950 in Birmingham,United Kingdom is a singer,drummer
and percussionist,credited as one of the most respected rock drummers to emerge
from the 1960s.He is a veteran of a number of famous English bands:"The Crazy World
Of Arthur Brown" and "Atomic Rooster".As the member of another band he performed on
an album in the 1970s that peaked at #2 on the UK (OCC) album chart.

3) Born on Tuesday,March 20,1934 in Mineola,Texas,USA is a politician of the
Democratic Party.He served over 30 years in the California State Assembly,spending
15 years as its speaker and later served as the 41st mayor of San Francisco,the
first African American to do so.

4) Born on Wednesday,March 20,1957 in New York City is a film director,producer,
writer and actor.His production company,40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks,has produced
over 35 films since 1983.
He made his directorial debut with "She's Gotta Have It" (1986) and has since
directed such films as "Do The Right Thing" (1989),"Jungle Fever" (1991) and
"Malcolm X" (1992).

5) Born on Thursday,March 20,1958 in Conyers,Georgia,USA is an actress and producer.
For her performance as Ada McGrath in the 1993 drama film "The Piano",she won the
Academy Award,BAFTA Award,Golden Globe Award and Cannes Film Festival Award for
Best Actress.

Holly Hunter

6) Born on Monday,March 20,2006 in New York City is the son of the 45th president
of the USA.

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